Brit/pol/ #2226: Big Davy Joe Joyce Edition

Our lawmakers' fear of 'racism' has put the rights of terrorists before the lives of innocents

Nige dumps dead fish in the Thames in protest over Brexit transition deal

Two Labour councillors defect to the Conservatives

British ambassador will snub a meeting that the Russia foreign ministry called to explain Moscow's view on the poisoning of an ex-double agent in England

Italy Detains Migrant Rescue NGO Ship for Promoting Illegal Migration

YouTuber 'Count Dankula' Found Guilty in 'Sh*tposting' Case by British Court

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Pretty insane.


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Sick of political parties tbh. So many junior British officers can't find jobs at sea whilst British registered vessels employ literally NO British seafarers, yet nothing is done about it because nobody gives a fuck.
Our entire country is a joke tbh lads. People boast about a maritime heritage that nobody gives the slightest inkling of a shit about and even our 'nationalist' parties are unwilling to actually put in place the protectionist measures needed to revitalise our maritime industry.

Thank you Twin Peaks user. Great show!

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Good lad.

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Glad you're enjoying it

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Too early smh

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English Democrats tbh

Lad you're a mod act like one smh

*bans (You)*

Do they still exist?

Put your scimitars back on lad.

so here we all are then
the lads

half a day old Icke

Thanks lads


where will you go on your adventure lad?

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o i thought you said when wew
I'll probably go anywhere and everywhere

>this old 4chan /int/ Zig Forums memi

craven tbh

That augurs well for a Parsifalian transmutation of the self into a higher mode of being tbh

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the first step is the complete killing of my old self
then to become at one with the world and my true self

Gross thot tbh. Not very moral.

she's beautiful
the beauty of the yank woman must not perish

How many do you think she's had?

Deserves a (you) simply for the effort post.

One, maybe two
looking at her old vids she seems to have had the same bf all that time

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One too many.

t. incel

Kill who?

Marriage is sacred.

I don't know I just found it in my Zig Forums folder

I thought maybe someone on Zig Forums would know

It is saddening when one sees a beautiful lass, and then realise that she has taken many tens of cocks

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We really should have gassed the Indian coolies when we had the chance.

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Imagine the banter he'd have with Dean

are we going to nuke russia then?

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No lad the story SA posted from the Daily Star about Theresa May nuking Russia was not in fact an accurate reflection of the present military-geopolitical reality.

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Every woman by age of 18 had at least four cocks.

And so the nightshift begins.

Nah, just a prolonged charade ending with us being even more of a laughing stock and vassal state if things keep going this way.

Muslims kill dozens of UK citizens

Russia is accused of killing 2 people

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To be fair if we actually want to reproduce in our lifetimes we should ditch the mentality that there is some pure christian virgin out there for us its rather harmful to us tbh

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Well, if she sucked one or two English ones, you are fine. Avoid blacked.

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both of them seem like normies compared to webster

this isn't healthy lad

of course lad


tbf we just need to stop treating women like princesses

If only it were possible.

Facebook will be dead in 5 years time, but we will still have our chans.

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Something's went wrong over there.

More like one month.

Just get a chubby plain girl who complains a lot and bottle all your resentment up until the next life lads

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Dear lord her is a lizard looking over his livestock.

My territory has the highest alcohol consumption rate in the country. is still active

dorset isnt into fat lasses

No more than anything else in this life they all deserve to become crazy old cat ladies.


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Is it dark 10 months of the year and always snowing or do you just have alot of Indians?

That's a man.

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tbh men who enable it should be purged more than the women

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Why not? They're good for doggy style play

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no thanks

English is the most common ethnicity, but there's a lot of wogs, gooks and krauts.

probably true

Should I be playing spot the Indian or should I assume I was right with the former guess?


Looks like it has a penis tbh lad

That advice was just for the mooks. God has greater plans for you lad

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*gets you sent to jail*

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What about are dorset?


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Gym in the morning. Good night ladies!

The great mid western mormon crusade awaits.

what went wrong?

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The rural areas are much more Conservative than the city, and they have the most Abbos.

Holocaust propaganda paved the way for general anti-racist propaganda and then anti-discrimination/standards propaganda.

Jews and Boomers.

I'm afraid I can't discuss that at present

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So when do you know you're fucked, when the chinks start showing up?

Anyone know of groups trying to organise against the Muslim grooming, and rape, of British children.

Would anyone join a Bongo Bongo Land for one if I made it?

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Dawson is the only good place here tbh.

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