Are certain species of animal like dolphins and elephants persons...

Are certain species of animal like dolphins and elephants persons? They have all passed self awarness tests and they are considered to be conscious in a similar way as us rather than most animals which have no sense of self and just react to sense stimuli. Do they have rational souls? Dolphin communication has been observed to be very complex mirroring a language in many ways. They have also demonstrated that they can solve complex problems. Do they have rational souls?

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Maybe. There's no reason to think God won't grant sentience to another species, or free will to them. The question though to me to truly prove it, is if they have morality, and what do they feel like when they fail it? If they develop to have that, then yes they are.

Also note, clearly man is not the sole purpose of creation. Look at the glorious scale of everything, we are definitely not the only sentient children of God around.

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A more important question is can animals be pagan and the answer is yes. Hail Meowdin!

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This is an interesting issue. I've heard a lot of touching stories of dolphins saving humans lives, from sharks, etc. And then the dark side, I've heard stories of dolphins trying to rape humans. It makes you wonder what they would be doing if they had opposable thumbs. I guess if we accepted that dolphins had souls that would require us to share the gospel with them? Same deal as with intelligent aliens.

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I dunno about that specific example, but there are a ton of examples of sexually aggressive dolphins. One tried to rape Demi Moore. They even did a King of the Hill episode about dolphin rape.

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They're not made in the image of God, so no. They're not persons.


God works in mysterious ways user. I suppose not even the whole humanity is of any worth, but just some of them can actually reach glory.

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Chimpanzees don't have real eyes.

No. God made Adam in His image, which is what makes us "persons". Some animals may have great intelligence, but they do not possess a God-breathed spirit.

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Which brings up entirely another question. Was Adam the first white person, and was Cain's wife in the "land of Nod" non-white? How do we really know who was truly descended from Adam in the first place. I mean, in the Bible we have instances of those who walked and talked but weren't men, like the serpent in the garden, the beasts of the field in Joel 1:20, Jonah 3:7-8, Ezekiel 14:15, Deuteronomy 7:22, Exodus 23:28-30, etc,; also the Antichrist (the beast) in Revelation.

[citation needed]

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Unfortunately, racial questions concerning Christianity on the internet drives random posters into intense fits of rage at being offended so no real discussion can take place. I’m going to ask a deacon in a few days. We’ll see if he addresses them or kicks me out of his office and requests my excommunication.

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some dolphins and some monkeys are smarter than some people, but they're still not people because there's more to personhood than iq test. A dolphin is not made in the image of God

To everyone spouting "IMAGO DEI" here, please define what that means first. I have yet to see an actual definition.

Only humans have it. And Jesus assumed only Human nature. The end.

Are they descendents from adam?
No therefore they are not sentient

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The curse extended to all of Ham's descendants, not just Canaan. Canaan was just mentioned in particular because it's the group the Israelites would come into contact with. All of Ham's descendants were cursed.

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The DNA recovered from the blood on the Shroud is most genetically similar to modern Sephardic Jews, but not 100%.

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Actually the original Jews were white. Modern day kikes however have been cursed because of their deicide. No longer are they white, nor are they even human.

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Well Mary and consequently Jesus come from the Royal House of David so deviations from the average jew is to be expected just like European Kings are different for their people since they are all from Germanic origins (except the British family from now on)
But probably modern Jews are not identical to old Jews since they has been many crossovers.


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winnie the pooh off. The conservative version of your religion is beneficial for the good of Europe, that's all it's good for. I am a Christian for purely cultural reasons. Perhaps I should consider Positive Christianity though as it's easier to reconcile to European culture than the real Jewish version.

>Some of the tiggers who invaded though tried to adopt Christianity and made it into their own Jewish religion. Why do you think the Ethiopian (((Orthodox))) church is so Jewish?
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Are you implying identity is the most important thing there is? That's some cool god you've came up with.
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