Baseball bat vs. gun

Has anyone heard of this before?

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First time I've heard of it, but on a mildly related note, did he follow the 21-feet rule? And were police officers not issued hollow points to minimize over-penetration or is it a more recent thing?

Pig shouldn't have flaunted his fucking badge while he was off-duty. Dumbass. Dumb spic got what he deserved and will likely spend life in prison. That's all there is to it. It's the same scenario as how a knife is more effective than a gun at less than 10 meters. The pig probably looked away for a split second and that was all that was needed to bust his head open.

doesnt sound like it. if he had the gun drawn and they still rushed him, he wasn't firm enough in his resolve to shoot those worthless spics.

the lesson here is that spics would rather fight and die than not fight. they are dumb and stubborn. the guy should have shot them instantly upon non-compliance.

Did you even read the whole thing?
Or is your reading comprehension truly that bad?

what? the last line literally says they got off.

Also the cop wasn't a spic.
Fuck you're dumb, what's with all of the non-reading imbeciles on this site lately?


They'd be in a perfect position to do something about a fucked situation. They all have guns, they probably already know where the judge lives, could easily find out where the defender lives, and probably already have the residence of the spics on file.
Yet, nothing happens. Thus, zogbots. They're loyal to the system even when it obviously fucks them over.

I'd rather say it's the fear of consequences.

A lot of lefty shithole cities like Chicago don't because they are "inhumane"

Cuck gets exactly what he was asking for.

Justice was served.

Overestimate the gun, underestimate the melee weapon. These are the kinds of results you can expect. Now, I am an old backwards feudal thinking thing, when I see a weapon I see a weapon. I don't subscribe to the "guns win battles by themselves, knifes and clubs are harmless magically because guns are widespread" retard school of retarded thinking for retards. Your high capacity handgun can outrange a baseball bat, but it didn't magically make the bat any less dangerous or any less head smashy. The invention of modern assault rifles didn't magically neuter knives and swords inoperable. The "muh gun is beeter dan a knive" is only true if you use its range to win the fight before he stabs you. Otherwise that knife is going to be better, potentially. Actually, all it has to do is good enough to kill you.

If someone draws a bat on me I'm going to kill them. Because a baseball bat is a lethal weapon and I'm going to use lethal force. People who think bats "aren't lethal weapons or force" are retards who think pro wrestling isn't staged.

I've noticed that the only ones who underestimate blunt-force objects are women and faggots. I'm 100% sure the reason for this is because women and faggots never got into a serious fight in their lives and they also never played "war" in the fields with their friends, hitting each other with wooden swords, sticks and hand-made bows.

Once you get hit by a plank right in the head is when you realize how fragile the human body is. Pic kinda unrelated

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Join the revolver masterrace today friends.

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Wonder how quick the faggot would've been to shoot if the perps were white.

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I wonder are nip police the only ones who carry revolvers anymore?

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I think Worst Koreans also do, but don't quote me on that.

He probably would have mag dumped their car the second he got his gun out.

Agree. Check out that recent vid where the dindu gets a citation and attacks the cop, gollum-style, with a screwdriver, I think in the body. The bodycam makes it so you really feel like you are there wrassling with Malik.

If Jakwantrey had got him in the neck I think the cop would be in the morgue instead of ICU. Cop managed to kill Nogtavius, but it could have ended differently.

Think the French GIGN still issue a .357 magnum

That would explain why they don't attack. It doesn't explain why they don't go on strike or just resign.

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