Collapsible batons

I rarely see Zig Forums discussing collapsible batons.

Why's that ? I know a few bouncers use them as a toolf of disuasion and urgency.

Did you ever use one as part of your job / self defence ? Would you recommend ? If so, what brand or length ?

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Also thought about a Volchatka, a leather whip with lead pellets in it that cossacks used to smash wolf skulls

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The Surge has given me new love for staff/quarter-staff weapon.

Pic related is a collapsible staff, I wonder how practical is this idea in real life.

A metal cane that can collapse into a staff would be amazing melee weapon.

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South African sjambok to beat kaffs.

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Fuck that looks cool

I'm pretty sure those are illegal to carry in Europe. At this point you might as well use a sword or dagger and roleplay as a modern knight/assassin. Man, I miss daggers.

Just use a stiletto, if the police ask why you’re carrying a blade call them transphobic for shaming your choice in women’s shoes and then you can legally carry them.

Everything is illegal to carry in Europe, ffs. The thing is, most of the time you'll go alone and won't meet cops that'll want to pat you down. But you will be harassed by niggers who want your phone / wallet.

Better use a high impact baton to hurt than possibly kill someone with a knife.

Any bladed weapon is legal to carry in Austria as long as you're over 18.
Yes, you can go shopping with a Zweihander on your back.

Use a Cossack whip, nahaika. Fags laughing at it deserve to be struck with it.

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Okay that's actually pretty great not gonna lie.

Fuck, that's cool.

But what a mace or a staff?

I've been stopped by cops a few times in my life, while I was just walking and minding my own business. Never been harrassed by a nigger. My dad gets stopped by cops almost every night when he comes home from work, and sometimes randomly when he travels to other cities. One of my uncles was almost killed by a crazy cop. Moral of the story: cops are a lot more dangerous than niggers, and you're not even allowed to defend yourself against them.

>>>Zig Forums

Are you retarded? Anyway, filtered.


You’ve got to remember he’s from France. Niggers probably are a bigger problem than cops there.

If he's from Paris, yeah maybe. But I think, as a man, I'd still rather have to worry about niggers than cops. I could punch a nigger and probably nothing would happen, because he wouldn't report it, and if he did, I could claim self-defense. But if you just look at a cop the wrong way, or say the wrong thing, you can end up getting arrested and the whole State will be against you.

My point was, although there's been an increase in the population of niggers around here in the past few years, it doesn't affect my security yet. Even my mom can go out alone and I'm not worried something will happen to her. But last time my parents went on a trip to the countryside, they weren't sure whether they should carry a small pocket knife, because 'what if we get stopped by cops…'

So what's your experience with cops?

Do they make troubles for you if they found a pocket knife on you?

Just don't buy the cheap ones.
I had to use mine once on local low life and if pretty much fell to pieces. Had to finish the shit with my hands.

Wrong, very wrong and a stupid mentality only a naive and comfortable european can hold.

Where are you from, fellow pastanigger?
Because here, especially in the countryside, you won't get in too much trouble for carring a knife that's shorter than the width of your 4 fingers.
Normally you won't have anything seized or get charged for abusive carry of cold weapon.
On foot? In road blocks they never pat you down.

All it takes is one family of them to start shitting up an area by robbing/raping/killing the locals.
Do not EVER relax around blacks, that phrase is not some ironic joke.

Let's be open here: Is your family involved in the mafia?
Because I've been to Italy a fair few times, both north and south, even for longer stretches of time, and I haven't had any negative experience with the cops there. Niggers and gypsies on the other hand, every single time.



Shit, I was just asked about maybe doing a seminar on expandable batons but in my research I find myself less and less in favor of them as a self defense option.
This dude actually brings up some of the points I was finding from looking at data, case study, etc as well as links a playlist of them not being all that effective as a compliance weapon. I have worked with normal sticks and weighted batons personally but rather then just assume expandable ones were exactly the same in use I actually did some research. I am really glad I did.

Embedded is the video I talked about.
Below is the playlist linked.

What would you recommendc?

Why's that?
Police all around the world since the 18th century used to carry real Batons as a "non-lethal" weapon. "Non lethal" because you just used it for beating a criminal up and not stabing/slashing him to death.
Then the bleeding hearts for criminals movement and political correctness started and suddenly it became a huge issue if police accidentally beat a criminal to death.
So they started to gimp batons as a weapon and gave them official political correct names in many forces.
At the end of this development stands currently the collapsible baton(after the tonfa), which still can be used as a weapon. But it is a weapon which hampers the user and puts him at a disadvantage.
The mechanism is nice if you are just some lard ass carrying it around, but in a fight its a liability.
The collapsible baton can break because of it and you can't use it to seriously ram the tip into an attacker, if you do the baton starts folding. The folding can also happen, if you try to grapple your opponent with the collapsible baton.
It lacks the mass of a real baton or even just a normal wooden stick or any other item. This means to get any real force out of the collapsible baton, you have to strike your opponent with the tip.
If you strike only with the tip, that means your collapsible baton is basically just an overly long glorified blackjack. However in most countries and jurisdictions blackjacks are illegal, so you are forbidden from putting weights at the tip of your collapsible baton.
Would you fight with a blackjack which has no weight?

For some reason I can't stand this guy.

And btw I had a collapsible nunchuk. I guess it was more or less usable but not too great. I don't recommend.

I've also had a hard time listening to him, he seems too much like some sort of faggy c00l martial artist

I think there's plenty of reasons to hate him. He might as well be called Tiger-sensei and have his dojo in a strip mall.

Reminds me of James Yeager.

sorry BRO my states says meany weany batons are no good!