Handgun thread

I want to open carry a DEAGLE just to piss people off. I want everyone to be so fucking enraged when they see my DEAGLE…at the range, at the store, at the neighbor's, in the neighborhood. I want them to SEE my power of the M16. I WANT them to see my accuracy of a sniper rifle. I WANT THEM TO SEE THAT IN ONE HIT AND IT'S ALL OVER YES IT IS. They must know.
I want every person in this world to know:

for every strike, there IS A COUNTER-STRIKE

General handgun thread, post about handguns please.
revolvers, pistols, etc

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Amusing post.

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If it isn't gold tiger stripe carried in condition fabric, you aren't even trying. Hell get two or them to really flex on the plebs.

I snickered pretty hard

Guess I'll start the questions.



What should I get for CC from these two, streloks? I'm short and skinny so I'm worried about concealing the big one j the summer, but I like the extra capacity.

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If you're worried about needing extra ammo just carry a spare mag, but even if you're short and skinny you should be able to CC the compact version. I'm pretty short and skinny as well and I carry a G19 on the daily with no printing, the caveat is that I carry IWB appendix since that's the only way I could carry without printing. If you're okay with IWB appendix get the compact, if you're not okay with appendix then the shield will probably be the better bet but I don't know much about hip carry OWB or IWB and subcompacts. That's my 2 cents though.

I carry the shield on my hip and I'm not particularly skinny. I'd be annoyed if the gun was any bigger honestly.

If you're a poorfag though, I recommend not spending the extra money and just get the 1.0 version of the shield 9. It's $250 on PSA and will kill just as good as the 2.0. It has a manual safety but just don't use it. Transfer somewhere with a cheap FFL fee.

Shield is designed specifically for concealment. You won't feel it and it won't print. 8+1 9mm defensive ammo is plenty for every day carry. You wouldn't need more unless you plan on going into a firefight or get jumped by a dozen niggers who don't panic when shot at. More ammo probably wouldn't help you through the latter situation though.
Shield is a great carry pistol. If you feel inadequate, save for a few months longer and buy a 9c later too.

Pussy, I open carry my ak pistol at Denny's

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AIWB is cheating when it comes to concealment, provided you're using a decent ( read: reinforced ) gun belt and holster.

Do you open carry your tampons as well?

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Every time I see a shield, I want to throw them into a smelter. Worst ergonomic pistol in existence. Only pure "tactically awesome!" bullshit advertising gets them sold.


And thus the cycle is complete and starts anew

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To make a relevant post, does anyone here own a CZ p07/9? It seems to have it all for a 9mm pistol, looks, capacity, affordability, reliability ect. Am I getting caught up in the CZ hipster hype?

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Since when were CZs for hipsters? They're pretty mainstream. I can't speak for the P-07, but I have a P-01 and that works just fine. If it's good enough for Czech police to carry while on duty, then it's good enough for me.

They're really nice guns, I've got one in .40 that I converted to .357 NIG destroyer. Thanks to the low bore axis it's got very manageable recoil despite the polymer frame. Controls are easy to reach and the trigger reset is top-tier. I'd personally suggest getting one in .40 or .357 if you can find one, but it's still a great gun in 9mm.

Halfchanners are forcing a meme that CZs are for hipster soyboys. I say let them, if they aren't buying CZs that's more for me at a lower price.

WEW, shit taste from them as always.

It's probably just a serious case of projection on their part from the sound of it.
CZs are widely regarded as very nice handguns, and I don't know how they connected them to soyboys at all when the only firearms you ever see soyboys carrying around are shit tier AKs and maybe a few ARs, I've never seen a single modern commiecuck play around with pistols.

Probably jealousy at being unable to afford one. CZs are fucking nice. I can't afford one myself, but I have fired them and they are just a pleasure to handle.

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Know someone with a P07. None of the major holster makers have anything for it, not even a shitty "universal" holster.

I don't, I have the dubious pleasure of knowing people who do that leak their halfchan memes into other places.

That's the thing though, they're half the price of comparable pistols from Sig and Heckle My Koch. They're probably just pissed they spent 6 million shekels on a gun some jewtuber with a tacticool beard recommended to them.

Either you or your friend suck at finding holsters. Crossbreed, Aliengear, T-Rex Arms, and Raven Concealment allows make P-07 and P-09 holders. And those are only the ones from the top of my head, I know there are more out there.

I needed a place to leave this meme and this was the place to do it. Is she, dare I say, Zig Forums's girl?
Hit or miss. I guess she never miss, huh?

Bumping the handgun thread. My current CCW is the M&P9c 2.0. Great gun, but thinking of going back to a CZ. They just feel better in my hand. If I do go back to CZ, should I just go with the Omega and call it a day or is it really worth it to send it to Cajun? If I'm going to sink that much into a gun, she's gonna be my EDC for life.

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Tired of tattoed pierced skanks on my internet. I'm so glad to fucking see a feminine girl again even if she's a thot.

Whats the best cc for a 5'8 155lb guy? I want a single stack 9mm to defend myself from dogs, since I've almost been murdered by them before. I was thinking about the ruger lc9, but I hear the triggers aren't the best, and thats important to me. I heard the Shield has a better trigger. I was orginally interested in getting a cz, but they seem to weight pretty close to my star bm, and that feels like a brick. Whats the best single stack 9mm for cc?

That's Nyanyancosplay though.

Also good ahegaos.

That's… not Belle Delphine, user.

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DeSantis and Galco don't even have them in their system.

For what you're asking, I'd definitely go with the Shield, but make sure you get the 2.0 model. The Shield 2.0 has an improved trigger. If you want to make her a keeper, you can spring the extra cash to get the "S&W Performance Center" Shield 2.0. There's even an "edc kit" model you can order. The other nice thing about choosing the Shield series is that there's plenty of aftermarket stuff like extended mags and holster options. As far as a CCW goes for someone your size, it'd be lightweight and easy to conceal.

That's nyannyancosplay, the tik tok girl, my leafy friend. :)

even in full makeup she triggers my uncanny valley, which is pretty rare.

Sorry I'm not a thotologist like you guys.

I fucking miss deagle nation bros

Maybe if I wanted to wear a 5 lb brick hand cannon on my hip. There's nothing at all even remotely practical about it, bro. It's tactiCOOL, but that's all it is. And it's super expensive too. If poop ever does make contact with a circulating blade, "I'm packing .50 AE!" only signals to us that you're probably a huge faggot and will be the first one out of the fight because you can't find shit to scavenge. There. I said it.

I watch the PCP lecture on it on a monthly basis, tbh. Guns are fucking done for in society at large and it's hard to cope.

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Thoughts on the Walther Q5 Match SF?

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It seems nice enough, but I'd rather have a shadow2 for the money. There does need to be more steel framed striker fired pistols, though.

I fucking love my P-09, 2000+ rounds of every conceivable kind of 9mm and zero failures. I'd go to war with that gun in a heartbeat. The only reason I don't have a P-07 to go with it is because I have a PCR instead. Of course the P-07's are so cheap anymore I might grab one just cuz.

oh shit is that the commander

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Have yet to find anything nearly as sexy as the 2006m.

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Breddy gool idea. But the Rhino is aesthetically superior. That thing looks like a Luty build.


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7529join to see self harm gg/Xq2uYaa

Fucking plebs.

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