Using a pellet gun as a self-defense weapon

Say you’ve got a pellet pistol like pic related that’s at least 200 - 450 fps, and shoots .177 lead pellets, would that be enough to stop an attacker? I know that a shot from a pellet gun can be fatal. Say you were to pop it into somebody’s mouth and shoot them in the back of the throat several times so that they drown to death in their own blood. Or aiming for the eyes to blind them, or aiming for the throat at a close range. If it’s powerful enough, you might be able to penetrate the windpipe. The face, as there’s many arteries that run along your face that aren’t too deep under the skin, and if you were to shoot one of those sensitive areas at close range with a pellet gun (like around the nose), they could bleed to death. If you were to debilitate or cripple them, you could aim for the groin (or underarm especially). I think that if they’re powerful enough in joules of energy released to propel the hard, lead pellet projectile, it could be enough to cripple or even kill an attacker. If you live in a place where gun laws are cucked but kaws regarding pellet guns are untouched, I’d recommend buying a good one, like pic related.

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All the downsides of drawing a firearm and nearly none of usefulness. Great.

If it looks real enough and the attacker is a noob, he won’t be able to tell if it’s a real gun or a fake one. Police officers often encounter this problem with suicidal suspects.

Okay:Scenario time.
how the fuck do you now get your gun into his mouth? Pretend it's a real gun and tell him to suck the gun off?

So you're banking on your target being incompetent instead of going with something that can actually airhole him.
God help you if you ever encounter a burglar that's killed or assaulted people before.

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A bit late to reply here, but no. I mean only in a public defense scenario. I just thought this merely as a concept.

Absolutely not. You should use pepper spray instead. Also don't pull your toys on anyone, they might think you have a real gun and retaliate appropriately.

Drawing a gun is a show of lethal force. If you are not prepared to kill someone, or you do not feel like your life is being threatened, you do not draw. Pretending to have a gun and then not actually being able to back up your threat only leaves yourself vulnerable to what happens when the potential attacker decides his life is at stake and decides to turn the burglary or mugging into a murder. I'll say it again: weapons are made to kill. If you can't physically or emotionally do the killing, then you're better off defending yourself bare handed, because causing enough injury to the criminal may make him think twice about attacking you and he might flee, at which point you can rethink the situation and decide your next course of action - contacting the police, getting a better weapon, moving yourself to safety, or whatever else is appropriate at the time.

Just because an air gun is capable of killing does not mean it can. In an emergency situation you're already likely enough to make a major mistake or fumble that puts you at risk, but when you add in loss of accuracy and control due to panic, stress, and adrenaline, and then add on top of that the fact that you're almost guaranteed to be caught by surprise, intentionally giving yourself a harder to use or less effective weapon and thinking your mindset can overcome it without at the very least intense skill and training is extremely foolish, and will get you killed. Also consider that your air gun is a pistol. People use .177 air rifles with considerably higher velocities for hunting quail, squirrels, and other varmints, and even then something like a .22 Long Rifle is superior for that task while still not being overpowered. It is an anemically weak option.

Acting like you have a deadly weapon while being unable to actually commit the force to killing your target is asking for a bad time. And remember, your intent is to stop the threat - but there is no excuse for not doing anything necessary and more.

I will add to that that air guns are even more expensive than actual firearms quite often, and even if firearms are completely illegal in your area you could always find yourself a black powder cap and ball revolver like a reproduction of the Remington 1858 New Army. A .44 caliber black powder revolver with a deep chamber offers an amount of firepower that people in modern smokeless days completely underestimate, despite being hampered by piss poor bullet choice.

You can only use soft cast lead, and you're limited to balls, or if you can even find them (and they will be expensive), roundnose or conical bullets. No jacketed projectiles will work in a muzzle loading firearm since you have to swage the bullet to fit the chamber, and any kind of hollow point or other special bullet design will be damaged by the ramrod and probably cause a malfunction or at least a great loss in effectiveness. Wadcutter bullets may work, but there is a chance of you not tamping them perfectly straight, which will cause damage to the bullet or a tilt, resulting in tumbling.

However, even a soft lead ball is going to offer better ballistic effectiveness than a .177 pellet, almost all of which on the market are wadcutters or semi-wadcutters. The caliber is simply not big enough to cause much wounding or bleeding, especially at very low velocities which mean the chance of the bullet deforming on impact in flesh is a practical zero. If it hits a bone it may break the bone, but it will not go through because it doesn't have enough momentum. Low-powered air guns are not designed to kill something even half the size of a human, and expecting them to do so in anything except the most ideal circumstances is a risk I would never be willing to take.

Intimidation is a possible factor to consider, but that only works if the attacker is a coward and has no self-preservation instincts. If he is not scared by your pellet gun, then carrying it was worse than carrying nothing.

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A smart or experienced criminal might actually see the fake barrel if the lighting is good enough, realise your gun is a plinker or toy, and get even braver about attacking you. If the gun is mostly plastic he could also see that. Are you willing to accept these risks? I wouldn't be. Any real gun is better than a fake one, in any situation, even if you don't have to actually shoot it: being able to back your threat up is a necessary part of making the threat, and you should always be prepared for a worse situation than you expect.

Another risk factor is the difficulty of concealing an air gun under your clothes (none of them are small), and the notion that if a criminal sees you printing he might attack you specifically to try and steal your 'gun'. This goes back to the point about writing a check you can't cash.

If I was you and I was dirt poor I wouldn't waste my money on a pellet gun, I would just buy a pocketknife and spend days training to draw and use it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Just my thoughts.

My EDC consists of both an open carried RIA Tact. 2011 in .45 ACP and a concealed knife with a 3.75" blade and a straight edge grind. A knife is good to have anyway because you never know when you'll need to cut or pry something and have no access to tools.

Shouldn't this be in the "leftists arming themselves" thread?

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>>if I put it in his mouth and shoot a bunch of times and he's a 4'11 manlet, he'll die, therefore I should [can] use it to shoot center mass in an emergency!
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Sure, if those pellets are 12 gauge.

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At the only ranges it'd even vaguely stand a chance of working, you'd be better off just stabbing them. Simplest solutions are best OP, master the blade if you're unwilling or unable to get a firearm. Or I dunno, IED claymore mines, might make a mess of the living room though.

For the amount of money you spent on a high velocity pellet gun capable of breaking the skin, you could have bought a HiPoint and a box of cheapo 9mm HP and actually killed someone.

Or bought 50 Walmart Machetes and killed 50 people.

If the only thing you were capable of taking out of those posts is a somewhat off wording on one sentence, then you obviously have no interest in adding anything worthwhile to the conversation and should kindly fuck off.

You're joking baout that explosive trap part, but OP should keep in mind that setting up any kind of lethal trap in your house can get you slapped with premeditated murder charges in some areas.

You're assuming I don't scrape up what's left, bury the bits in quicklime & hope the neighbours several miles away don't hear. But yes, defensive traps including explosives, electric devices, pitfalls, punji sticks, AI-targeted AA autocannons & missile launchers and hilarious Indian Jones boulders are all very naughty, and should NEVER be strategically hidden around the perimeter of your property & at major choke points

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Were these two locked up anyhow? Basically only thing I can accuse them of is lack of respecting gun safety rules (finger on the trigger, pointing at his own foot).

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