Gun control

The shitlib approach involves banning guns. Ergo, we should ban anything with pointy objects because that would stop more tragedies like 9/11 from happening. Maybe if they weren’t able to get their hands on those pesky assault boxcutters with fully automatic blade action to kill all those pilots, passengers and flight attendants, then they wouldn’t have been able to hijack those planes. Because that would’ve stopped 9/11 from happening. Even though inmates still make shanks and shivs out of seemingly innocuous items like jolly ranchers, this ban will at least deter people from killing each other. Why would you need a boxcutter unless you wanted to kill somebody?

But on a serious note, does anyone have any statistics about gun control anywhere? I know that the homicide rate in America is 5.30 per 100,000 people, which is similar to that of Eastern Europe. Surprisingly low, given the amount of blacks and Mexicans who live here. In Switzerland, the murder rate is even lower at 0.50. New Zealand’s murder rate is 0.70, and Israel’s murder rate is 1.36. So in other words, a country with lax civilian gun ownership laws is no more likely to have a higher murder rate than a country with strict civilian gun ownership laws. I’ve also read from somewhere that there is no statistical correlation between gun ownership and gun crime amongst whites and that it was only true among negroes. Does anyone have that by any chance?

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How about a mandatory dress code for all citizens like most shitty schools in the US have?

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Who is this pretty lady in your OP?

David Hogg but as a female I think.

The stats over here are suspect AF. You're still approaching this in the wrong way though. The opposition isn't here because they read some stats and decided to interpret them a certain way. They adopted their position and then looked for ways to present (or falsify) the stats to support that position. Emotional arguments are the only things that work on the antifun crowd.

This is all concerning America

Also, theres a big factor no one on the gun control side ever discusses when they mention any stats on gun deaths in America. They include fucking suicides by guns. This is completely missleading because while it is technically a gun related death, it is presented in a way that makes it seem like these are all murders committed with guns. Up to 60% of gun deaths are just suicide committed with guns

Theres also the school shooting fear. Even though gun homicide is down nearly 50% since the early 90s, and even though vague gun death stats are more than half suicides, there are still a bunch of school shootings, but those are going down too

And despite all the rallying against the dreaded AR-15, its pointless as most of the gun crime that is committed is done with HAND GUNS.

And heres the kicker, the vast majority of this gun crime that is committed is done with illegally owned and/or acquired firearms

Heres the liberal Washington Post even admitting this

Heres an article that breaks this all down as well from the Heritage Foundation

So to wrap it up
So the entire narrative gun grabbers have is that America experiences this outrageous amount of murders with guns and these redneck NRA members with their AR-15s they bought are the problem, and we can simply end all gun crime in America by simply banning weapons like that, but all of this completely BTFO that argument

Reminder that the jews did 9/11

Reminder that the jews did EVERYTHING. this post is unironic

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Logic doesn't apply to estrogen enriched people.
Estrogen enriched people are the foot soldiers of gun grabbing internationalists.

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ban jewish noses they are pointy.

Correlation is not causation, Switzerland and Israel are also much more homogeneous than the U.S. (which is likely already below 50% white). While African countries are very ethnically mixed because niggers never civilized themselves and thus nearly every village was somewhat ethnically distinct, you could give the most ethnically homogeneous African nation access to firearms so ownership rates are on par with the U.S. and I guarantee violent usage of guns will rise proportionally. Ethnic homogeneity, and level of civilized culture are much more important than level of guns.

Most fags are concerned with school shootings because WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILLUNS. I usually like to bring up how school shootings weren't a problem back when gun regulations were looser, so why are they more prolific now? People generally drop the whole thing after that.

Yep, and Jews/masons know this, which is why mass shootings are staged and reported on so much, the vast amount of shitskin murders, not so much.

They wouldn't even need to stage them, in a country the size of the US one every few years - with the right media strategy behind it - would be enough to keep them in the public consciousness enough.

You do need to stage them because they don’t happen nearly this often if at all. It simply isn’t in human nature for lone wolves to fly off the handle like this, which is why they need to be staged. Also makes for a tidier aftermath, plan it yourself, craft a convenient villain (some Jew who pretends to be a white nationalist and uses the latest thing we need to ban etc). It’s hoax city and the staged photos don’t even look all that good.

It's also not natural to be surrounded by millions of non-white troglodytes literally defecating and fornicating in the streets and have blasted in your ear 24/7 that they're equal to you in every possible way and you should hate yourself for ever daring to think otherwise, and slowly your outlets for expressing your anger are being taken away from you via social media bans of wrongthink and the destruction of all white spaces such as video games. The government refuses to address these problems, your family says it isn't a problem, your friends (assuming you have any) are all blissfully jerking off to interracial cuck porn while smoking weed to ignore the problem.
Conditions like that make people go insane and be manipulated by feds into doing shit they shouldn't in one final expression of their justifiable rage. A few of them are completely sane and have an actual goal to it.
I think these mass shootings are natural reactions to unnatural circumstances.

We should ban Zig Forums, that place is glowing like radioactive waste.

No thank you, I’d much rather contain them to one board than have them spread out over the entire site.

The problem is 99% paid shills, who actually post in 8 hour periods anti-Trump and other D&C bullshit..

It'd make mass shootings worse when the most unstable there lose their primary outlet for all this. Zig Forums, gab, and voat probably prevent a lot of shootings jist by existing.


We should ban 8ch, this place is glowing like a radioactive waste.

I mean how much is this place worth now, really.

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Gun control is a non-issue if no one wants to use guns anyway.

I see you jew.

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Quite literally: why contain it?

This, Fedniggers can't stop it. Brenton Tarrant has shown the way forward.