Brit/pol/ #2227: Poor Pete Edition

Post-Brexit Brit passports ‘to be made in France’

Danish fisherman claims UK will never regain control of waters

Police taking days to respond to 999 calls as budget cuts bite

Police watchdog launches probe after armed officers shot at suspect 13 times

Great Northern March

[Cheddaring Intensifies]

South Africa could face food shortages if white farmers are allowed to migrate to Australia says MP

First picture of 'Iraqi asylum seeker who attacked Britain First leader in prison leaving him with broken nose'

Zuckerberg 'weally sowwy' for Facebook's 'major breach of trust' over Cambridge Analytica scandal

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They look like brother and sister tbh

tbh I don't like Soyjak, even the poopoopeepee era wasn't that cruel to him

w-what if they aren't allowed to migrate?? they'll all die

That Paris Lees picture looks nothing like him smh

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Punished Reviewbrah

Thanks laddo

I asked some lads at work today about the conriversy over Cambridge Analytica and whether they have considered deleting their Facekike account.

Out of 11 people I asked, only two have considered it. The rest who are ambivilant about the topic are millenial capeshitters. Not surprised at all tbh

Good lad

Oh god I knew that name was familiar, Hitch is in for a wild ride tonight

Where are the happenings

I'd delete facebook but its utility to me at the moment is slightly too high to do without.
I wish I never got it in the first place.

British and Dutch women are the roughest and most uncouth women you'll met tbh, Germans and Scandis run them a close second. Pump, have your sprogs and dump before you lose your pension, house, car and wages in that big black hole they call a vagina. Prenup is a must


And the wogs will all starve, win-win.

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Id rather the Boers and Anglos got away safely

Same here lad.

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When I look at cunts like him I am comforted by the thought that pretty soon I'll be up playing rounders with Henry V, Enoch Powell, and Jesus, while he'll be burning in hell

Glad I never use facebook.

Been asked several times why I don't have an account and I always tell them I can't be arsed. Also employers look into your timeline before they consier employing you.
You might as well send them your personal diary instead of a CV

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trap of da ppl

When you post to you support pedophiles

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She looks like she grew up in Scarfolk

/r/ing that pic of Eddie Izzard

*Represents the working class*

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*rapes you*

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I was talking to a lad at a club who asked me to add him on social media. For a laugh I told him I didnt have any social media (mostly true). He called me crazy lmao

* replies to you *

take the ChristBol pill tbh lads

fuck off you freak
t. "the people"

Give link for the question time, I stayed up to 3am to watch this

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good fuckin lad
hows it going in australia?

this is a Christian board lad



fuck off back to 4cuck commie

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I have had a few people give me a suspicious look when I told them I don't do social media.
It's as if the people want to be in a police state.

Race idolatry
It's as if you don't want to enter the kingdom of heaven.
Are you even Anglo?

What do you mean when you say "it"?

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what is morality official doing? not a very moral video to be honest

fucks sake

its an entirely different lifestyle we're advocating here I guess
a better one for sure

I've had to tell this to prospective employers
I always used to say "wtf has social media got to do with engineering or any type of work? I'm not applying for a job in PR. What are you? Some kind of voyeurs?"
I don't have to take their job and any firm that asked for this kind of info I dismissed out of hand as being run by fucking idiots. This rule has served me well

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Triggering tradthots and alt-right homos

Its called a joke, A JOKE!

Commies should be killed

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How's it going mate

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nice straw man lad.Where did I mention Race?
Bolsheviks are the ones who deny the logos of christ.


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seems a bit retarded personally

You don't seem to understand what ChristBol is, lad.

Are you even Dhimmipilled?

tbh I was under the impression that France was always like this

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This tbh

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Okay I suppose, just waiting for Question Time to start. What time is it in UK right now?

Do any of you guys remember years ago when some 18-19yo French antifascist got beaten to death by a few derro skinheads after trying to start a fight with them with his friends?

all I need too know tbh

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half 5 - under 5 hrs to wail la'

its half five
whats western australia like?





this video is everything wrong with modern britain


I hate them

Then why are you replying?


kek, just sounds like they dragged some chav on the video and in the track from birscough

I wouldn't know much since I live in a different state, except Abos galore. But I have an unfounded theory that South Africans are setting up their own communities in Western Australia.

we're not as bad as the yanks tbh.

free (you)s

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Whats Tasmania like?

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It's time for Nigel Farage to finally admit that he's ChristBol

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prostitute tbh

lmao that nigger taking the piss is quite funny actually

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t. satan

poor kid tbh.
probably going to have mental issues later in life.

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it's just masterbrew tbh - he's run out of footage to put grandstand over smh


Literally thought that was the guy from Curb Your Enthusiasm for a second

absolutely satanic, lad.

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Yeah it's breddi gud tbh, anyone who'd complain about it you can just ask "well why aren't you providing food?"


w e w i t y w e w

Cull them

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do I need to get the filter out again

ahhh, so christbol is basically some autist transferring our board into a movement?

wtf is wrong with synthwave?

personally I like music made with rhythm and acoustic instruments, not electronic beats and pulses
thats just me though

It's the same thing over and over, lad.

some people here are taking it too seriously

says the homo papist

Cold also dark. But I can't say for certain, since I haven't been there either.

We're going to be rearranging Stonehenge into the shape of the cross

where HAVE you been then mate

depends on the mood I'm in.

err are you tone death?

wtf i love christbol now


omg it really is a tranny? thought it might be just cuase current year… ah they ruin everything

google him lad