What should a christians diet be like?

What should a christians diet be like?

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Pretty normal maybe fast on Wednesday(optional), Friday and the Eucharistic fast plus abstaining from meat on Fridays during Lent.


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All fruits and vegetables (that aren't poison), and any and all kinds of animals depending on what's available, dairy, eggs, whatever fish.

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How can a diet be heresy? Maybe you should take a gander at the site. You're basically pulling the "Muslims eat grains, therefore it's heresy to eat grains" card.

pooh off

The problem isn't necessarily the diet it's just that SDA try to push it on others because they might see it as essential for salvation, thus Judaizing.

There's nothing wrong with being a vegetarian, or even following the old dietary laws, and if what I eat causes my brother to stumble, then I will never eat meat again! But at the end of the day, all things are clean, and we shouldn't Judaize. If you don't want to consume the blood of animal, or the meat of an animal, or the milk, or pig flesh, then I will never question your conscience and will never force you, neither should you force me. All things should be done in faith, and anything done outside of faith is sin.

Perhaps, but dismissing a site because it's SDA just shows ignorance. Check the site. It's got some great recipes. It's not going to convert you to SDA if you happen to follow and SDA's recipe.

No food and no drinking on Holy Friday.
Vegan with no oil during the first week of the Great Lent and during the Holy Week.
Vegan during the other weeks of the Great Lent, the Dormition Fast, the first and the last week of the Nativity Fast.
Vegan plus maybe fish during the other weeks of the Nativity Fast, the Apostles' Fast and on all other Wednesdays and Fridays.

No blood and no strangled animals in any day, according to the decision of the Apostolic Council: "It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements: You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from fornication." (Acts 15:28-29)

I agree with you, I'm not dismissing it just because it's SDA, I'm just saying that sometimes the SDA Judaize which is the real heresy here instead of the diet.

Do Orthodox Christians salt their meat so as to draw the blood out?

SDA don't require a vegetarian diet, although they don't recommend it.

No. The blood pours out from a slaughtered animal by itself and the red thing you see in the meat is not blood. I think that from the things one can buy in the market only some sausages are forbidden.

This is obviously not dietary laws, but about idolatry. Those included are blood and meat offered to idols and latter perhaps sacred prostitution.
Also, what you list is first time I've heard about outside monasteries. In general, one should always consult with his mentor about fasting.


I've read somewhere that monks at some Coptic monastery abstain from red meat leaving it only for the sick and the elderly.
If this is done perhaps it could also be reserved for important feasts or something. This is similar to how nomads consume meat.

Similar to what says there are many things in the kosher dietary restrictions that also forbid things which many would find abhorrent like carnivorous land animals, reptiles, birds of prey, insects, primates, and other weird things that even the Chinese make dishes out of like horseshoe crab.
The supposed lifts on dietary restrictions in Acts could be argued to be more about it not being a carnal sin if done so. Avoidance of non-scaly fish and crustaceans indirectly results in the avoidance of seafood high in cholesterol or mercury.

Feast on the Flesh and Blood of Christ.

Is bodybuilding gluttonous? Im 6'0 and 150 pounds. I want to be 200 lbs and shredded.

no, but it's extremely secular and makes you liable towards physical temptations. higher T makes your libido sky rocket

The Didache tells us to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays.

I've met a vegan Christian and I'm unsure if she is crazy or not.

No, it's just descriptive i.e. just tells us that early Christians were fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays (for the same reason you don't sell all your stuff and give it to the Church and live in a commune as in Acts.)

so a rare steak is alright?

Yes. The animal is completely drained of blood.

clean protein, veggies, whole foods, rice, potatoes, fruits, olive oil, healthy fats, sea food, etc
basic bodybuilder diet.
lots of water.
vitamin d and zinc are also great to take

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You can never fully remove blood from an animal body.
Residue will always be there.

That's why you use water and cook the meat since it fully removes the blood. Or at the least prevents your conscience from being defiled hebrews 9:14.

matthew 4:4

Don't worry about the resudue. The Orthodox Christians are not like the pharisees or the modern talmudists with their ridiculous rules. In practice some varieties of sausages is the only thing forbidden.

I only eat meat and drink water, sometimes whole milk. Most of my diet is beef or lamb. Best health decision in my life.

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Really high protein high fat and low carb. But most importantly. A Christian must regularly partake in the Eucharist.

Watch the heart, user.

What ever they eat on mount athos. Those dudes live to be 90 years old on average.

Meat causing heart disease is based off of a doctored paper (the Seven Countries Study) written by a celebrity (Ancel Keyes, inventor of the C Ration) who used his influence to silence his most outspoken critic (John Yudkin) and whose theories eventually got a senator (George McGovern) to fire his scientist and hire somebody who would just say that his fad diet (Pritikin) is what everybody should base their diets on.

Turns out he was wrong. Diets high in meat are actually good for you, dietary cholesterol doesn't affect blood cholesterol (your cells can manufacture their own), and high blood cholesterol (excepting certain kinds) is actually a predictor for long life. I could go on for hours, but you get the idea. isn't going to have any heart problems from eating beef and lamb.

I was once in a monastery on Mount Athos with the intention to take communion there. And I was eating the normal food they were eating because it was ok according to the rules I know from my parish (the food was vegan after all). But when they found out that I intended to take communion, they said: "If you want to take communion then why haven't you fasted?" Smiling they told the cook that I am going to fast and they didn't even ask me. I didn't say anything and I was thinking "But I have fasted, but if you have some special food for people who "fast" then let it be".

Oh, I am so glad they didn't know from the begining that I have to "fast".

What did they feed you?

Roasted vegetables or boiled potatoes. One eating per day.

Same here. Been on the carnivore diet for about two weeks now and I love it.

Not if you do it with the right intent. If you take up bodybuilding as a way to thank God for your gift and glorify your temple of the holy spirit then its okay. To do bodybuilding for vanity's sake is wrong.


I’m a pretty big fan of the eastern orthodox lentin fasting, but the one big rule is don’t eat McCarrick or his minions.

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Weurled peas dosen’t taste good either.

65% trippel, 20% sheep, 10% fish, 15% doppel, 7% human flesh and blood.

(It doesn't matter. Just fast before communion.)

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trappist beer is best beer.
westy 12 though.
f*** trips just eat less food.
what is communion? I'm american and I read the kjv.

John 6, 64 in my NAB. I think the numbers are the same.
Fun fact; people reacting to the idea "eat my flesh" is the only time Jesus himself loses followers. Coincidentally, 1500-odd years later, this verse is named 66.
Almost like becoming a part of the singular and "whole" body of Christ is important.

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it's 100% figurative.
nobody ate his flesh when he said it
he's making a reference to the first generation of israelites being in the wilderness and God feeds them mana from heaven.
He's making an analogy that his word is something we subsist on while we are alive in the fallen world to keep us going.
we're not supposed to go "abba kadabra" and live action roleplay like a piece of bread is Jesus' flesh and a glass of pinot is his blood.

Okay. And John 3:16 is just using ever-lasting life as an analogy for being really happy while you're alive.
Don't try to interperet the Holy Bible by yourself. You will get it wrong.

so in other words

Actually I take that back
The bible, especially heavily cryptic books like Revelation and Daniel, do operate on fugues but those fugues are better than anything man can make.
To suggest axiomatically that God does NOT make fugues is potentially blasphemous and I don't want to do that.

That's exactly what Christ did at The Last Supper. Minus the blasphemy.

and a swig of jack daniels

You know me?

Taken together, as these are not contradictory, these state that interpretation is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Tradition states that the receipt of The Spirit is an aspect of communion with the rest of Christ's body. (I'm sure there's scriptural backing, but I'm emphasizing other things in my recent study.)
Therefore this interpretation is not individual or private. It is given to any member of the church in a state of Grace, and taught by the clergy as means for attaining said state.

(Basically, Tradition with the big T constitutes training wheels. But, my original point stands. Eucharist is scripturally established, and traditionally upheld. Also, private interpretation can be wrong, but properly conducted meditation allows The Lord to reveal the Truth.)

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you can't just make a declaration and not corroborate it with scripture and then turn around and criticize someone's interpretation of scripture when you yourself provided no scripture in the first place
who cares?
Jesus is eating with his disciples because it's the last meal he's going to eat before the death, burial and resurrection.
Jesus emphasized that there will be plenty of time to fast when he espouses the parable of the bridegroom.
This is a direct rebuke when the catholics at the time were trying to rebuke Jesus for being a "glutton and a winebibber."
so by default it's more consistent to interpret Jesus being figurative.

What should a Christian's diet be like?

Genesis 1:
29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.
30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.

Genesis 9:3-4:
Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything. But you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood.

I do. Everyday.
The meaning of the scripture. I don't understand (usually protestant laymen) people's obsession with proving themselves by rattling off verse numbers.
And nobody should. I'm qualifying my statement by saying I am not an expert on the sacrament itself. It has always seemed natural, so I never feel the need to find this basis.
For the sake of this discussion, however, I have cited one instance where Jesus said to do so. Others in the thread have cited other verses, and everybody knows the narrative of the Last Supper. Because the discussion is larger than simply you and I.

Furthermore, the topic of that statement was the wholeness of Christ's body as The Church.
Thinking back on it, it is mentioned in passing during one of Paul's exhortations against sin after baptism. He says something to the effect of "You are a part of Christ's body. Sex makes two bodies one. Why would you make Christ's body one with a prostitute?"

Catholic means "whole." Literally. It's used in reference to the wholeness of Christ's body, an interlinked concept–but semantically different from transubstantiation.
Pharisees were (are?) scholars of Jewish law. Emphasized because they, in addition to Sadducees were revered as experts.

Which one? A moment. (Reading)
Yeah. For your sake I checked the Last Seder four times. Not in there.
The parable of twelve (?) virgins is about gathering measures of Grace. Referring to himself as bridegroom there and when comparing the apostles to the followers of John is borrowing a frame of reference from the Song of Songs.
So what are you referring to, in your own words? Please make it basic, as I've only read the song of songs as dramatic narrative.
(Oh, the passage itself)

Yeah. That's unrelated to the idea of Jesus being "figurative." In fact, it hinges on his very real presence. Because he is there, and celebrating, his followers celebrating with him was an act of worship itself.
(How does this relate to your argument even?)

Back to the original point of the topic, is there true morality in food?
Maybe in certain seafoods, harvested under cruel conditions?
I remember in another Apostlistic letter, the writer says not to allow another to judge you by what day you celebrate the Sabbath, or in extreme "reclining at the table of an idol."
So, I would call food a free choice. Do what your conscience finds agreeable.