Shooting in El Paso, Texas

Shooting in El Paso, Texas

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Pucs if the shooter from the Zig Forums thread

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Supposed manifesto and face of the shooter.
Or at least one of them. If the stories of multiple shooters are true, anyone have an ID on them yet?
Hopefully everything actually posts this time.

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Seems like they got him

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thanks cia glow in the dark niggers


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Watch the media spin this as anything other than a leftist.

GUYS! Chill out, he was just trying to end the AK vs AR debate :^)

what about 5.56 AKs, tho

I'm laughing.

Mongrel half breeds, or maybe also called ak-74

They're going to be selective and pin him as far right.

5.45 != 5.56
Not that the velocity dependency would matter in a case like this.

Galils are pretty shit AK's.

>(((NRA))) agrees that 2nd ammendment never covered weapons, but arms, as in the upper pair of limbs.

He didn't level up so good!

Bitch, please. We have nigerians, not somalis.

Nice try satan, but didn't USA import actual somalis into white states in central/eastern US?

when will gamers be stopped?

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Miss opportunities.

Right into Minnesota, ironically that state is filled with swedes.

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Figures lel. I made a video about that on my channel

Wtf I love Kanye West now

Where exactly was that manifesto posted? I've heard that it was posted in a deleted Zig Forums thread. Archive?

He was a leftists environmentalist that did it to save the trees. ((MSM)) having a harder time to spin it.

The gunman used 8M3 7.62x39mm, if any of you live in blue states and own anything that shoots 7.62x39 I suggest you buy it before it gets outlawed. its price may jump up as well

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It's interesting how every time a thread about a mass shooting pops up a bunch of mostly ignored or outright dead threads get bumped and the /tv/ nigger lolberg suddenly appears to "save the day"

More angry white incels shooters coming in the future so be well prepped for everything happenings. I don't what kind the next happening is.


I dunno.

idk wtf he means by that

I need a belt, I haven't buckled up yet

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But Strelok, why would you ever need deadly military-grade hollowpoint cases to hunt with? The founding fathers didn't have such advanced technologies and neither should you :))

Fuck off, fag.

When they inevitably pass total gun control and bombings start becoming a routine thing it will be glorious.
Especially since you can make bombs out of aluminum and rust, two of the most widely available substances on the planet.

What kind of bomb is that? O_o

I never heard of bombs made with those things, I only know about thermite.

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pssst… kid… you a fed?


Did you know you can use the internet to search for things?

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Only a lolberg could be this dumb. There wouldn't be any global south squatters to take anything. The social safety nets would be for white families.

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What did he mean by this?

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You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian.

Good question though, why does Jim still host this?

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We're attached to a jap board iirc.

What do you think chance that Walmart will go full retard on virtue signaling and ban the sales of guns in their stores? After all after Charlottesville they banned all rebel flag merchandise.

Fucking incels.

We still need a backup incase they shut it down.

If push comes to shove then Jim'll probably just shut Zig Forums down. Given the state of nu/pol/ this would not be a terrible loss.

makes sense

I miss nuchan.


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SG Ammo removed the TulAmmo 8M3 from their site.


Bare a few hours in and jews are already spamming false flags. Zig Forums is hopelessly lost and the mods allow it.

The mods aren't allowed to do anything. If they start trying to enforce any semblance of order, Chodnigger starts bitching at them and removes them if they keep going.

Source: I was a mod on Zig Forums.

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Fuck the kikemods, and no, I know they can ban shit, but they only ban shit they dislike.

Spammers? They leave it well alone.


Like I said, they get removed if they do their jobs.

Which isn't to say the mods aren't kikes. Anyone with the balls to dare trying to keep Zig Forums functional was removed long ago. The only ones left over are sycophants and cowards.

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Jews outnumber people on Zig Forums.

I have no problem if the mods are removed for being shit.

Read what I said. The shit mods are kept on. The good mods are removed.

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I don't remember a single good mod on Zig Forums that was removed.

One of them, ex-polvol2 i.e. jamal i.e. christcuck red text spammer, is still spamming on /pok/.

On one hand, that is the common end for many things that go into decline, be it central States or dying businesses, is the joint being completely taken over by politics and, as you say, sycophants and cowards.

On the other hand, it could be solid proof that Zig Forums is being subverted and sabotaged intentionally. Don't ban it, keep it running, just turn it into miserable shit not worth reading and posting in.

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Well, they succeed, Zig Forums is really fucking bad now with everyone D&C each other and nothing is being done.

so apparently some people are saying the manifesto is fake

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Hotwheels has a life? I figured he'd died by now. How long can a man trapped inside a genetically-failed fetal alcohol abortion of a body last?

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Pretty much, nightmare scenario for the feds is the userbase migrating to deepweb or p2p chans then becoming completely unable to pull or request logs then run moderate/shill/slide content.

Honestly at this point I think walmart will probably prohibit open carry in their stores.
I believe they already stopped selling autoloaders after Sandy Hook or some other shooting. After this they're probably just going to stop selling guns entirely like department stores did. The liability and legal trouble along with having a FFL is a total pain in the ass for small sales? They'd probably make more money turning the guns and ammo section into some kind of mini lover's package.


He converted over to the cross. Flips don't care what you are provided you have the money.

shut up you KIKE
are you implying that dewalt is in any way related to JEWS?


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White men use Milwaukee.

Remove Veronica

Zig Forums is messed up. They are actually fighting each other.

8/pol/ been a honey pot for years now. It just far less oblivious now. What worse many are falling for oblivious traps like white militias honeypot links threads.

Here's the pdf for whoever wants it.

Nu-Zig Forums is niggerpol.


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How do we stop them from dipping in the honeypots?


Well, it didn't jam when it is pointed at spics.

That's the whole point of a gun.

Realistically we can’t. We must avoid them ourselves it wasn’t an organic attacked. Manifesto screams pre-written how do you do fellow kids CIA niggery to pass leftists political policies. He probably an user who clicked on an FBI honeypot link.

Oh boy, you are still worrying about PR and "da gubermend might pass some evil laws so we shouldn't act up"?

Getting lucky doesn’t mean you know Jack shit. He was luckier than Randy stair. ( He also learned how to shoot from battlefield 3 and call of duty) As much as Anders Breivik was good at planning. He almost ruined his plans by swimming with his Ruger mini-15 unprotected because that’s what Task Force 141 did in modern warfare 2.


If they do that then they're going to completely destroy their business because it will piss off the only sort of people that actually regularly shop at walmart. Which would be great because fuck walmart.

Yes, if you ask the government nicely, they will stop sending in the immigrants and stop the money going to Israel/China/Africa/S. America.

Yeah, I don't think luck has anything to do with the AK not jamming.

To be honest slavshit does like to catch fire when you rapidly fire it. Nothing like the shellac finish melting onto your hand.
Mixing desert silt and water isn't the same mud found anywhere else if you can call it that.

Where can I buy assault ear muffs?

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Aksually, it's not an AK-47…

Correct, Strelok. It is an AR 15.

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It works for me, maybe the page just had too much traffic.

Don't any of you faggots ever let me catch you rapping like this.

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