So I just finished reading the entire Qur'an in the apparent chronological order that Muhammad is said to have received...

So I just finished reading the entire Qur'an in the apparent chronological order that Muhammad is said to have received the Surahs. You know, I was actually sort of open to this, to see what was inside and what message was being conveyed and what I should take away from it.

I have to say, it was a complete piece of shit. It was by far the most boring read I have ever done, and it was so repetitive and I just got the sense that the person who actually came up with this was mentally retarded. It was such a dog shit book. Why do Muslims even read it? Why do they even consider such a shitty work like this to be their scripture? I swear, it almost gave me an aneurysm it was so terrible. The conclusions I have to come to are:


Well, which one do you guys think it is?

Also, what's your impression of this book?

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Mohamed was illiterate retard that couldnt separate stories and fables from authentic scripture. Also he himself admitted that he was prone to possessions. And there's this gem:
If one doesnt realize after reading this that pisslam is a manmade religion by selfish pediphilic degenerate, who was coming up with asspulls to grant special privileges to himself, he is an utter moron.

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I know a former muslim Moroccan who converted.
Apparently in Arabic the whole book is a literary masterpiece in terms of poetry and writing (but it's not in chronological order).
He says that Mohammed had some top-tier Arabian poets and writers to make this.

Well, it has some basic stuff that's not bad, but a broken clock is right twice a day too.
Also, like points out it's pretty obvious that he was a Joseph Smith before his time.

Have you ever tried to have a theological or philosophical conversation with an Arab, user?

The Qur’an is like a bride.
Although you pull the veil away from her face,
she does not show herself to you.
When you investigate the Qur’an,
but receive no joy or mystical unveiling,
it is because your pulling at the veil
has caused you to be rejected.
The Qur’an has deceived you
and shown itself as ugly.

It says,
“I am not a beautiful bride.”
It is able to show itself in any form it desires.
But if you stop pulling at its veil and seek its good pleasure;
if you water its field, serve it from afar
and strive in that which pleases it,
then it will show you its face
without any need for you to draw aside its veil.
- Rumi

Muhammad was a nasty pedophile and the Quran is a shit winnie the pooh book. I stamp on it with my feet and rip it up and shit all over it. :)

Interesting to say the least.

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Its true tho

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I was referring to this part:

Such edge.

Saying its retarded shit means you're a brainlet with no insight. Sure its heretical and so forth, but so are many wise Greek writings.

Or…maybe its retarded shit. Like how it actually is.


No, its just quite obvious due to idiotic arrangement without chronological order, ruining literally every single Biblical and Talmudic story (story of Joseph is a real kicker), numerous vain repetitions, numerous degenerate laws, no literally value whatsoever (most popular """""""""""""quranic""""""""""""" quote is from the Talmud and always ripped out of context.). Numerous contradictions and outright retarded concepts, such as semen being created between ribcages. There is absolutely no epicness one sees in other books. There is no greatness you see in Psalms, there is no wonders that God describes in book of Job, there is no magnificence as in books of Prophets, there is no glory as in Gospels, there is no Morality as it is Epistles, there is no mystery as in Revelations, there is no fun as in deuterocanonical books. And in general, as Antony Garrard Newton Flew would say" Whereas markets can be found for books on reading the Bible as literature, to read the Qur'an is a penance rather than a pleasure." Its a dull, shitty book and full of verses that Mohamed used to further his interests (including verse I quoted, also verse that permited him and only him to have more than 4 wives).
Lastly, I advise you to stop defending this retarded book, considering that even Muslims admit that information there is not enough. While there are certain commentaries needed for some obscure old testament laws to educate people about specifics of ancient societies and old days near east, Bible is largely self sufficient and context is ALWAYS present in the text, while Quran cannot be understood without Ahadith and oh boy it has numerous fun stuff, like Aisha scrubbing Mohameds semen before he goes to prayer, extermination of black dogs because they are of satan, breaking treaties with Meccans and not returning their women and so on and so forth.
So yes. Quran is shit and has no literal value.

Ever try arguing with a KJV Baptist? Same thing as arguing with an Arab, they are argue by the same metrics: so and so says this, so this is true, even if it's not.

the issue with the former is that they completely disregard prior teaching/tradition on the matter, while the latter is based on fan-fiction


Never ever say this! "Allah" is not a name, it is an Arabic word that simply means "God". The word "Allah" is not reserved to the Muslims, the Arabic Christians also use this word.

"Ilah" is Arabic for "God"
"Allah" is shortening for "Al-Ilah" "the God", specifically, Muslim version of "God".

The Name "Allaah" can be translated as 'God' for new Muslims who do not know Arabic language, just as we translate for them the meanings of the Quran and Ahadeeth in order to teach them the religion of Islam.

As for translating the name "Allaah" with 'God' while translating the meaning of the Quran or Hadeeth or books of Islamic knowledge, we do not think that this is permissible. Rather, it is an obligation to leave the name of Allaah in its original form as it is pronounced "Allaah". This is because, the name Allaah is the proper name of our Lord, Allaah. Besides, the Name Allaah demonstrates all His other Beautiful Names. Allaah Says (what means): {And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allaah, so call on Him by them, and leave the company of those who belie or deny (or utter impious speech against) His Names. They will be requited for what they used to do.}[Quran 7:180].

Moreover, the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) said: "Indeed, Allaah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one; and he who memorizes them all by heart (and acts upon their implications) will enter Paradise." [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

The name "Allaah" is different from the word "God" which only means a deity and does not in any way indicate deeming Allaah far from being likened to false deities that are worshipped besides Him. The proper meaning of Laa Ilaaha Illa Allaah, is: "There is no deity worthy of being worshipped except Allaah".

Allaah Knows best.

Allah is the proper name for their god, and it should not be translated. You can't find any respected translation that translates Allah as simply God. Just like the proper name of the christian god isn't "God" or "Deus" or "Deo". The proper name for our god could be YHWH or Jesus.

Similarly the proper name for the islamic god is Allah. If i start a new cult, and I say the name of my god is "Tuhan". Are you going to say oh no don't say that Tuhan is stupid, Tuhan just means God in Malay? Pagans call their gods god as well.


Well, Satan was the one giving Muhammad his inspiration, so…

I mean, believe in whatever religion you want, but those that say christians muslims and jews believe in the same god should present a VERY convincing theory that somehow explains all the evidence to the contrary.

Uh i forgot

Islam doesn't believe in original sin because, as they say, God forgave Adam.

No, we believe that our current state is fallen one and not natural.
Also, regarding sin, theres an intriguing part: Allah wanted humans to sin so that he could forgive them, to exercise his mercy. And he said that he would've smithed Adam, had he not sinned

I believe it's a bit of a mixture. I believe that Muhammad did initially receive revelation, but from Satan, not God. In fact, he initially thought it was a demon speaking to him and wanted to kill himself. But eventually it convinced him that it was actual Gabriel. I believe that Satan led him on to believe he was a Greta prophet and the retard kept the ba rolling because he was gaining so much from this whole prophet gig, which is where we get hilarious verses like Surah 33:53

If you want to know really what was going on, I don't think it was a demon either. The person who started and gave most of the Quran in my theory and at least another Arab Christian who has studied this is a lot is Waraqa bin naufal - supposedly the cousin twice removed of Mohammed.

It's Waraqa who first told Mohammed that the voice that he heard and the squeezing etc was Namus (the law, meaning gabriel), which makes it even more ridiculous - you don't know who it is and the cousin of your cousin of your cousin has to tell you who it is, and supposedly YOU are the prophet?

According to the hadith, Waraqa would copy/translate the gospels into arabic (also another reason why the claim that the gospel was missing/corrupt as muslims say is nonsense, because then why didn't mohammed tell waraqa what he was copying was fabricated) and was probably a gnostic/nestorian christian (known as nasara - a term never used by arabic christians).

It's commonly held that most of the Quranic revelations (up until Waraqa died) was from him. Mohammed also was so sad when Waraqa died he also wanted to kill himself. Now the real thing is that it's likely that Waraqa was actually Mohammed's father - but i'll get into that later.

I think the most likely thing is that mohammed was an abused child and developed epilepsy. Waraqa seized this opportunity to create this idea of him getting revelations. They were heavily plagiarized (the Quran even reports that people were accusing him of plagiarism) and as time went on they were increasingly simply to suit the whim and fancy of Mohammed (attested by aisha herself) example here:

I felt jealous of the women who offered themselves to Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) and said: Then when Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, revealed this:" You may defer any one of them you wish, and take to yourself any you wish; and if you desire any you have set aside (no sin is chargeable to you)" (xxxiii. 51), I ('A'isha.) said: It seems to me that your Lord hastens to satisfy your desire.

Aisha was jealous that other women were offering themselves to Mohammed, then Allah comes with a revelation (oh nice!) - You can take any woman you desire, and reject who you desire too (if they are ugly) hahah. and what does Aisha reply?

I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires.

Even she realized what the jig was, that this dude was making shit up from his so called god Allah (the delivery boy of Mohammed). It's why she also the moment Mohammed died sought to gain power and control and fought a huge battle against Ali. She knew this was a scam.

I mean he's not really all that subtle about it. 90% of his "revelations" come at a time when it's directly relevant to something Mohammad wants and the revelation always is "Allah says give Mohammad what he wants". It honestly baffles me that anyone can read the Quran and not realize that Mohammad was a self serving fraud. Jesus emptied himself out for others, Mohammad used the faith of his followers to enrich himself and winnie the pooh women.

What i always found odd is that all the major quranic prophecies of Mohamed are either about violent conquests, or people dying.
The only parts that are an exceptions are those 2 alleged miracles where he made water flow until everyone did their ritual bath, and the same bit with food, when people were starving(think our miracle with bread and fish)
Its like he bonded with Baron Samedi, not Gabriel.

And yet, they have the concept of Immaculate Conception.

Reading the intro he's already completely wrong. A Biblical prophet is not necessarily someone who predicts future events. A prophet acts as a messenger of God, telling people what his will is. A lot of the prophets in the Bible didn't really make any specific predictions about future events, rather they warned Israel that if they didn't repent and turn back to God they would be punished.

To "prophecy" in biblical terms is to speak the will of God, not predict the future.

I kind of agree with

I think Muhammad was just a messed up guy all around and probably had some kind of mental disorder that made him act out in strange ways.

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The (you) ruins your meme. A bunch of Muslims false flagging as Christians argue with Christians? Wow, imagine my shock


It's very confused book

Most people who aren't indoctrinated by people using the "religion of the world" instead of "the religion of God" see it's just utter ramblings from a madman who wanted to save his people's way of living.

Back in time before that ehen the peoples began distancing themselves from nature around them, they distanced themselves from God . The cult of the Ego, or disconnection, if you will, began actualizing the bad behaviours of people abusing the good and kind human nature we're born out of, and thus began the corruption of earth and seed.

The Jews have roots to the more aggressive subspecies, the Neanderthals, and just look at what happened to the Abbos. Another race that have big percentages of neanderthal genes in them. They started the second-born ritual killing and ritualistic rape, like the Jews have done in Babylon with Moloch, and they have degenerated to the point where they forgot how to make fire before the Cro-magnons came.

Without the parasitic bahavious in the Ashkenazim the satanic church/occult black magic, wouldn't have been institutionalized. Christianity came as a counter-movement to this.

And Islam came as a counter-movement to Christianity. The Hindus always worked with the neutral workings of cosmic energies, saying nothing is worth judgement from man, but still lack a focus back to the Source of all things, God, to truly make it a force of creation, which inheriently is nature itself - in Chinese - that which comes by its own. Even a lot of buddhists say living is pure suffering. They haven't nessecarily seen how only serving the source can bring us back on track.

Christianity brought Jesus, the spiritual front figure to die and walk again among us, to lead us back to our father and creator to heal us and make us whole again because we strayed from our path along with the virgin Mary to love us unconditionally and nature us back to health.

Islam is litterally a winnie the poohed up repercussion of this spiritual awakening by maddened desert thieves and warlike entities. It's just a tool for people to enslave women and bring people into trances of war.

Even so, in times of peace and prosperity even nations ruled by Islam have brought people back to God. The Sufis, for instance, got back to the roots again.

Godspeed, anons.

Picture not related, but have a look at Israel's first lady in her smirkest of smirks.

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We should keep this informations.
We need to know the enemy to better criticize it.


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I got the impression that Allah was what Mo had to invoke every time he painted himself into a corner, which was pretty damn often.

Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the quran.

That's not Mohammad. That's Ali, the first caliph.

You know what? You’re actually right.
I’ve been trying to speak some sense into my Muslim friends and show them that Islam is a huge steaming pile of shit but it’s actyally scary how mindlessly indoctrinated they have been from a young age, they’re literally brainwashed to be drones spouting the same shit over and over again without knowing what it means. Islam is truly the work of the devil. I mean these Muslims today would have been Christians if Satan didn’t install this idiot mohammad to mislead half the population.

solid thread actually. op was not a total faggot.

Muhammed never existed in the first place. He's a legendary figure with less actual historical references to back his existence up than Jesus himself.

The whole of Islam is a clusterwinnie the poohed amalgamation of judaism and Christendom that various arab warlords mashed together in the 640's to 700's to give themselves legitimacy via conveying the "word of the prophet" after they surprised themselves and the rest of the world by conquering Egypt, the Levant, and the entire Persian empire in about 20 years.

did the vatican spawn it to prevent the spreading of the gospel?

Jack Chick, pls stay dead

You know what? You’re actually right.
I’ve been trying to speak some sense into my Christian friends and show them that Christianity is a huge steaming pile of shit but it’s actyally scary how mindlessly indoctrinated they have been from a young age, they’re literally brainwashed to be drones spouting the same shit over and over again without knowing what it means. Christianity is truly the work of the devil. I mean these Christianss today would have been Muslim if Satan didn’t install this idiot Paul to mislead half the population.


without the bible you have no frame of reference for identifying good or bad.

Good joke, man.

To understand more about the nature of Quran you should check the history of ancient Arabic poetry.
As an ex-muslim Quran didnt make any sense or didnt even sparkle any form of literary beauty to me.
Remember the most miraculous claim of Islam is that the Quran being the perfect poetry and Muhammad was an illiterate man.
The reason is simple. It only rhymes in Arabic. And no you can not translate it to English with an English understanding of poetry to make it rhyme because that would need manipulating and changing the words of Allah.
For the pre-islamic timeline of Arabia, poetry and poets were an important part of their culture. They used to have stone rostrums in all town/city/village centers thoughout the Arabia for poets to perform. Even pre-islamic christians and jews used those places to preach people.
Also remember Muhammad was a merchant, a whealthy man with a couple caravans travelling all across middle east. Some scholars even claim Muhammad visited trading city state Miletos.
Of course that much of information and poetry would inspire someone.
If you search for the early years of Muhammad as a prophet you'll find out all the other religious figures of pre-islamic era calling him out as Muhammad is all ears
One last important thing is, first 21 sahabah (disciples) of him were all poets. Which means when Muhammad reveals a word by Allah, all his disciples were recording it in a poetric way. Because Muhammad was illiterate.

In other words

Shiggy diggy