Brit/pol/ #2228: Jerry-Free Edition

Brexit News for Thursday 22 March

Post-Brexit Brit passports ‘to be made in France’

Danish fisherman claims UK will never regain control of waters

Met Police sorry for officers' selfie at murder scene in Stratford

Police taking days to respond to 999 calls as budget cuts bite

Police watchdog launches probe after armed officers shot at suspect 13 times

Millionaire Harriet Harman says men should sit out next Labour leadership contest so Jeremy Corbyn is succeeded by a woman

Policeman discharged from hospital after Salisbury attack

Labour councillor embroiled in racism row 'chased a six-year-old Muslim girl with an air freshener, told her she smelled like curry and called her a chocolate monkey'

South Africa could face food shortages if white farmers are allowed to migrate to Australia says MP

First picture of 'Iraqi asylum seeker who attacked Britain First leader in prison leaving him with broken nose'

Zuckerberg 'weally sowwy' for Facebook's 'major breach of trust' over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Labour-Run Council Donated Money to Anti-Fascist Group

Great Northern March

[Cheddaring Intensifies]

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Have you gone full penis neck mode?

*neutralises (You)*

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Goode ladde

Nth for DUCE

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Join the army and steal guns and bombs

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for the senior service

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6929d1 is a spy tbh

truly ourlad

why were his planes thicc tho?

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fat like the fat cunt who sent them to kill British soldiers

italian planes were supposedly quite good but they lacked industry to mass produce them and got btfo as usual

Has Question Time started yet?

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And if the current state changes and nationalist ideas become more desirable to the public it'll mean nothing if there's no party and good people to channel it into, tbh.

In about an hour 20.

fat like the fat cunt who got us into a pointless war?

They've never won a war by themselves, the only times they were on the winning side they lost on their front

would love to see this irl

thin like that thin cunt who dresses up in maid outfits

the name of our country is italian lmao

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Skinny twinks out

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UK parties poised to gain data powers to work out how people are likely to vote, despite the Cambridge Analytica scandal
>Legislation set to clear Parliament within weeks will allow the profiling of voters to help infer their political opinions
>Organisations outside of the main political parties will be barred from collating voting data in this way.

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Yup they were good combination of maneuverability and energy retention
Part of the influence of fascism was Futurism which placed an emphasis on speed. Italians put a lot of time and money into aircraft research because of the futurist influence

I still can't get over the fact that this picture exists tbh

would love to see it firing live rounds at parliament tbh

the only good guys in WW2 were the poor British lads who had to fight a fat cunt's war

Fig forgot pic

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is the fat people question the ultimate redpill?

I'm surprised that her timbers can still withstand even rolling fire. Proud tbh


Corr imagine it up Thames, blowing the shit out of all the traitors and invaders

pretty much, its up there with the mentally ill question


It's greek anyway lad

were you not here for the sealposting, lad?

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I really liked this plane in War Thunder


I've found my new avatar

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They would have had a good chance in the Mediterranean if the krauts haven't sucked up all the fucking oil all I'm on the eastern Front

Yes lad

Just imprison all the politicians and have them break stone
They are like middlemen who don't need to be there
We decide what we want via internet
Civil servants implement it. If they refuse we hang them

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War Thunder is a cracking game tbh

They were getting btfo at the start of the war in northern italy until the German arrives, and in ethiopia several hundred thousand italian troops were captured by british soldiers

Not played vidya in like a year tbh
can't bring myself to ever play it again tbh

The British captured some after the Italian surrender that the guy that flew it said it was one of the best aircraft he'd used so far


This man slap your girlfriend's ass and marches on Rome, what do?

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Haven't played that since 2016 tbh, have they fixed the balance issues?

You wot lad? you seem mentally ill

I only go on it in the evenings tbh


Defeat his armies, bomb his cities, and rape his women.


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Challenges him to a sword duel

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I'm moving back to Wales soon, feels good man.

We need Welsh county flags tbh.

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Lad he's not German he's from a superior Italian/semtic stock

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offer him a spiicia meatball

Err you mean North Africa?
Tbh that was because the Italians never had a capability to defeat armour at a tactical level.
They did very well in Infantry engagements when armour was not involved

Italians and Hungarians are the only Euros I like tbh

Probably won't go back then tbh, I remember it getting very grindy too as well

Looks like the Lon Chaney sr. Phantom of the Opera

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touch his spaghet

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Just a flesh wound XDDDDDDDDDD you get it? Monty Python and all.

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How do I run in winter? Is it possible?

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What do you like about them lad?

Yeah its a full on grind late game
I mostly fly tier 2 planes anyways, its a good pvp game

Communists did this

>>>Zig Forums

I dont love Hitler, I think he was alright though

lad… your joints…

The things I'd do to that cripple

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knelt down today and my knee felt well fucked rip

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there's more of us than you and we're too handicapped to be afraid of daftys

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you retard
rucking does cardio and builds muscle, running JUST's your joints

w e l c o m e t o t h e c l u b


stop sucking cock then

US have said EU is exempt from the trade war…

ah lad you're freaking me out

top kek tbh

Strange that the armed forces does running as an entry requirement rather than rucking tbh


They did terribly in Ethiopia as I've mentioned and in Greece. And in France a tiny number of French soldiers was able to hold back the entire Italian advance

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Lad drink more milk, even SA has a better knee than you.

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REEEEEEEE, they're like children

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I guess you need to be able to run in battle


what are you doing lad

There's only one solution

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Phoar that building, post more.

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Ah the blob of jelly

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