Brit/pol/ #2230: Charles Uprising Edition

The row with the Queen that led Charles to demand she ask her favourite courtier to resign - as tensions between the Prince and his parents grew over the future of the monarchy

Brexit News for Friday 23rd March

Scottish Police Slammed for Threatening to Track Down Anonymous Twitter Users

Populist Wilders Hails 'Success' in Dutch Local Elections

Bomb disposal squad blow up suspicious package found outside the Gherkin building in London

Superpower 2020

Met Police sorry for officers' selfie at murder scene in Stratford

Millionaire Harriet Harman says men should sit out next Labour leadership contest so Jeremy Corbyn is succeeded by a woman

Policeman discharged from hospital after Salisbury attack

ISIS claims responsibility for hostage-taking in French city of Trebes


The latest victim of London's crime epidemic: Student, 23, who was shot AND stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack was in 'the wrong place at the wrong time'

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Who /hype/ here?

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Nth for


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Destiny is a nonce kek

Wasn't he making a huge deal about JF's autistic "mind of a twelve year old" girlfriend too?

happening in France

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The attack is hours off tbh, should've happened yesterday.

Cant find any links. what's the scoop?

In the OP lad

ISIS claims responsibility for hostage-taking in French city of Trebes

Fucking far-right christian radical white men smh…

It's kind of fascinating how that works.

too cold for sandpeople otherwise

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do you actually go to cinemas in London?

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Can one of you pick Hibana instead of Fuze for this hostage rescue lads? Thanks.

There's one near me that's £6 for a ticket during the day and I have the theatre to myself tbh

kek my mistake, should've voted for brekshit or ledrumpf

I would have lad but details were only just coming through when I posted it.

hey SA watch this

It's amazing how they'll do everything in their power to deny being wrong.

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okay why

your welcome


*rides up next to thicc*

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Is it moral by their views to opt to kill Trump rather than end world poverty?

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I think they believe those two are mutually inclusive.

Of course they are only half wrong. The way to end poverty is kill everybody.

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Getting odd looks on the train, is it really that autistic to read Mosley?


Depends on whether or not you're throeing up roman salutes every time you turn the page

Haven't started that yet.

Right. How silly of me. He's the dragon guarding all of the world's stolen wealth. Of course.

One dead already apparently

You're only as poor as you feel. Everything is relative, after all.

Anyone else completely indifferent about the France attack? I honestly could not give a toss tbh

Yes, read Game of Thrones or something from the Star Wars expanded universe next time you freak or we'll have to revoke your book reading licence for dabbling in explicitly illegal materials.


I feel that way after the bataclans attack


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the poor you will always have with you

Thrawn was breddi gud tbh

'I didn’t fight against French Algeria to accept an Algerian France': Bridgitte Bardot slams modern-day France
Only acceptable waifu tbh

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This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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She will hang too

Go on then poo flag, enlighten us

Prof blasts 'toxic meritocracy' of 'competitive' video games

Everyone in academia gets the rope.

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Ah. The new Millennial Woes manikins are in.

honestly shit like this sends me into a rage, she helped cause it and now doesn't like what she see but it totally has nothing to do with scum like her teeeeeeeee heeeeeeeee

Didn't he just tacitly acknowledge that men are superior to women by saying that?

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I kind of want to see them outright outlaw competition. Just to see what would happen. Illegal underground games clubs where we gather to play illegal Scrabble sounds pretty cosy too.

Take it to court lad.

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Oi, you best have the Arabic translation printed on each of the pieces

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>tfw me and the Slav he is also 6'3" right? fight for money and glory

Got a link to that?

umm akshulee it's the overrepresentation of white males in the community that overshadows the ability of women by forcing a patriarchal mindset of control and allowing toxic behaviour to grow which keeps women of greater ability from becoming a part of it.

In the OP

el em ay oh

Fucking hell, still reckon I could take him if he is that tallmost of that height tend to be disabled

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Same here and I don't like it, the worst thing that could happen is that this becomes the new normal

9/10 tbh, maybe even better than BNW

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I know lad, it's despicable how easily terrorism has become normalised.

rip in piece

It's been the new normal for a while.

They're popping up like daisies.

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Is this one also done by Druids?

They just need to follow the golden rule of British nationalist podcasting never invite on Jez Turner


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this tbh

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we need to stop the alt-right infiltraiton of reddit tbh lads

Not quite, it's still generated a certain amount of shock and outrage

Bit late lad

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I'm beyond it. A few years ago I would have been watching the Zig Forums happening threads like a hawk. I just shrug and move on now. This is what happens now, and it's going to keep happening until things change.

I only use reddit to browse interracial porn anyway so leftards triggered and BTFO epic style.

Not even close to what it used to, think back to 9/11 and the shock/horror.
Yes, it was a much bigger incident, but even the attacks after that generated a lot of outrage, nowadays people seem to shrug it off. If I were to talk to someone about it there'd be "oh for fuck sake" and some general grumbling, but it'd end at that.

It was big but it also had major media coverage. Now terror attacks just get swept under the rug.

There's some truth to that. The media programs the reaction to a large degree. Everyone forgets about these attacks a day later, but Grenfell Tower is the new holocaust.

The only people who even acknowledge Grenfell are the BBC and inner-city foreigners lad.

Do people actually give a shit about grenfell? I don't know of anyone who gives a toss about it.

My sister virtue signals about it. Art student.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the Frog shit was a false flag in order to strike-break tbh.

This Russia shit is simply infuriating.

I know lad stupid bots making us aware of the rape of young children at the hands of foreign invaders smh it's like they don't want us to have our multicultural paradise and for that we should nuke them

"EU allies" is rather telling.

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So this Russian bullshit is at least partially about raising up an enemy that we need to unite (under the auspices of the EU) to (((defend ourselves))) from.

Isn't it great how you can just attach "toxic" to things and make them sound evil.
Toxic virtue
Toxic charity
Toxic love
Toxic peace
Toxic productivity
Toxic genius
Toxic altruism
Toxic reason

Reminds me of that story about a bloke in Canada who died and left his estate to fund scholarships for poor students of British and French ethnic origins. It got shut down by the government.

Toxic toxicity

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Many of their words are like that, it's to pad out a statement to make themselves sound smarter.