Brit/pol/ #2231: Frog Happening Edition

Brexit News for Friday 23rd March

Only a Small Majority of 22% of Britons Want to Stop Brexit

Islamist supermarket shooter was petty criminal known to French police

Cambridge Analytica offices searched over data storage

Moped gang try to steal BBC Boat Race cameras from Putney Bridge and Barnes Bridge

Bomb disposal squad blow up suspicious package found outside the Gherkin building in London

Russian spy: Inside UK lab that identified nerve agent

Scottish Police Slammed for Threatening to Track Down Anonymous Twitter Users

Way to beat far right is to engage – and expose their dangerous views

Grandad devastated after photo used for 'vile' racist social media account

Parsons Green tube bomber Ahmed Hassan jailed for life

Glasgow fire: Fire chief says job will take 'as long as it takes' after massive blaze

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It would be really, really funny if america ended up with worse gun laws than ours tbh

Good lad. Any Edition with one of my OC in the OP is 10/10 imo

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we can own tanks

I guess we should overthrow the government then!!!

i was just about to post the thread I made too smh

Kill the police tbh

probably his cousin

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That would be great tbqh, 2 sides of the same coin, hate both

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Where have MI5 reassigned him to now? Is he infiltrating ISIS?

I think he's just a hippy now



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Trump is the president he should be able to set aside as much funding for the wall as he pleases without having to give way to democrats in Congress
reckon its real lads?

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most of small town UK is in a bad way, the main exceptions being touristy hotspots and retreats for the wealthy.


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I'm moving back tbh, My grandparents moved to England.

wd our eyes mean by this?

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He should be reprimanded for watching videos by known white supremacist ben shapiro

Smh disgusting

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where's this from

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Nec ydw, you filthy Saesneg.

spoiler that shit lads

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Good lad.

Unironically hid the thumbnail tbh.

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Saxons have forever been depicted as having brown hair and blue eyes you damn norman.


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did you not read my post lad

Disregard I misread yours

Sounds pretty norman to me :^)

*peacefully trades towards you*

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*doesn't pay danegeld*

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>SA will always have poo eyes and a twink nose

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Can I put it in?

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What a good feel tbh

I'd rather be poor than a hyper-globalised rootless Hebrew enclave tbh.

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People do poke things through there. You could try

Look at your hand, lad

El Goblino del las Americas

Wonder if he was always crazy. He looked more sane back then.

agreed tbh

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how did they describe the anger about Telford?

>implying South Wales isn't both


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I hope nobody ITT is being mean to 22st

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nth for the Victorian era

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*bans him*

Lads would you rather live through our current time or the Black Death tbh

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would be more likely to die during the black death I guess smh

Thanks, lad. I'm fine. Leaving for work soon tbh

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black death in current yar would be pretty comfy right about now

These attacks are purely used to denigrate the self-sustained LOCAL communities and pressure them into expanding and destroying any cohesion they have.

The Victorians were peak of British society tbh
we're so primitive in comparison



what's the difference?

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Wasn't there an outbreak in Dec-Jan that was swept under the carpet,

in madagascar iirc - pretty isolated

Yeah in Madagascar, the wogs were digging up their dead relatives and dancing with them, some of the corpses were plagued.

Another interesting Sunday coming up at Speaker's Corner

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A phew, glad you're okay. I guess there is no FF today then? Ah well…

Good luck at work.

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So brave.

didn't see the new bread


have you got the BIG HENRY pepe with the monk and jester outside the tudor building?


stfu you worthless nigger

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we had our first mixed race and first foreign MP under the victorians


Black death has the advantage that you know how it panned out. Present times could lead us to a worse outcome.

I wish that were me smh

the English race's best days are behind us smh

yeah it'll have to be film Saturday for me to be able to attend smh. Don't even have any films tbh

I don't lad, have some comfy to make up for it

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we will have a new nationalist government that will unite the anglosphere diaspora and become the no.1 world superpower tbh


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why were they so swarthy

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Oh fuck lads my sides

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