God created man in his image. I highly doubt God looks anything like a tigger. tiggers thus are not the children of God, but must be the spawn of satan. What does the bible say about this?

I am interested in turning to Christianity, but I will not do so if accepting these subhumans as my "brothers and sisters" is a requirement.

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1 John 2:7-11:

Any believer is your brother or sister. Romans had to take communion with their slaves. It really freaked them out too.

Revelations 7:9

One of the prophets and teachers of the Church of Antioch in the 1st century was Simeon, nicknamed Niger. I'll let you guess why.
One of the people evangelized by the apostles was an Ethiopian.
Throughout the history of the Church, we've had black saints, such as St Moses the Black.
And today, Christianity thrives in Africa - Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant.
Unsurprisingly, most people belonging to the Ethiopian and Eritrean Tewahedo Orthodox Churches are, you guessed it, black.

I'm sorry, but Christianity asserts that all human beings are made in the image of God, regardless of race. Take it or leave it. I obviously suggest you take it, both because it is the truth and because you must look for the truth, not for what fits your preconceived notions.

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I'll also address something you've said.
In a primary sense, we are all children of God, in that we carry His image and our ultimate purpose is to be His children in Christ.
In a secondary sense, those who are children of God are those who are in a state of grace, and those who are children of the devil are those who are in a state of sin. We sadly tend to alternate, although things will be made final at the last judgment.
As you can see, biological race is not involved in this.

Thanks everyone for your help. Christian doctrine won't work for me. Perhaps I'll consider esoteric Hitlerism instead.

Won't cleanse your sins though

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Christian doctrine doesn't "work" for anyone. Come as you are, expect to be changed.
Do not stray away from the truth because you are too childish and cowardly to let your behavior be corrected by our Lord. There is only the weeping and the gnashing of teeth outside the Church.

Nowhere does the Bible say anything that walks and talks is human.

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I believe God's greatest creation is the Aryan man. I cannot abide to defile it by joining a community that promotes false notions of equality amongst the races.

You believe wrong. God's greatest creation is mankind, which has collectively fallen with Adam and is collectively rescued in Christ. This is what the Bible teaches, and tradition has proven by far that race does not affect sainthood.
Again, do not try to find a religion that fits your preconceived beliefs. Nobody becomes a Christian and does not change.

Kinism is heresy OP.

user, I hate to burst your bubble but saints are disproportionately white. Facts don’t care about your feelings and neither does the Holy Spirit.



You're not bursting my bubble by pointing this out. I never said that most saints were not white. However, to say that a black person cannot be a saint is objectively incorrect.

Why so aggressive? Aren't you the one acting emotional here?

Blame the christcuck board owner:

I accept that they're Christians, but I'm not letting them into my country, spending time with them or letting their kids play with my kids.

Are you a masochist? Why are you even here?

My name is legion, for we are many.

You can accept them as spiritual brothers and sisters without being physically near them.

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name a more based board owner protip you can't

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Why search for religion if you already have an idol (race) to worship?
It's almost as if this is just babby's first time trolling Zig Forums.

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