Brit/pol/ #2232: The Utter State of Remain Edition



Brexit News for Saturday 24th March

BBC Describes Refugee Terror Bomber from Iraq as ‘Surrey Teenager’ – Again

Saxony, Germany, wants separate trade deal with the Midlands after Brexit

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bog trotter tier post.

Gonna need to nick a lot more cows before you can be crowned king of Ireland lad, better get to it.

gud edishun lod

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isn't wreaking something good in today's yoof slang

I'm enjoying these remainoid pictures

what a bunch of filthy scrubbers

just proves how out of touch they are tbqh

Why are the FLA talking about the Birmingham Bombings ,which happened back in the 1970s?

I thought they were supposed to be about being against Islamic Terrorism?

aw suck a lovely video


football makes me cringe so hard

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To prove they aren't racists

I assume that's a cross between "unity" and "eunuch"

Probably true tbh

You can never prove you aren't racists


A French policeman who took the place of a hostage during a terror attack at a supermarket has died of his injuries.


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Dis govermun is bang arht of order innit, dey can't keep callin us natzis and that, we won JUSTICE for da twenti won!

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F. Sounds like a good lad

Imagine harnessing that energy

i no mate it's madness i'm no extremist but am considering voting UKIP at the next elections m8 the foreigners are getting out of hand not racist btw my wife's son is black

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That's what the FLA are doing, harnessing that energy and leading it down dead end roads

At least they are encouraging people to get behind UKIP, that's

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smh spied mid post

the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) got me

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And you fuckers have the gall to put "the Utter State of Remain Edition" In your fucking thread title, circle jerking about how ugly you find these people without talking about anything of substance or organizing anything or actually doing anything.

There's a reason why it's just you retards, sitting in the same cycle thread for years now, nobody new ever joins, it's just your unfunny in jokes and your pretense of community that doesn't fucking exist.

you guys lost MoonLad, the only person who browsed /britpol/ and actually ever accomplished anything by making songs and playing guitar, and he quit because he thought what you guys are doing here is fucking gay and unhelpful, he deleted everything he's ever uploaded because he didn't want to be associated with this nonredeemable trash pile.
The only person to display real world value in your "community" abandoned you.

I'm not going to be monitoring this post, you can mock me for living in sussex (i was born in slough) all you fucking want, call me achmed, whatever.
Just letting you shitters know why nobody ever comes here for anything other than watching the trainwreck or to shitpost.

Pictures like pic related, maintaining a delusion that it's all going to be fine in just a few years time and everything is going to be exactly how you want it, are one of the most harmful and damaging things a human can consume.

Sure some of you are aware that "it's just banter", but i bet an even larger part actually believes the shit you post here.

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t. MoonLad- No, wait, MoonLad isn't as much of a faggot as you nevermind.

what do you think people should be doing better?

who is moonlad anyway? is that guitarlad?

I'd like to know this as well.

fucking stupid thing to do tbh

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I never even heard these songs

were they good?

You're completely right when it comes to the EU tbh lad. This is why I fully endorse any means necessary to destroy the economy as it stands, to provoke structural change in the body-politic.

like what?

he's got an effeminate voice, but they were a laff

Good speaker, shame he's a pies

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Only contribute to the LOCAL economy, insulate oneself against debt, stop consuming in general tbh.

hope you've been watching lads, last 2 speakers were pretty spicy

He was being a hero lad.

This poster is not even English

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I've been enjoying it so far



Fuck is schizo back?

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Well go on then lad revive the luddite movement.

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FLA end their rousing islamophobic, xenophobic rally with some civic multicultural dancing

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I'm doing my part lad.

choose your fighter

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Happy Larry tbh

slinky willy

He may be skinny, but I bet he's quick with a knife

bum eye jeff, he has a wider field of view

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I take that back, I choose Civic Salim

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dont fuck with the ghurkas lad

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Looks like the FLA really BTFO'd Joe today

Daftyism gets results

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Ghurkas are bro tier tbh

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They are mercenaries who feel entitled tbh

Holy shit! There are literally dozens people people protesting against Brexit!


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Enoch is so aesthetic

This tbh. Worst thing about imperialism is all the civic shit that goes along with it based Chamberlain had the right idea tbh

Id rather pop a flashbang and shoot the fucker. you know these guys are gonna kill hostage no matter what, just storm the fucking place.

t. CS:GO player

22st translation: I fancy Enoch lads

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Happy Larry he's your man
If he can't beat them noone can

slinky willy, lean and quick
hell stab you with his pointy stick

bum eye jeff has seen it all
from left to right he's no man's fool

be afraid of civic salim
kebab can't lay a hand on him

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smh, lad

Lmao fucking spastics, makes me reeee that they've named it like a pro-life march

don't listen to the bullies boss

let my guard down because it's weekend smh. Thanks, lad

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is this guy a literal fucking retard?

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it's a close enough rhyme if you speak English properly and not with some pleb regional accent

still can't believe his colossal self own

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who did what?


Are you backward or something?

bum eye jeff has seen it all
from left to right he watches pakis fall

who /noblehairline/ here?

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that doesn't scan, but whatever

Found a picture of him writing his rhymes

you're backwards

Found a picture of him writing his rhymes down

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I take that as a yes.

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Who /notbalding/ here?

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unironiclly "all" and "fool" rhyme if you put a paki accent on


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so you admit you're backwards then

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Trump just signed a bill that goes back on all his campaign promises, increases immigration, massively increases military spending and has specific clauses saying there won't be funding for a border wall. A bill he complained about being too long to read and that he didn't want to sign, but signed anyway because he wanted to go on holiday at the weekend. A bill that gives 6000% the funding necessary for a wall to build infrastructure in the city of one of his major opponents, and 300% the funding needed for the wall to Israel. The bill was written by his political opponents. Oh, and after all of this, he goes on twitter and starts tweeting leftist talking points about how the state needs to ban more guns. Haha I will be the best President for the 2nd Amendment you will ever see! Rofl actually I'm going to pass even more anti-gun legislation 8d Chess haha!

America within a generation will be South Africa. In the 2018 midterms there will be no energising the Republican base, Democrats will sweep in and impeachment proceedings will begin almost immediately. The 2nd half of the Trump presidency will be paralysed if not prematurely ended. Take out Trump take out Pence, Pelosi steps up, the borders are opened spending goes nuts, and a once great country will be buried. America has reached the natural Imperial lifespan of around 250 years and will die within our lifetimes.

Wouldn't be surprised if some of his own supporters shoot him at a rally and kill him for this unheard of betrayal.

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Thanks for proving English isn't your first language lad.

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You lads been following the Corbyn Jew mural story? Its fucking amazing.

Artist depicts NWO style bankers screwing the rest of the world, Jews demand it be pulled down because it is "anti-semitic". Corbyn implicated, now the Jewish wing of the Labour party are trying to bring him down.