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Brexit News for Saturday 24th March

BBC Describes Refugee Terror Bomber from Iraq as ‘Surrey Teenager’ – Again

Saxony, Germany, wants separate trade deal with the Midlands after Brexit

Gay paki whistleblower tells us what it means to be British

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It's a saturday night
and here we all are

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xth for the saviour of Britain

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Wikipedia's internal debates are pretty hilarious

this choice one from "SPLC is a left-leaning organization"

tl;dr: we've defined "reliable sources" to mean left-wing sources, and therefore everything is by default left-wing

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I'm illlll laaaaaad

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You'll miss him when he's dead

He can't die, he's invincible

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reminder that remaining calm and chastising the opposing party for being hysterical is 3/4's of the argument.

Good lad

This tbh

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Could you not tell that from his surname?

prove it. post a vocaroo of you killing yourself

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Why are you lonely on Saturday night?

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Why wouldn't you want the video footage lad?

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No, the BBC is not ‘blackwashing’ Troy: Fall of a City
Why has the casting of David Gyasi and Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Achilles and Zeus proved so controversial?
How can this article get any stupider?

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I laugh every time tbh

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My kids are staying at their stepdads for the weekend

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identity politics is nothing more than real-life clickbait that the Hebrews want you to fall for tbh.

I still remember that QT

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I'm ill lad

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been ill for like 3 weeks smh

Too fucking tired to live tbh

It's time for greentext tbh. Tells us.

Too tired to die as well tbh smh

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I would have otherwise been normie-ing it up out drinking, smh

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Boozers are losers

lost all sympathy tbh

no thats it, nothing to greentext tbh

how does one live well?

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Tbh i think i will stop drinking alcohol completely
Even if i drink a drop I will find it hard to breathe properly for a couple of days and I feel very exhausted

It exacerbates your night terrors as well lad

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I'm doing important work on my config

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Are you using Linux/BASH?

How many kids have you got?

tbh getting sleep paralysis while drunk is awful

Noooooo lad

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yeah, and emacs.

What language is it?


I hope your bracket keys work, lad

Good goyim

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I have three boys from 2 different mothers

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good lad

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just the terminal lad. Xfce isn't even maintained any more.

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Good lad. All blue eyed?

Noice. We have some Zig Forums talent here.

kek lad, saved

No, wonder it can't support monitors over 60Hz.

Lads, just realised it never matters if a false flag is sloppily executed. In fact it sometimes makes it easier for them to get away with it. The government's puppets can point and vilify anyone who questions the official narrative. Who wants to be like crazy conspiracy theorists, stay with us, the sane believers

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ta lad, they're little shits but I love em'

one is, the others are green

at least im doing something to save the white race, what have you done?

*deletes youtube channel*


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Geezer's not wrong tbh

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Do you have to pay any child maintenance?

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This tbh race idolaters will perish when the rapture comes

no lad, I have them all week

they literally describe the gods as white skinned in the odyssey and the Iliad

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Are you a single father lad?

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Nice. I'd love to have three kids. Sons preferably. I probably couldn't stomach a thought that my daughter is sucking on a dick or has a bum Friday with her man.

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that's why you become the only man in your daughters life tbh



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What do you mean? Are they supposed to become spinsters?

yeah, it's not so bad - you get nice bennies and council house
workings a bit of a blag though, and i dont get child support from the mothers either smh

I want to know
what it means
to live

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Finally got around to watching the new Blade Runner. It was pretty good but would have been better if it had nothing to do with the original and if the larger plot was removed tbh.

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baste equality tbh

how much of a pleb is she that she didnt get custody lad?

To crush the skulls of all who oppose you

No tbh, just shower them with love and affection but some sternness , avoid daddy issues at all costs tbh

Just give in lad

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she was a thot so my kids would have a more stable home if they stayed with me
also so they could live with their half brother

to do this

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jej, they are deffo fake accounts

"Fucking zipper-head gooks

I didn't know Lindsey had Vietnam vets.

smh lad making the same mistake more then once