What are the sighs of demonic activity? How do you spot demonic activity?

What are the sighs of demonic activity? How do you spot demonic activity?

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biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1 Samuel 8&version=KJV&interface=amp

Sleep paralysis, expressing yourself with satanic themes. Any Kundalini awakening symptoms.

there tend to be demons where there is lots of money

What do you mean?

If you have to ask, it's not demonic. Demonic activity feels like your soul just smelled a sun baked corpse. If you've ever felt it, you cannot mistake it for anything else.

Not necessarily true according to tradition. Demons are persuasive and deceptive and often take angelic forms to deceive that don't know any better. You must always be watchful not just of visions and apparitions but stray thoughts and mental images as well. As even imagining heavenly forms can lead to sentimentality then to pride then to delusion. Demons are rarely obvious, to not be taken by surprise.

averse reactions to Christ and his teachings
averse to humility
averse to monks
averse to the trinity
averse to sacred scripture
averse to moral hygiene
averse to physical hygiene
averse to masculine men
averse to feminine women
averse to monotheism
averse to baptism
averse to fascism

nice try satan

nice try Baphomet

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Yeah right up there with the other commandments am I right.


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From "The Rules of the Templars" (composed 1129): No brother may bathe, let blood, take medicine, go into town or ride a horse without permission. Permission to bathe was granted once per year. Templars were some stank-ass tiggas.

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Joke's on you. I am a long, long time resident of Zig Forums. It's funny to watch your baseless assumptions, though.

Here are some common signs depending on what you have in your house. Btw, this is more about demonic activity in your home than demonic possesion or opression, which can follow you around

Extreme temptation. I was getting gluttonous and lustful temptations today but I just had to deal with them and focus on something else. It can be pretty hard sometimes and I fall.

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Then you should know we sympathize with fascism/monarchism not democracy/communism. Smarten up.

Oh, so alongside of being a LARPer, you also have a massive ego to speak for everybody.

But he’s right.

Don't presume to speak for me or for the board. "We" don't sympathize with fascism and monarchism isn't necessarily fascism. You should look this stuff up. It is better to be silent and be thought a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

If anything, monarchy is the least Biblical option, not that this matters to the Cathodox. When the Israelites demanded a king to be like other nations, God said it was a rejection of Him.
biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1 Samuel 8&version=KJV&interface=amp

Being gay is a sin, user.

All kinds of earthly governments are
Monarchy=country ruled by one retard
Democracy=country ruled by bunch of retards
there isnt and cannot be any kind of perfect government form, since mankind is degenerate and sinful

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You don't know where you are…

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I know exactly where I'm not.

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That silly image is hard to take seriously regardless if Zig Forums is right or not on said subject.

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Yeah lmao! Secular masonic republics are the best amirite?? America winnie the pooh yeah!

The "sighs"?

Did you know that existence of or fear of witches in the based early and mid-medieval period was considered heresy. The devil never really was anything anyone feared until after superstition took hold in the 1200s+

If you're still so dull, the devil is everywhere, in every earthquake, every death, every murderous heat wave, every forest fire, every hurricane, in every banker that steals from the poor, every politician that philanders and lies, every businessman that charges "service fees" and other usury, every husband that looks at another woman, every thot who posts her ass on twitter then insists "I'm not a slut" … and every stubbed toe, every thought you have that is not captive to God … the devil and his ilk are everywhere and in every man and woman's head, quietly preaching that serving God is a waste of time and a useless gesture, every thought that says "God won't see this" or "God won't mind that", in every fap, every sideways lustful glance … the devil and his kind are in everything.

But, thanks be to God, that He is more than everywhere, and, better than this, the devil cannot speak a word much less move a man's thoughts without explicit permission from God. #noonereadstheBookofJob

So, the devil and his kind active in almost everything … and yet are absolutely nothing.

#Don't fear the devil. Fear God.

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I'm also long-time Zig Forums who's antifa but not Zig Forums. Zig Forums go home and take your failed political systems with you.

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It's not a problem of fear, it's about knowing who the enemy is.

"We are commanded to have only one enemy, the devil. With him never be reconciled!" St Chrysostom. 4th century.

you really are lost aren't you

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Like automatic writing, This can happen with clothing as well. David Ike is a good example of what happens to someone who is under demonic activity, so much so that he would say that when he saw pictures of Jesus that it would start crying. Using colors and energy expressed though fashion is one way.

Here is a quick example of David Ike wearing turquoise because of some entity he contacted invidio.us/watch?v=NapHiWsoFXI

Here is an invidio version of Youtube discussing why David Ike was worshiping a solar demon invidio.us/watch?v=ejqbs9AQ_40


Solar demon sounds like something lovecraftian.


Correlation =/= causation. Has this been recorded in some instances of oppressions and possession? Yes, but it's also linked to things like sleep deprivation, substance abuse, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Generally you'll want a priests opinion, but carbon monoxide detectors could end up saving your life.

How come Zig Forums has better /x/ threads than /x/?

Because Zig Forums mods allow /x/-tier garbage.

Zig Forums-actual discussions
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Watch the first few minutes of the first link i posted.

Really? a solar demon doesn't remind you of anyone else? It sounds much more satanic than something related to Catullus.

I mean cthulhu

I was speaking of the concept of monsters and demons being from space.

You made no argument regarding the scripture in question, just as predicted.


Red & black, black & gold colors are used to in rituals when worshiping Lucifer.