Should the Old Testament be ignored in favor of the New Testament?

Should the Old Testament be ignored in favor of the New Testament?

absolutely not

No? Why?
OT is based, prophecies of Jesus and it's full of wisdom.

No. It's explained very thoroughly in the NT that while the ceremonial law is fulfilled, the moral law is still obligatory. The OT is the foundation, the NT doesn't stand up without it. Build your house on rock, not sand.

Stop replying to one line-bait threads

Does that include Leviticus? If yes, why aren't we stoning the gays?

Zig Forums is so afraid of Jews that they won't even read the OT.

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People who say that are showing that they have not read either. The two texts are too intertwined to say you can have one without the other. Read the book of Isaiah, then read the gospel of Matthew, then read the books of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation. You’ll realize that reading one without the other makes no sense


This question has been really old for a really long time. Of course not. There are not contradictions, only things people don't understand.

Modern (((Jews))) are the imposters in Revelation and Zig Forums knows this already. Take your strawman elsewhere.


this so much, just look at him


Zig Forums has a billion views on stuff like this.
But yes, a substantial part of those are "reading le jew book lmao" type affairs.


Because Jesus sort of condemned the act and several Church fathers were stoned to death.

Early Christian communities probably only possessed a partial collection of texts in compilations of one or two books per codex as the limitations of single quire binding would have limited them to. And yet it would have been good enough. It's likely that the gospels were given priority first and foremost as it appears this is usually the first thing potential converts are read. Then perhaps some epistles especially for the churches who some of them were directed to. The Torah aside from the prophets would probably be the most important writing of the Jewish scriptures even before Christianity as it's also been up to the present. It's probable that for Christians the production of NT texts would have been a greater priority as the rules for the production of Judaic manuscripts is quite restrictive and it may have also been more widely and publicly disseminated and available in the world of classical antiquity than the texts of the emerging Christian movement which had to operate more clandestinely as can be evidenced through the apparent rushed nature of early Christian manuscripts and the cryptic abbreviations and symbolism that they employed.


You mean the same NT that says the OT is God-breathed and profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness?

Hello Marcion

They don't even follow the OT in the same way that Christians do.

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>Modern (((Jews))) are the imposters in Revelation and Zig Forums knows this already. Take your strawman elsewhere.
If only, almost every one on /asatru/ subscribes "bible sez Jews" mentality. Marching to Zion is invalidated because Pastor Anderson is neutral on race mixing.

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The sezjoo heresy is so annoying. It's the reason I was a naive zionist for so long. If it weren't for John and his gospel and the book of Revelation I would still be a retarded zionist. Or at the very least very confused about why God would choose people who devote their lives to killing Christians. I probably wouldn't even be Christian anymore, because I would be worshipping a God who loves those who hate me above me and personally wants me dead.

Oh, that's pretty bad, the Jews are not the chosen ones.
It's okay, i used to be an edgy atheist. Thankfully you're not anymore. Christ is suppose to be the conclusion to ancient judiasm, what is know now rejects Christ distinctly despite being "their" messiah, by rejecting Christ they become something that says they are something but are not.

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What a fre*ken st*pid question OP.

Obviously not and why would you? The Bible is internally consistent regardless of feeble arguments to the contrary.

No, and Christians should follow the Law of Moses, including the dietary laws, observe the Shabbat, and celebrate the feasts. Don't care what Zig Forumstards or the people who made up the so-called "Judaizing heresy" say.



Unironically yes. Most of it anyway. Reading Plato is a lot more valuable to a Christian than reading about how retarded the ancient jews were.

I am so tired of this, it's as trite and untrue as the idea that God in the Old Testament was fire and brimstone 24/7 and the God of the New is a hippy.

Because of modernism

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All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. 2 Tim 3:16-17