Brit/pol/ #2234: No Real Democracy Edition

Vote Leave spending accusations debunked: Brexit News for Sunday 25 March

BBC Describes Refugee Terror Bomber from Iraq as ‘Surrey Teenager’ – Again

Saxony, Germany, wants separate trade deal with the Midlands after Brexit

Gay paki whistleblower tells us what it means to be British

Brexit: UK won't accept EU's border backstop text

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First for only just got out of bed


Easy like sunday >morning

*dismantles your collectivist worldview while chuckling smugly*

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Smh you scrote


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Yeah I know it's naughty but I don't regret it, I feel really nice


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isn't Soygoy supposed to be giving a speech at Speaker's Corner today?

Doesn't he know that's an appeal to ridicule? smdh

Mosleys Fascism would never have gotten as authoritarian as the state is today ironically his model was far more democratic, a democracy where meritocracy defined voter power

Logic, reason, and argumends are only effective against SJWs. When debating the Alt-Right he can't win that way so resorts to ridicule and name calling

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even more reason why it would be adaptable today then, the angle you could hit it at would be to make the country more democratic - if you could put across the actual ideology effectively without getting pozzed, the normies would lap it up as they hate the current system, and most wouldn't want to go full gommie like Corbyn wants

It's almost as though real democracy only begins when the will of the people is carried out.

I unironically believe direct democracy to be a good thing tbh.

im sure the remainers would love that as it would mean they think they would get to make the decisions over the low intellectuals

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Already happened lad. Sargon rekt the collectivists so hard that Mummy May has already personally apologised and promised to implement Sargon's 23 point liberalist plan

I always liked that part about Mosleys definition though
its still democracy just protectionist, isolationist, meritocratic democracy

I'm sure they'd love the idea
not sure Mosley wanted to sociologists and gender studies graduates to inherit the Earth though
he wanted the soldiers, the working class, the nobles and the real academics working together

gender studies grads and sociologists wouldnt get to vote on anything extra because they are memi subjects

imagine the bankers not being able to vote on things, or chip in on it - we would get so much done


Did they fugg?

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Britanni/k/a posting tbh

This is the best I could do with a CZ 455 at 25 meters yesterday.

I also finished cleaning my .22 air rifle. Now that thing is a real cracker now, smooth like glass and indeed cracks even louder.

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Was it your first time?

For him.

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is this an allegory of modern britain?

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No, I'm trying to improve my standing off hand shooting with .22lr. It's my weakest shooting position.

He was actually black, bigot.

He looks like a proper faggot now with that gay haircut

So long as it is /local/ tbh or city folk will have all the say.

meant for

Oh yeah I saw that, he's managed to get quite a few more views than me with his ludicrous title, fair play to him. Can't complain really, good to see people mirror my shit, there's actually 2 mirrors of that video.

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It's shocking just how much less attractive she is up close. She actually looks quite qt in the thumbnails.

normans are wogs too, lad

Fair enough if you were standing then lad

Is that a Jojo reference?

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take that back

strong and stable my arse

was he kidding, lads?

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Finnish or just really working class?

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doesn't sound like it it's true tbh

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Seems a bit dangerous to enter her arse with your head tbh lad

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She looks like an emoji

I hope she gets her own bank commercial soon

Give her a bottle of Cognac and i'll get my snorkle ready.

yeah it is but that was just rude

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I think you should be locked in a zoo it we ever gain power.

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just reopen the Birmingham bull ring
reinvent it as Britains only bloodsport arena

The fat frenchman awakens

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One of us lads are going to try claiming this blonde lass for ourselves right?

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Lad you're a menace tbh

true tbh

Checks out.

she already has a bf lad

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like the big europe cock in this image

you're a very naughty poster but I like you

Does she have a piercing in her fucking gums? Utterly disgusting

idk what you mean at 11:40, he just tells warski to stfu
but they guy the frog was debating is right

I fucking hate dykes

I thought that when I saw it but said "nah" probably a stray pixel got lost in the jpeg.

I think it is now that you mentioned it

I wonder who plays the man.


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I knew it, they'll be wheeling him out for months.

he was just acting, lad. It was all part of his plan. Just watch his 3 hour long video


Police officer left with 'serious injuries' after Manchester sword attack
A police officer has been left with "serious injuries" after being slashed with a sword in Manchester on Sunday.

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*forgets link*

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The pat hat destroys us again

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jesus christ she's a munter


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Androgynous pixie-haired songstrels just can't resist the Big Remain Cock lad

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He got Zucked?

What were the revelations again? That they talked to a group they'd given money to about what to do when they weren't supposed to?

what a surprise. grayling saw this coming from a mile off.

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Dutch anti-miscegenation cartoon

I honestly don't know or care, some shit about facebook data mining. Apparently campaigns matter more than the actual politics these days.


how does one become this erudite?

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Rick & Morty and cuck porn

How can you defend that which doesn't exist?

Smoke 420 dudeweeds and filter all testosterone out of your endocrinological system

replacing every food group with soy substitute

Checkmate Putin bots

It's all about the hair

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This thread is gold, Jewish Labour MP calling out Corbyn, loads of infighting, fucking delicious.

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