The Roman Catholic Church is over

Ding dong the witch is dead!

Begome Ordodox :DDDDD

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Thanks liberals. Couldn't have done it with you. Destroying Christ's Church. Bravo. Bel effort .

The RCC is so winnie the poohed right now. It's infested with corruption all the way to the top itself, all the way to the suppossed vicar of Christ himself chosen by the Holy Spirit. Wow. Just wow. Man modernism winnie the poohed you guys so hard. You let all those pedos into your seminaries. Now you're facing the consequences. Guess what though? The Orthodox Church is still the one true Church of Chirst, still his precious bride, still holy, guided and preserved by the Holy Spirit.


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Christ is always with the holy Orthodox Catholic Church.

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I dont think you understand the situation. We have known about this homosexual mafia for years. We have condemned them over and over again, including the bishops, and the Pope. We are glad that they are finally brought into the spotlight so that hopefully the purge can begin.

But I dont expect the orthodox to understand this. After all, simple minds, specially the protestant converts that account for most orthodox here, tend to confuse emotional outbursts with arguments for authority.

I don’t think you understand; when the Catholic Church falls to its corruption, Christianity dies with it.

But your Pope is literally a part of the problem. He literally covered up one while knowing about it.

Hold it right there. Christ is still God. He's making our world alive through the holy spirit. In the three days Christ spent in hell, Christ was sheparding the future of earth until end times. He worked his way out of hell, taking rest in the holy spirit channeling through his various creations like animals and even material things like toasters. He already rose to heaven, but the millennias that passed after his crucifixion on earth were completed by him in his three days in hell. I suspect that earth as we know it is a vale God has put over our senses to protect us from the horrors of hell. That is why earth is also considered domain of Lucifer.

I don't think you understand; Roman Catholicism is heterodox that teaches heresies and has unsurprisingly fallen all the way into the hands of Satan and is 100% controlled by him now. The Orthodox Church has and always will be Christianity. The Orthodox Church was established by Jesus himself in 33 A.D.

Yes, the RCC is now fully controlled by Lucifer.

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Authority in dogmatic affairs isnt earned with virtue. I have been wishing for these things to be in the spotlight for years. So sorry, schismatics, but the current events just put a grin in my face, knowing that what we have been condemning for years cant be hidden

I wouldn't be surprised if God the Father in orthodox turns out to be Lucifer, which is incorrect. Lucifer can't be God because it would take him an eternity to supplant Christ completely, for his own good he should've stayed an angel.

Lucifer desired to be a better God than God, and went into the high intensity light of things which he was unprepared for. He desired to be like God, but with influence over the material world so he could commit his ecstasies at the detriment of others. Like an addicting drug, he loses his high with others' suffering, which only enrages him to keep making others suffer. Only Jesus, who has found love in suffering keeps Lucifer's high going, in an attempt to keep him eternally pacified.

Lucifer feels what others feel, but he has perverted the sensations to benefit himself at inappropriate times. Christ allows him to carry on because he loves Lucifer. During end times he will push it too far and Christ will send him to hell for eternity.

I mean, he already is in hell, but he won't have influence over earth, so he'll never bother anyone again.

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But you have no authoirty. You're heterodox. You don't have the grace of the Holy Spirit. This is why your sacraments are invalid, they are not filled with grace. Your whole Church lacks grace. You do not have the Holy Spirit. This scandal is simply a testament to the fact that you are devoid of God.


horsemen of peace

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