Brit/pol/ #2235: No Real Replacement Thread Edition

Vote Leave spending accusations debunked: Brexit News for Sunday 25 March

BBC Describes Refugee Terror Bomber from Iraq as ‘Surrey Teenager’ – Again

Saxony, Germany, wants separate trade deal with the Midlands after Brexit

Gay paki whistleblower tells us what it means to be British

Brexit: UK won't accept EU's border backstop text

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Hullo darkness my old friend


You make it next time then you lazy sod.


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Only Pensioners watch antiques road show anyway.

Night lads tbh

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I used to know a relative of hers

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why even live tbh

Naughty Tim

I think it's true what they say; that as you get older your mind gets dirtier.

I know it sounds like I'm just saying this to appeal to the crowd, but those descriptions describe about 80% of the young women I interact with. The other 20% are too ugly to have developed personality disorders based upon the assumption of desirability. Women really are mostly unpleasant creatures tbh.

Reposting because it's fucking retarded

It's almost as if being a thot is detrimental to your mental wellbeing :^)

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Catherine Southon is top-tier mummycore

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Brendon's back.

She's a fox tbh.

Would make the earth move/10

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Fuck you You can weasel out a good estimate if you're good enough

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she has a strong jaw, i'll give you that

I prefer the other blonde one tbh don't know her name

tbqh there's only one TV milf worth it

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Whatever she is willing to admit, double it.

What happened to her, did she get too old to be a bbc news reader or something?


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there's literally nothing wrong with jewesses

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She still does the new I think. Havent watched it for a while.

I tend to watch sky new nowadays with Sarah Jane-mummy Mee

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she looks turned on in that pic tbqh smh


I always thought this as well tbh

>nigella will never ask you to choke her out after she does a line of coke off your cock, and you do a line off her tits

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When I find myself attracted to a woman, I put them through a series of 'how mental are you?' tests. I don't plan to or anything, it just happens. In all cases there ends up being some massive issue concerning her narcissism. When women are inherently valuable, and all of society panders to them accordingly (rather than controlling them in order to incentivise male action) and when there is an endless stream of willing males for basically every one of them - then malignant narcissism is inevitably going to be the default.

thats why women need kids tbh, otherwise they are just permanently narcissistic

reposting this shit 'cause it's quality and the thread ended like 5 posts later

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

Freedom > Safety is an American value. All of these women need to be captured and imprisoned in breeding facilities where they will be repeatedly raped by Aryan Chads until they are impregnated. They will then be forced to bear the white baby, and the process shall be repeated after an appropriate break to produce as many infants as possible. Meanwhile, their breasts should be milked to feed all of these babies, just as cows are in the modern dairy industry, with any excess milk being packaged in cartons and sold in local supermarkets to help finance the breeding operation. Any males that are against guns should get the electric chair.

We're barely the majority at this point, and the free speech is already de facto dead considering virtually all political discourse occurs on the internet and how domain registrars and social networking websites can freely shut down anything they want. Guns are really all that we have left. If anybody wants my raifu, you're gonna have to kill me for it, mark my fucking words.

I've known lasses who are absolutely worthless so far up their own arses it's unbelievable

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Smh, I put unbelievable at the end but it didn't post

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Wtf now unbelievable suddenly appeared

Thots love being strangled tbh. Thots don't even mind it publicly tbh. They don't even get that flustered about shit like this because they know they love it and want men to be more dominant. In fact, it's often men who are the ones to get most agitated about the idea of women being beaten up.

top fucking kek

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well imagine my shock

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this tbh

we need to reclaim this word back to its true meaning

webm related is truer than ever

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Had some grahams gold top milk for the first time and had a pint of fosters with some generic deanos
How was your sunday, Zig Forums?

The most sexually valuable females seem to go out of their way to be disgusting these days - like a charicature of eyes wide shut tier decadence and evil. I bet a load of you have noticed common traits like: telling you stuff about their mental illnesses when you barely know them, telling you gross out stories involving degenerate sex acts (these will be about mates at first, but when the thot feels more comfortable she'll start being candid about her own sexual perversions), being rude and disagreeable most of the time (in a really cunty - I'm too good for you manner) and finally - getting shitfaced and drugged up all the time, and telling you all about it.

In fact, I've just described about 80% of 14 - 35 year old western females - not just the most sexually attractive ones.

You just described Ginnie tbh lad

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This, several times I've had normal seeming intelligent, middle-classfeminist thots I'm barely acquaintances with mention both their mental illness and how they like to be tied up when they get fucked which there's nothing wrong with but they shouldn't be telling me tbh

Quite possibly, although I get the feeling she might legitimately be too autistic to be that much of a cunt. Not like I've ever met her - and if she's vaguely 'normal' then I have indeed just described her.

ITT: prudish no life virgins

Monthly reminder that she fucked Jack Buckby


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autism is being a cunt lad, it's just unintentional

been down the old queens head ahahahaa did u see Mandingo Umbangozimbabwezuma's hat-trick vs Man U? proper mental ahahaha

tbf you are racist lad

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Nah lad she is a cunt tbh
t.spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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She sees him like a little brother tbf

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Hi, Ginnie

For many men, the default assumption that they grow up with is that women are fundamentally the same as men, with only a few differences. Naturally, someone who projects a male consciousness onto a woman's circumstances is going to be outraged. To a man, the idea of being dominated or overpowered is disgusting.

Can't help it, lad - I was brainwashed taught as a kid that women are equal in every way, and that's some tricky conditioning to break. How am I supposed to take the lead if she doesn't give me her explicit consent beforehand? smh

Went to work tbh. It was shit.

By all standards yeah I guess so although I'm actually not as much of an arsehole as some people would expect.

Last week I was in a busy city centre and some paki dropped his glove as he was getting on the bus, I grabbed his shoulder to give him his glove and he mumbled a "thanks" while looking like I'd just spat in his face. I was honestly shocked that he didn't even crack a grin, what the fuck's all that about?

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She has got the biggest arse in the antiques world but she's not as lovely as Natasha

You will never live in some miserable highland cottage with your ginger qt, passing the time burning mud and spaffing on her grinning face

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Fuck, lad. That is a top-tier qt

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She's among the most wholesomely attractive females on tv. Thought I was the only one who knew about her tbh.

It's not miserable if you love it.

Buckby is something like 5'8
Manlets smh


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Not telling anyone how my Sunday went

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Yet he still has a gf who is qt in a thottish way

Not even aware it's Sunday.


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Tell me graphically exactly how your fucking sunday went, or you shall not live to see another

see above

Yes, Lad? Whats the problem?


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Just exactly how many days are you into nofap?


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about 4
almost gave in to some pretty hot rule 34 of the ginger Lass from ben 10

explains why Jews are called the Synagogue of Satan by Jesus and why Jews were banned from almost every single country in medieval europe tbh

I used to watch Ben 10 tbh

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Jesus was an anti-semite like all communists

Jesus was God lad
communism is irreligious

same but it was a bit shit in hindsight
was more than 10 creatures he could turn into anyways

When it went beyond 10 it broke the premise of the show and I couldn't forgive them. I dropped it then

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good Lad, its a matter of principle


I feel the same, though i feel she's on the turn to Mummy status in a few years, see exhibit B.
Also I think she quit the road trip to present cuddly ethnic BBC reports for the One Show.
Not even lovely Natasha can persuade me to watch that pile of shite.

Our children could go to school without shoes, it'd be okay

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