Brit/pol/ #2236: Day Of The Well Edition

Brexit News for Monday 26th March

BBC journalists to teach children how to identify fake news

Young Remainer admits he would now vote FOR Brexit after realising UK will THRIVE

Canadian far right activist who claimed 'Allah is gay' gets lifetime ban from coming to the UK

Jeremy Corbyn's anti-Semitism apology has come 'too late' say Jewish leaders


Donald Trump Expels 60 Russian Diplomats from the United States in Response to Salisbury Chemical Weapons Attack

Transgender Proudly Admits to Drugging Attendees at Conservative Conference

A national abortion debate has re-opened in Poland after a Down Syndrome baby born alive during an abortion dies unaided screaming for an hour

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*reneges on campaign promises*

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I hate memmies with poor grammar

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Good lad

Language is funny.

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It's not the urinal's it's the other blokes presence that's fucking with the person in question.

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Brits Would Rather Leave EU Than Keep Northern Ireland In The UK

Shrieking remaniacs defeated once again. As if the average Englishman gives a single fuck about muh Irish border.

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this is progress

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I knew it, the last war will be a memi war fought on the mindscape as the internet as a medium.

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Why are they so conspicuous? Was getting caught part of their plan? Maybe the Jews are merely the tip of the iceberg?

The EU can have the Jocks as well while they're at it. They'll all come back to us once the EU collapses anyway.

Ah I knew it was that old video.

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At last, I truly see.

daily reminder that this is the ultimate mummy pill

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My mummy is pretty great too

So what are the 8 facts that I need to know lad?

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im not telling

please mate i need to know

Why do they insist on pushing this lie?

Name your favourite Rome Total War mod

RTW is kinda redundant tbh, just get Med 2 and install Europa Barborum 2

A majority of Northern Ireland voted remain (^:
Don't you know you;'re just one gigantic county, lad? There are no internal regional divisions within NI.

mtw 2


Europa Barbarorum, much more difficult to name fav Medieval 2 mod tbh

I wouldn't want to abandon the ulster lads tbh also it would make the taig's smug

Medieval II

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Based brain becoming healthy again maybe.

It's only one electorate. Belfast probably voted to stay, seeing as It's urban and probably has the most Europeans™, etc.

They are desperate to push the idea of more people supporting remain; if they paint all of Norn blue then along with Scotland it shows two country's supporting Remain against what they'd consider one country supporting Leave and one country split.

If I wanted to play M2TW I would have asked for M2TW mods, but I don't so I didnt

cheers for the only worthwhile reply

Fresh apology from COB

Good lad, you're nearly free from it.


Shogun 2

tbf Scotland legitimately was 100% fucking blue.
They're the Swedes/Canadians of the UK.

destroying families as well

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Why do Celts like remain so much? Also what are Ulsterians? Why do they pretend to be Irish?

whats your favourite ROME TOTAL WAR mod though


If only he knew how bad things really are.

Have to get her pregnant first lad
Tough job for you with your broken willy tbh
Makes me feel when I remember one lass going wild when I bit her milkers, smh feels

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please, go look up the answers to those questions yourself, and return to Zig Forums when you actually know about our country
being a colonial isnt good enough

It's beyond the comprehension of your leaf brain

That image would have been better if there was a dad in the first two families tbh


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The one without the Jewish tranny.

Celts are angry nativists
Ulsters are border guards and they don't pretend to be taig in the least.

yeah I'd add it if I was any good at art

what are you talking about

But Jezza thinks that bankers and capitalists do exploit the workers of the world. So does he deny that there are any Jewish bankers or capitalists?

It'll be one of those event's where I actually agree with Islam in that it should be firebombed.


Zig Forums would be handing the petrol bombs to the pakis in this instance

np lad

East Belfast voted Leave but otherwise yes, the other three parts of Belfast are the only places in Antrim that voted Remain

This isn't even a word lad

But lad it's still very different in terms of what the pressures are and if alcohol is involved too then it could add to the issues


Literally niggers

wrong video smdh

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Welsh voting leave saved Britain excuse me.

Then we have casus belli to remove the Pakis to boot.

Tbh I think it's the same root cause of anxiety of not measuring up for your woman or to your peers but again I know fuck all so it's just a theory.

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It doesn't matter Ireland is all British clay. They'd just rather be lead by8 even less sympathetic bureaucrats out of Brussels atm..

The Ulster banner was designed by an Englishman, lad

thats the future of my country lad, there is no escape from that future for large portions of the country

Those are all ethnic Mexicans right, it doesn't look like there's a single person of European descent there.

its in cancerfornia tbh, yeah they are probably mexican and nicaraguans

Gwynedd is the most Welsh. Everything else is crypto-Anglo.
t. Wikipedia

Balkanisation and reconquista when?

I hate Ireland solely because it's a Republican. I'm less than half Irish.

yeah I have been in situations where i was the only fair haired person in an area and I instantly locked eyes with the only other white person there who had blue eyes. it was a disgusting feeling but you can feel the subconscious sense of identity in those situations

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I get that feeling in tescos when there naught but niggers, gooks, and pakis around

daily reminder that leaves are the rightful dhimmi of america

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If it's any consolation, you have that our own middle classes in cities at least just sort of go glassy eyed and start ignoring it and me for pointing it out. Then again it hasn't got that bad in my area yet, I wonder if it'll change when almost all of London becomes a migrant housing zone as the middle classes wall themselves off into their own estates containing private schools and a waitrose local.

other way round, leafs are the rightful colonists and USA are squatters on lawful English clay

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Don't rub it in lad.


yeah you'll notice that people naturally begin to segregate.


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I'm entitled to an Irish Citizenship, because my Great-Grandmother is from East Belfast.

*invades canada then loses again*

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What about the French?

None of that has anything to do with what I said lad. You can't call Ulster a bunch of niggers because of something that an Englishman did.

That's already happened admittedly.

Better than being backward bog trotters and cattle thieves. The republic isn't going to absorb shit either because of the current financial turmoil Ireland is in. They're basically borrowing money form the UK government and the EU to stay afloat.

Same my granddad was Irish.