Brit/pol/ #2237: Remove the Taigs Edition

Brexit News for Monday 26th March

BBC journalists to teach children how to identify fake news

Young Remainer admits he would now vote FOR Brexit after realising UK will THRIVE

Canadian far right activist who claimed 'Allah is gay' gets lifetime ban from coming to the UK

Jeremy Corbyn's anti-Semitism apology has come 'too late' say Jewish leaders


Donald Trump Expels 60 Russian Diplomats from the United States in Response to Salisbury Chemical Weapons Attack

Transgender Proudly Admits to Drugging Attendees at Conservative Conference

A national abortion debate has re-opened in Poland after a Down Syndrome baby born alive during an abortion dies unaided screaming for an hour

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Good lad


Woman who gave stranger blowjob on train says she did it because it was her birthday

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KAT tbh

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t. Pedro O'Shaughnessy


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fuckin tune lads


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*makes up shit relationship greentext*
I've got a girlfriend lads, honest.

Am I doing this right lad? :^)

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I don't have a six pack lad but I'm not fat smh

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Thanks SA

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I support loyalists but their music is fucking terrible

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The final redpill

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for her

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fucks sake forgot to spoiler smh

I don't understand this memi tbh.

If aislinn was in a wheatfield the spics on Zig Forums would worship her

what's a good film to watch?

The only six pack you'll ever need tbh

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Should I apply for the craic, lads?
Could start wearing green all the time and claiming victim points for the famine.

its a tough pill to swallow

Dead Man's Shoes

operation dumbo drop


Good film but grim tbh.

Truely the Irish are the Jews of Britannia

Demotion man


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*demolition man

You should deport yourself for being a mutt

Pink Flamingos.

Limmy playing Tale of Two Souls jk tbh

chitty chitty bang bang

No they're just really that stupid

I'd like it if Islamic Terrorists and IRA terrorists got into a fight and killed each other

Nightmare on Dyke Street


The Duke of Burgundy ;)

but aren't they both crypto-commies, tho?

>manlet with a six-pack at school 12 or 13
>some sort of mutt probably half-white half-paki
>used to make lewd jokes about fucking the girls first time I heard what fingering was smh

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in webm format

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Hated it as a child


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Good lad.

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Why do you love Arabs, pal? Irish are hwhiter than you.

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>I hit him once and he goes to the floor
>Then I kick the shit out of him
>My gf grabs me and pulls me off the crying guy who thought he could take me

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It's the only way she will have a child now smh

If they were so great why have they achieved nothing?

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Bullies should be destroyed

This bits good though, giving Anglo children a healthy fear of kikes

Blade Runner 2049

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How old is she?


>tfw half Irish

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28 or 29

t. 19 year old know nothing

she's still got a few years yet tbh


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lad it's about the Ginnie being barren memi

women conceive into their 40s if they are healthy you memi spewing autist

migth watch chitty chitty bang bang after all

guaranteed birth defects tbh

>proceed to ask him basic questions about his area of history that he doesn't know the answer to and intellectually destroy him

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sorry lass, it's too late for you now

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wow yet another memi by somebody who probably has never been around the whole "birth/child raising" part of human existence

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Based as fuck lad

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lad there's overwhelming evidence that mid 30s is the cutoff for favourable odds of a healthy baby.

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a solid 90 percent of the "alt right" needs to be killed

Are you a gub gub downsperg?


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everyone says i'm just like a normal boy

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There it is lel. Anecdotes aren't evidence lad.

Just bought a ticket to the Roy Orbison hologram show tbh lads

Watching some program on channel 4 atm about social housing and immigrants.
Some Romanian couple with 4 sprogs demanding free shit and a place to stay from Hounslow council. They got denied

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they mustn't have been muslim smh

wow based

Kick Vee


btw I have a STEM job and make 600k a year and own a house and Im just waiting to marry a 19 year old based redpilled church girl. why are you guys such fuck ups?

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So in other words you are unemployed, live in a cardboard box and have never even held hands with a woman before.

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