Brit/pol/ #2238: Quintessential Edition

Brexit News for Tuesday 27th March

Companies in low-skilled sectors have neglected British workers because they save money by using cheap EU labour, report claims - no shit sherlock

Even the gorilla is saying we should make our passports in the UK

Fairly long article from the BBC about Telford, which fails to mention pakis even once

"""Oxford men""" guilty of sexual exploitation 'on a massive scale'

Lucy Lowe: Telford victim's daughter 'wants answers'

Free speech at UK universities is being shut down, MPs warn

MP's son who received police bravery award for saving a woman from sex attack shot dead in Hackney, dindu nuffin he a gud boi wrong place wrong time

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It still exists?

Good lad

Tiangong-1: China space station may fall to Earth 'in days'

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The Irish aren't white, no joke.

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You're correct.
That's why I made the post.

Fair enough lad, my mistake.

Still seems to make a clean cut through the mail. I think we'll chalk it out to the creative licence of the artist.

That's fine, lad. Don't you dare ever question me again.

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*defeats you*

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let me post Hotwheels you cunt

Why not lad?

One where the maille has been ripped or burst from a previous attack?

*defeats you*

Because it's a form of bullying

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Perhaps lad but it would be far better to stab with a sword against maille than slash tbh

going to bed to be fair

True true, as 22st said it's most likely artistic license if anything.

Night lad

this but unironically

*shoots through mail*

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Lad it's swords-going-through-breastplates tier tbh


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Reminder communism is against the Jews and racemixing with Ana de Armas tier qts is the only way to save the hwhwhite race

It's not a heater tbh

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Everyone at HnH has a length of rope waiting for them.

Cool your autism tbqh :^)

what did he mean by this

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Yeah I'm getting a bit embarrassed on his behalf. I used to be like that smh.

That can't be real, that really is reptilian invader tier.

This boards a pile of shit. Totally deracinated.

No they don't, revolution is never ever TBQH.

Guessing he just watches tbh

o i am laffin

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That's the old me. Now I have a BIG BIONOIC BENIS

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Reminder that this is a pro-bully board

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You know what really gets me, is that any attempt to Africans to become better people seems to be shut down by their lowest common denominator. So a man like this will never pass on his genes never have a kid that's be slightly more altruistic or hard working while the thug will most likely have a 4x4 on state bennies.

I'd rather be dead than have to suffer him.

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*makes you eat a snail as a punishment for bullying*

Materialists, they'll never understand.

You never heard of bionic penises?

laaaaaaaad don't fall for the gud boi story.

What kind of gud boi is out that late on a Sunday.
My money is on it being drug/gang-related.

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Did you get that on your healthcare or something, finally some of that Norg oil money's flowing your way.

Not true, Zig Forums is a based LOCAList board

Lad, putting a piece of rebar down your Y-fronts and making whirring noises with your mouth doesn't actually mean you have a bionic dick tbh.

A mother and a father have four daughters, they each have one brother - how many are in the family?

Fair point forget I said anything.

keek it's just a joke. I'd rather use a turkey baster.

Top fucking keek

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5 children + 2 parents

How many children do the parent's brothers have?


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Depends on if the parents are siblings smh

The whole "got an award for [x]" is a pretty massive indicator that he was not a gud boi, seeing as they pull this shit every time some ghetto wog gets killed.

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All post ironic faggots with larpy religious beliefs.
Completely bought into the Irish malaise. Same with all fascist scum.
The endchan poster was right.

>just realised that 'Evangelion' as in the anime is a reference to ἐυαγγελιον

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Sorry that someone was saying mean things about your mummy/Corbyn last thread, lad

Get Euro Truck Simulator and practice

I'm with the working class. Bunch of traitors.

Oh… I thought you had that word in English so thought it was obvious. In Norwegian we have "Evangelium/evangeliet".

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Kek, thanks, lad. Might unironically do that.

I speak biblical Greek as well so it's especially embarassing smh

We don't want cunts engaging in class warfare, get out.

You sound like a mentaloid tbf lad

Fucking hell lad…

I hope the middle class gets gassed. FUCK YOU!

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This, but seriously we should hang all the Middle classes tbfh

I hope a section of every class gets gassed fuck you.

If they come round fast enough they get a reprieve if they fight against us they get rope.

The Irish control this board.

Hang everyone not from Zig Forums tbh

After we make them all plant a tree.

Unironically this

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will you play ETS2 online with me lad

Most things have them active by ((default))

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Smh lad we're a sausage party and you want us all for yourself.

Does it work with pirated copies


Maybe. I have Easter off. Just last day of work today and then setting up driving tests for the next few weeks. Who are you, lad?


ywn solve the bullying problem, but the yanks have.

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tbh a lot of the girls came from care homes and the like, where the social workers were documented to not give a shit

I don't get it, lads

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Because the workers were wogs themselves that hate the English.

The apps are quite persistent. They don't just ask once…

"we dindu nuffin!"

it just gets creepier smh

hmmm possibly, it's 3rd party but it does check your steam account

ah good luck lad did you get promoted or something? no one in particular :^)

Let's play bingo!

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These are the same cunts that feel no remorse and go on to be very successful in this life as well.

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Top jej who made this?