What caused Christianity to be viewed so negatively in the public eye? most people i know view it as "silly" or "evil"...

what caused Christianity to be viewed so negatively in the public eye? most people i know view it as "silly" or "evil", how did we arriive here?

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Centuries of misinterpretation became centuries of tradition until it started looking so stupid people decided to throw out the baby with the bath water. Most of the garbage is subversive jewish memes that Christians now believe are fundamental tenets of the faith.

Voltaire and David Hume.

Actually, now that I think about it, you can trace it's roots all the way back to Petrarch, though he was Catholic himself.

This. It was also even more ampilified with parents who would try to pass their opinions or house rules off as biblical or label anything they didn’t like as demonic or Satanic during the late 70s-90s (while certain things definitely fit the bill back then and were worthy of concern however it got really muddied because a lot of people were too focused on trivial things like Dungeons and Dragons, video games, music, and Pokémon) and crooked pastors and other clergymen

People who hate Jesus took over media and entertainment, then a bunch of lemming boomers ate it all up. It didn't help that church leaders watered down their message while this was going on.
You will basically never see a positive or even accurate representation of Christianity on TV or in modern pozzed out books. Very occasionally a movie will slip through. I remember seeing some reality show on like TLC or HGTV where one of the people was a Protestant pastor and he tells someone, "it's a deal if you let me baptize you": they cut to him dunking the other guy in a river and saying "I now baptize you, my brother" which is not a valid baptism even in Jehovah's Witnesses. Think about it: they wouldn't even let the guy say the words "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" on TV.
As late as the 50s, pic related was still going on (it's so unbelievable to people now that it has to be fact-checked) and Fulton Sheen was on NBC primetime.
In Houston there was a pretty prominent cross on a commercial building until this year when a certain Mr. Segal took it off: chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Boxer-Property-wants-Midtown-building-ready-for-12256877.php

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Public health researchers frequently publish papers about how television and radio "entertainment" they create changes people's beliefs about AIDS or contraception or whatever they're promoting (see attached). Somewhere there was one detailing how to hook people onto characters first before getting the characters to push your agenda. I've seen this same pattern on TV shows in the US.

Don't forget public schooling, that takes any belief in God in exchange for some tailored music subculture.

pr*ts happened, user

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Decades of decadent media glorifying sin and hating good things. Actual scandals that arose from laziness that's part and parcel of 2000+ years of doing anything. And of course, Satan.

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basically not worry about sin

so gay people can do buggery, people can fornicate and abort their children, morality is now subjective and grey, people don't have to be responsible

It was the 'cool' and edgy thing to mock Christianity, and was basically gauranteed a laugh, whether out of nervous discomfort or sincere amusement. Since it was essentially gauranteed a laugh, the media did it everywhere. Over time, mocking Christianity became a thing within general discourse in Western society. The joke is no longer funny, the punchline has long worn out its welcome, yet insulting Christianity persists, just a thing of general conversation and an integral element of everyday speech… just like commenting on the weather.

Because the supernatural claims of the church do not hold up to scientific or rational scrutiny.

A lot of ideas that modern people associate with Christianity arose out of the radical reformation and evangelical Christianity. Many American beliefs are founded on puritanism which isn't a part of either movement but it provided a large foundation for them in America. Couple this pietism and modern Christianity looks like a totally different faith than the apostolic churches or even high protestant churches.

I wonder who could be behind this…

It's a missionary faith that has foreigners as a focus who claimed it to be the one true word of god but then allowed all sorts of amendments to it to convert people who then took their current slice of amended one true word of god seriously unlike the jews who perpetrated and spread it.
This led to many brutal wars over nothing and the world will be a better place once it has been completely purged from it.


You are correct. The last century was the century of the great culture wars. We lost.

protestant fundamentalism, their secular society, and market economy

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Jesus Himself.

When what's purged?

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The World has always hated Christianity. When the World loves you, as they do Pope Francis, is when you ought to be worried.

Matthew 10:22 - You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

Just look at how this board is moderated, no one likes dictatorship

Beat me to it. It wasn't SJWs or Democrats or Hollywood or the Reformation or Vatican II or the Crusades or anything like that. This has been a thing for as long as Christianity has.

How is moderation on this board a dictatorship, lol?
They intervene only when crap getting really spammy or off-topic

People have always hated the truth because the truth hurts. Christianity asks a lot of its followers and most people don't have the strength of will to do as it asks, nor the faith to ask God for that strength. They want a comfortable life where they do what they've always done because it is easy, and don't aspire for the heights that God asks us to reach for.

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Since the council of Trent; because in effect of Jesuits trying to people to return to the papist church, they caused the masses to reject the holy scriptures, which slowly lead the rejection of Christianity as a whole.

St. Anthony also had this to say: “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.'”

The devil has been subverting churches, and slandering Christianity in the eyes of man for years. Isn't it strange that every 'new' thing seems to be an attack on Christ? Comedians are called 'brave' for slandering the Lord, popular music is nothing more than sex and hatred towards God, and schools constantly push that Christianity is the worst thing ever onto young children.

Also this

James White is a dumb Calvinist weenie and when fedora tippers strawman Christians they usually portray Protestants like Ken Ham as the archetypal dumb Christian, not Catholics or Orthodox. Protestantism poisoned the well because of terrible Biblical hermeneutics and creating awful theological doctrines that are self contradictory that gave atheists a soft target to attack.

Once again Protestantism is the cancer that exists in Christianity, making us a laughing stock because of people like Steven Anderson. People who if you collected the sum total of theological understanding they have it wouldn't fill a thimble.

This is a meme. Even if this were the case, the apparent implausibility of Christianity is not the reason it is being left behind/villified, especially given how many silly and ridiculous claims are taken as gospel by many people these days (for goodness's sakes, today people seriously argue that a man is a woman because he says so).

Christianity is viewed negatively because it promotes values that go against the unchecked desires of the elites and the parts of the masses that were bought off by it. It tells us to curb our materialistic impulses, which doesn't go along with liberal capitalism and financial elites; it tells us to restrain our sexual desires, which doesn't go along with hedonism; it tells us that we should carry our crosses and suffer, which doesn't go along with utopian movements.

And then you add to that the fact that the most publicized branch of Christianity in the world is American evangelism (which receives the attention it gets PRECISELY because it is easy to attack) and we arrive where we are now.

Materialism isn't a rational position

Call it trannysubstantiation. People don't believe in the atonement or resurrection anymore, they believe in things that are REAL, like Harry Potter, white privilege, men and women being exactly the same at every conceptual level, Communism being a successful economic system, there being absolutely nothing wrong or unusual with a man committing sodomy with 1000 other men, and Wakanda.

Those are all great points. In such an analysis we all too often forget the role played by the individual heart and will. A person with a bad heart will only produce bad fruit. And collectively speaking, the West has a rotten heart, the blame being shared too by many so-called Christians.

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Exactly, i find myself in pains to make quotes from scripture because the protestants have already poisoned the well, so much, i find you have build up to even get to scripture.


(America)) happened.

This…is so true

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Popularity of modern atheism and the LGBT movement.

There are a lot of reasons, first of all modern American protestantism is very effiminate and downright weird at times, all these different sects teaching contradictory gospels and spreading confusion about Christ. Not to ention that there's nothing to spiritually sustain people, there's no eucharist or sacraments and the churches in America are entertainment centers when people need hospitals. Modernity also hooks people on hedonism and worldliness, and when you're living in sin you naturally want to avoid Christ

Primarily because "Christianity" does not follow Christ, and is instead following Satan, and in particular, his wicked offspring whom they worship.

For that reason it is seen as weak and ineffective, and is rightfully despised by the average white man subconsciously, who begins to put his faith in whatever seems more convincing than a rebellious Christian, which is a hell of a lot.

Until Christianity does the work of the Father, and only focuses on helping white men and women, and until it literally goes to war against anyone who would dare hurt our children, I don't think the general opinion of Christianity will change. If Messiah comes back before Christianity repents, even our Creator will despise it.

Secularism and effeminacy.
How many people blaspheme against islam publically?
Why are they few?
Because if you blaspheme islam, heads roll as a result.
If you talk sh1t about christianity, nothing bad will happen to you
I think we need anti-blasphemy laws.

Couple of different forces.

On the one hand you had jews trying to subvert/destroy christianity. See question asked here about the hatred that jews might have towards christianity: youtube.com/watch?v=lAqcge10Mfc

But it had also grown corrupt as often happens with power. See for example this old interview:


Some of the high religious leadership lacked virtue and humility.

That also caused people to turn from it.

But mostly it's hollywood pounding the message into people's heads with almost only corrupt, two-faced believers.

Western theology and pope worship.

What a person who views Christianity negatively probably believes:

wrong, people are reacting against WASP ruling class.

America was not founded by spanish catholics, but English Puritans. even now they are not reacting against catholics, but evangelicals


It’s always been a shitshow, but the major ramping up of degeneration is because we let pic related run our schools and government.

Hehehehe… its da jooz

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This. But our own sins gave jews power, which then becomes a cycle of degeneracy and anti-Christ practices and `values.'

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This, as long as you mean 'jews' when you say devil.

Don't blame actual Prostestants for modernist evangelicals.

The biggest and loudest voices when it comes to their denomination being the real deal turned out to be full of pedophiles that doubled down in a fit of butthurt making the whole faith look like a joke.

Enlightenment philosophers and theologians demanded that people understand something that can't be understood rationally, rationally. Also satan, and his servants, and Whig history that portrays history as inevitably progressing away from religious faith. But primarily satan. Satan is the big factor that a lot of people in this thread are overlooking. He is fundamentally the cause of all of this.

it's a jew religion.

Oh look, someone choosing to turn a big and complex problem into a "blame Catholics" fest. Unless you're completely blind, you'd have noticed that many of the negative stereotypes non-believers have about Christians are based on specifically Protestant stereotypes, while of course there are also many negative stereotypes based on more specifically Catholic stereotypes. It's almost as if secular society just hates Christianity full stop, and will use whatever ammunition it has to attack it.

If you think that secularists are only attacking us and stereotyping us because of Protestants you are utterly deluded.

if you deny that English (protestant) thought hasn't had a huge cultural influence in the past 500 years, you are utterly deluded

every time I hear someone attack Christianity, catholicism is only a fraction compared to the assault on protestant thought/tradition

Christian scholars
That’s how you arrived at this negativity.

If you lesion to a mental illness person talk you can compare it to Christian scholars

Christians are violent people
They tend to commit more crimes and try to deny it was them.

Your team started with the Protestant bashing on this thread. Blame Protestants if you want but Catholics have their own problems. Just down my street lives a Roman Catholic priest by the name of Redmond Raux. Google his name if you need more information.

am I the only one seeing a slight ray of hope?

Forums like this, full of mostly younger people, were not commonplace 10 years ago. Edgy atheists forums all around are dying off and being mocked too.

This. I've never heard non believers talk shit about Protestantism and it is always a Catholic trait like priests raping kids or in general the, "your going to hell for missing Church." Along with other stuff that is complete bullshit like hating gays.

The only mistakes in all Protestant denominations were tolerance to Jews and complete seperation of religion and state (Baptists), restrictions on baptism(Anabaptists), and pre destination(Calvinists). With obviously Baptists being the most influential and the most responsible for the destruction of the West (even more than Catholics).

The answer to OP's question is natural human wickedness, the devil, and God allowing it to happen for reasons we don't yet understand.


The legitimate side, the illegitimate side, and the mistaken side…

1: The legitimate side - various powers committed acts of cruelty while ruling from Christian monarchy. There's no sweeping this under the rug; the usual response to "what about what ___ king did?" is "SO?!" or "THAT DOESN'T COUNT" which forfeits all chance of persuasion. Simply put, there need to be some good kings again to clear the name of integralism and such a king cannot come from a non-monarchist country. Likewise, there need to be good bishops to make people stop seeing clergy as inherently bad if they're not already engaged in political Christianity.

Pandering to it.


so, everything? even one mistake is fatal, as the Word of the Lord attests.

How have we baptists contributed to the destruction of the west?

I think you mean (Augustine) (Gottschalk of Orbais)

True, but protestants were the first to shit on the authority of the Church, being in part responsale for freedom of opinion. First on religion, then on society and now on morals.

Vid related, we've been spiraling into the abyss and towards the inversion of values since the corrosive idea of Occam's Razor was introduced

Decades upon decades of misinterpretation coupled with Jewish subversion allowing for the slow rise of the Devil, his works and the depravity it brings.
Alot of what is shown to the public are ridiculous strawmen and caricatures so people who dont know any better automically assume that all Christians are jehovas witnesses heretics or boy loving cathokekes
Basically the Devil and his children, the Jews

It was always viewed negatively among the unrighteous, but only for a brief period of time. You think that you have it bad with angry gays/crossdressers calling you a bigot for not believing in their lies, but all of Jesus' disciples were killed by them. Unfortunately for those sodomites, they ended up losing their strong grip of the power structure because they never preserved their future under their actions.

Christianity goes into three distinct phases:
1. People ridicule Christianity and abandon it in favor of [x alternative ideology].
2. People see why Christianity is good after seeing the disaster of [x alternative ideology] that attempted to replace it.
3. People follow it for decades, but their descendants forget why it's important for those rules to be followed.
4. Repeat

It happened with Poland and Russia, it'll happen with the US as well. If there's anything that Jews have shown us, it's that materialism and power hasn't made them secure at all. It's only faith in God that will provide us security.

The French Revolution and Enlightenment. Science began to be funded by (((businesses))) instead of out of pure wonderment.

Door to door "soul winning"

Decades of being bashed and attacked by Jewish and leftist propaganda machines.

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They're the same thing. The Left are merely the shocktroops/golems for the former.

Chilling video on how things are going but true nonetheless.Thanks

My "team" as such was absolutely wrong to do so. Of course I am quicker to defend my own side over other sides when both are being unfairly attacked, but I did also criticize Catholics for doing what you did but in reverse.

I have zero interest in blaming Protestants for this current mess I'm in. I'm also well aware of the evil men among our ranks, which is indeed an utter disgrace.

Uh what? I regularly hear non-believers attack Christianity based on stereotypes of Protestantism. Hollywood puts out a lot of propaganda attacking Christianity based on specifically Protestant stereotypes (and also puts out specifically anti-Catholic stuff as well).

My point in all this is that non-believers in the West are frequently hostile to Christianity in general, and I see these non-believers frequently use both Catholic and Protestant stereotypes in order to attack Christianity in general. I don't see Orthodox stereotypes getting brought up but that's only because the average ignorant secular Westerner doesn't know enough about Orthodoxy to stereotype it.

Protestantism has definitely had a huge negative impact in terms of seducing many people into heresy and destroying Christendom, however I don't see it as being responsible for this situation in which secularists will attack all forms of Christianity. At least in my experience secularists have been pretty hostile to both Protestantism and Catholicism.