Brit/pol/ #2239: The Citadel Edition

UK to remain on high terror alert for at least two years, sources say

UK teacher jailed for trying to recruit 'army of children' for attacks

Spy poisoning: Nato expels Russian diplomats

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These fucking dirty kikes kvetching over how they can't get their dead relatives buried within 24 hours
The TV report even had some jew claiming her mum was in Auschwitz to emphasise just how bad it was to not bury her mum within 24 hours.

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i hope he gets in tbh
it would be good for morale that change is achievable without being daft

for her

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reposting tbh

lel… no wonder Mosley crossed the floor once he saw what a sham the "Conservatives" were

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Good lad, nice to see you pull your finger out for once ;^)

xth for Iron Ann

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based coalburner


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This is a civic board tbh lad

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Is this Meg?

Joe admits defeat

Same tbh

Thanks lad smh


I like how no one has given Russia any kudos whatsoever for effectively defeating ISIS

He's leaving YouTube and admits his videos achieved nothing


I want to make a Bowden themed platformer tbh

thats exactly what he says in the video because he's running for office

Russia defeating ISIS is fake news, lad. ISIS is still relevant and a major threat. Even if they had been defeated, it would've accomplished by NATO forces because NATO are the official good guys. That up-and-coming EU army probably helped out too tbh.

It's almost as if he's admitting his previous content is an embarrassment that didn't help him get anywhere so he's deleting everything

thank you for #correctingtherecord

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They defeated ISIS (meaning ZOG backed proxy forces) in Syria only

Lots of Jihadis escaped into Turkey and Europe though, so they are still a threat to us

Jesus he's got so fat since then

He looks almost normal there

you say "in Syria only" but thats where ISIS's main strength was
way back in 2014/15 it was ISIS this and ISIS that. Talks of drone strikes and action. Well Russia is the only power to actually take significant action and wheres the media? wheres the same people who said Britain needed to take out ISIS? Are they congratulating Russia for doing what they wanted our soldiers to do? No. It's been memory-holed.

I remember hearing one of the Yids whining about Corbyn saying he was pissed off that these 2nti-Semites say ISIS is a front for Israel.

Top wew, as they say

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…lad it was obongo that defeated ISIS by taking all the troops out of the middle east

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Of course. Russia was never meant to defeat ISIS, ISIS were supposed to be kept around as a bogey man threat to justify wars in the middle east, and or undermine regimes there

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Yeah, exactly

ISIS is a ZOG tool, that wasn't ever supposed to be defeated

Netanyahu is dying.

to be fair thats nice facial hair

Probably not tbh

He left the hospital, reports say. But that fucker is dying of something, SHADILAY! SHADILEY!

Hope harder.

Did you just say Shadilay unironically?

On Zig Forums ?

Until he gets his fresh heart out of a goy child.


Are you new or smth smh.

here my friend
an .mp4 for (You)

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FUCKS SAKE meant for

We've got Liberalist infiltrators lads, hide the bennies and blackpills.

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I get called a liberalist
don't know what one is
don't know why we can't just be friends

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lurk moar my dude

Fuck, I love the weirdos who used computers back.

m8 I've lurked all siberian winter


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Thats depressing.

To me you're all backwards authoritarians who deserve the rope. It's a comfy mutual feeling. Still it's funny, I think the left want to ban more things than you.

But we don't want to ban anything lad, we just want to kill everyone on earth.

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Another brit to laugh at.

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Anglican Unscripted #382 - The Coming of Islam

ain't-sley that the same nihilism you claim to be against?

Can you understand a word of that?

Subtitles please.

Lurk moar


At some point, we all thought scruffy, fat, 'truth seeking' yanks were a good thing. There are probably people itt who still think Bill Hicks is a genius.

I can't hear the dialogue over the NES FM chip

It is not a dislike of mankind, it is a love of plants.


After he's thrown out and tries to get back in he says "let me on I've put all my stuff in the bin", which I suppose means the luggage compartment or something.

kentfag kawaiii

Think the guy who threw him off will get charged with a hate crime?

One of the funniest things about this scene is the way it cuts really awkwardly before he even finishes saying 'business' - like the acting was so shit they couldn't even be bothered to edit it properly.

might go watch a film or something

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London street performer fights homeless man

a rich student would have bought a ticket, he doesn't have lawyer money
also the judge is going to take one look and say you were lawfully evicted for trespass

I'm just gonna go to bed, night lads

kikes are pro bono lawyers.

who is the schizo?
I don't see how you remember, or when and how you can/can't tell us apart


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That guy actually had a valid ticket and the old boy was charged (charges were later dropped)

Flag. Filtered.

Be a part of the bullying solution.

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i dont get it

He deserved bullying. He did a bad job. He left that one unpopped

People with flags tbqf. They think they live in Game of Thrones smdh

"mean girls" meets "mean guys" jej

It's like they were made for each other.

What mental illness is he said to have had?

he's an amerimutt

no bans, just holy retribution

the question is, what mental illness doesn't he have

< talking about another as if not present.
Literally, Americans invented humor, and invented manners.

what a lad

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I wonder to what extent it is possible for Americans to send firearms to the UK, for free, in the sketchier neighborhoods.

Just watched it, good episode

we know your angle

For example, hipoint handguns are quite capable, and could be accompanied with some shoulder stocks and basic 4x scopes for popping bottles and such at greater distance.


Contribute your ideas. Let's see what's possible.

send us some guns lad, so we can storm parliament