Just fucking do it, faggot! I already have made 17 phone calls to CNN this morning, informing them that they are fomenting racial division, inciting riots, and spouting racist ideology against white people. I have called for the immediate removal of the extreme racist, Don Lemon, and have not forgotten to call them fake news. I will call more times today, and will also post my thoughts online..
This has gone too far. These fuckers need to know what the public thinks of them. I have had it. Have you? Will you let this continue? Or will you join me in this fight. Don Lemon and CNN must get a very serious message.. We will no longer tolerate racism against white people – white men in particular.

The phone number for CNN HQ in Atlanta is 404-827-1500.[8]
The CNN corporate office phone number is 404-827-1700 or you can fax them at 404-827-2600.
The customer service number for CNN’s Washington D.C. bureau is 202-898-7900.
Other customer service numbers for CNN in Atlanta are 404-878-2276 and the fax number is 404-827-1995.

The address for CNN’s HQ is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. One CNN Center, 13 North, Atlanta, GA, 30303.
If you decide to write to CNN, then make sure that you include a return address and/or any other contact method you prefer, such as your phone number. Your letter should also describe your idea, news tip, or question in a clear way.

Check CNN’s press office website to contact a specific person. If you are a member of the media, then CNN has an entire press team designed to answer your questions. This is the public relations office whose job is to manage CNN’s reputation and brand.
The main press office contact phone number for CNN’s New York office is 212-275-8030. The main contact phone number for CNN’s United Kingdom Bureau is in London and can be reached at +44 207 693 0939.
The press office website also has different contact people for early start and new day, dayside (CNN US/Breaking News), CNN D.C./CNN politics, CNN U.S. Primetime, CNN original series, weekend programming, CNN Films/CNN Films Presents, CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute, HLN, CNN Digital, CNNMoney, CNN International, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and CNN en Espanol.
In addition to the main phone numbers for some of the different contact people, the press office website provides PR contact names, email addresses, and Twitter handles for each of the offices.

I'm still doing it. What are you doing?

Literally, FUCK OFF!
This is more important than your petty hatreds. The future of the white race is at stake..

Sorry. Archive service is unavailable right now. I will try to archive a link later..

Nog racists can no longer be allowed to speak above us. White men need to stand up and say..
This Will No Longer Be Tolerated.

Attached: It's OK To Be Gray.jpg (1630x2373, 1M)

I kind of like the word

I called too. Not sure what else to do.

I have also called 404-827-1700 several times. OP is correct. This is important.

Most importanrly, it's importanr to tealize the tariffs are going to make importered goods corst mort.

If you don't call CNN to have Don Lemon, the racist, removed as a CNN anchor immediately there is something wrong with you.

Funny, but I am literally going blind, so not only did your post make sense, but so did OP's! Still though, tariffs have effects that can take many years to materialize, whereas Don Lemon's racist comments affect every living human today. And by today, I mean..

Niggers. Jews.

Every fucking time!
Surprised you weren't the first post.

I'm a switchboard operator at CNN. I work in a satellite office in Norcross, Georgia 37 miles north of the CNN Atlanta headquarters.

My department routes all calls to CNN, and logs all records of calls to our news bureau and correspondent's extensions.

Today, we have recieved 26 calls related to this thread.

However, today we have also fielded 2,612 calls about the earth being flat, 15,442 calls about Donald Trump's hair, 193 calls asking about why toenail clippings taste bad, 650 calls about cystic acne, 3,045 calls about removing dried chewing gum from underneath chairs, 45 calls wanting to know the name of Billy Bob Thornton's character's name in the movie 'Slingblade', 7,317 calls about inverted nipples, 938 wrong number calls thinking we were Domino's Pizza, and 106 calls asking how to spell the word 'important'.


Attached: becausewhitepeople.jpg (800x472, 67.62K)


This will dwarf all that.
Watch and see. You don't believe me?
This is the defining moment of our era.
Stand up and be a white man or die like the nigger you are.

*rolls a joint and smiles*

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-listen to some music
-get a cat
-go outside and enjoy the weather
-volunteer somewhere
-tell your family you love them
-clean up your house
-find a hobby
-read a good book
-slowly breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth 4 times, and visualize a happy peaceful relaxed place where you feel safe and secure

-take your meds

unfortunately you're an idiot, OP. out of all the news networks, CNN is the most truthful. just because they criticize the president doesn't mean it's "fake." that's their JOB! They've been doing that since they went on the air. ALL the press does that! It's what holds government accountable. Just because trump does stupid stuff every day, and tweets stupid stuff on an hourly basis, means he gets covered and criticized more than most, which naturally follows from the fact that he welcomes this from his constant idiocy. he knows this. the media is your friend, because without it, you would instead have north korea, russia or china. if that's what you ultimately want from your media, to simply praise the leader, go live in one of those countries and see what that feels like.

Do all that except the meds!, but also..
Call CNN!
Tell them to remove the racist, Don Lemon, as an anchor. Tell them they are FAKE NEWS.

Attached: PicsArt_10-31-04.35.01-0R4fMV8Vyb-J6ogYWFkqrTpnr8jRQ7b1omKxqEGcASH0EcUOEAd34kH86bffb9X4OYJNNgsvknKsfGG9ivx5Wg==.jpg (2313x1880, 223.81K)

I'm no homo, but I watch CNN
not for the news, but because
I think Anderson Cooper is dreamy

I hate CNN, I just love masturbating
to Anderson Cooper 360


I just made MYSELF hate me

that was gross and weird

Pleeze just kys already..
CNN Is Fake News.

Attached: 5f0dd646c1e58dce8c364b82bec4e6aff6cf355daf4ddc7eb5cd533670482505.webm (360x460, 292.67K)

I did. I learned how to make a campfire today.
t. 20yo late millenial

ALL the (((news))) networks suck, but CNN and Don Lemon just suck worse than most of them right now.

Attached: OK To Be Gray.jpg (1024x1024, 107.95K)

Teach me please, oh great master.

Attached: PicsArt_11-01-10.56.11.jpg (1282x1242, 387.79K)


Attached: PicsArt_11-01-10.57.51.jpg (600x600, 93.44K)

Attached: PicsArt_11-01-10.59.12.jpg (392x259, 30.32K)

Attached: PicsArt_11-01-11.00.15.jpg (640x360, 71.77K)

Attached: PicsArt_11-01-11.01.50.jpg (1100x600, 88.12K)

Attached: PicsArt_11-01-11.02.56.jpg (600x399, 57.09K)

Attached: PicsArt_11-01-11.04.03.jpg (392x259, 28.81K)

Someone besides me is getting started!
Now stop wasting time on adding text to images, and..

I just did.

They just convinced me to vote for Hillary in 2016

what I wouldn't give right now to have my old 'wook at mee I wearnin' how to use picsart' webm

That's because (((they))) are still stuck there. Get with the program. 2018 requires new tactics. No gay frogs will get us anywhere this time. We need overt messages to those in power, those shaping the narrative. Tell (((them))) when (((they))) are in the wrong.


I've been sitting here taking a shit on the toilet, shitposting and my left foot and leg have 'fallen asleep ' somehow

Now I'm still sitting here shaking my foot trying to get circulation in it so I can stand up and walk without falling

If one person besides OP ever calls CNN or even gives a shit about this obvious anti-white racism being cultivated on our country by the likes of Don Lemon I will be highly surprised.
White men, you deserve your spot on the bottom of the shitpile. Stand up dor yourselves! Be someone! What is wrong with you? Do you not care? Are you so cowed down by 'society' that you are actually believing this whole "whitey is bad, mmkay" narrative? What is wrong with you? Stand up. Say something. Let CNN know they are in the wrong. They will start a race war. They are culpable. This has gone too far..

Attached: krank.jpg (1278x720, 138.36K)

Okay I got the circulation back

Rocket is soooooo funny and sweet

she does it all the time, sometimes even taking her arms and holding me on either side of my face while she literally pushes her nose and lips up against my lips and kisses me just the way that a human would….

She's doing it right now

It's hilarious! I'm going to have to take a video soon and show you what I'm talking about because it's so sweet it's heartbreaking

I have to jump into the shower but don't tell rocket because she wants to kiss


anyway, I'll be back in and out


Yes, it's bad for you, Yes it's junk food

impossible to describe
just try a small bag one day
it's a guilty pleasure you'll survive

Anyway, I have three really IMPORTANR appointments today. I'll be back very soon

(I think I might be .05 )

Attached: IMG_20181101_112428.jpg (3456x4608, 2.16M)

I've gone on record stating that I don't like kettle-style chips, but that was before I had Zapp's, a regional brand available throughout Louisiana.* Their regular flavor are thick-cut, extra crunchy, and very light blond in color, as all good chips should be, but it's their specialty flavors that really shine.

Cajun Crawtators've got a vinegary kick with the distinct celery and paprika flavor of Old Bay, while Cajun Dill combines two of my favorite things in the world: pickles and heat.

But the best flavor is their limited edition VooDoo Chips. It's tough to put your finger on exactly what they taste like, and for good reason. According to the package:

'Voodoo flavor is a result of an accident. An employee was moving a pallet of spices off the top shelf, and dropped it. While cleaning it up, someone stuck their finger into the mixture of about 5 flavors and pronounced it great.:

It starts off with the vinegary nose of a salt and vinegar chip before settling down with the smoky sweetness of sweet barbecue sauce. There's a sharp, fresh, jalapeño-like finish, and perhaps a touch of that Old Bay aroma that lingers after you've made it about halfway through the bag.

Attached: Screenshot_20181101-113342.png (1080x1920, 1.01M)

Fucking Niggers. This vid is informative.

That article nailed it on the head

it's literally impossible to describe exactly WHAT they taste like, but I'm not exaggerating when I say:


nigs are gonna nig and vids are gonna vid

Afraid of white men?
Biggest pussies on the planet.

"Unfortunately, Zapp's ain't available everywhere, but you can order them online for $24 for a case of 25 bags, including shipping. That's cheaper than buying bags of Lay's at the corner deli. I just got back from Louisiana late last night,** and I've already got a case en route to the office as I write. I'm under their spell."

(lol @ spell)

CALL 1-800-FOR-SNAX now and tell them how importanr it is that you taste some VooDoo Chips

Attached: IMG_20181101_114041.jpg (4608x3456, 2.71M)

True. They won't do anything.

I'm afraid that white men will end up convincing me to play videogames and become afraid of rejection by females

Well, I did something importanr yesterday.
Just got back from Portland, OR, where yesterday I beat the ever-lovin' shit out of several Antifa members. They are violent and they attacked my young daughter because she had on a red white and blue t-shirt. They learned how a real patriot and father reacts to violence perpetrated on his white children.

Don't be afraid.
It has already happened.

Attached: 43e00227fbd2bef3c310c8cbd41ce4bd5cf7f0f9ff066e82ae6eb15f82929fc7.gif (480x270, 147.13K)

that's very importanr



I hate the Antigua faggots just as much as I hate the trump rally white trash idiots

I'd say I hate them 'as much, IF NOT MORE', but I hate them all equally

That being said, I hate everyone in between as well

I hate blacks, I hate whites, I hate Mexicans, I hate Jews, I hate men, I hate women, I hate children

I hate everyone who ever lived and already died

I hate everyone who hasn't even been born yet

I hate myself, I hate my rant, I hate my kids, I hate EVERYBODY

I love ANIMALS…………..


I like Antigua
Antigua is importanr


although I honestly hate the human race

I also believe everyone has the right to be happy

I believe in minding your own business


not 'rant'

I fucking LOVE my rant

I believe that humans are a cancer

I believe we are a pandemic

I believe we should all be eliminated

But since I don't make the rules, I'll have to settle with controlling my OWN life, and not trying to control others

I think people should be allowed to do what they want, as long as it's not injuring others

If that makes you label me as a 'liberal', then I can't control you or your labelling system

I'm just me… I'm just ALIVE…
nobody asked to be born
we have to keep ourselves happy
so whatever makes you happy
as long as you're not injuring others

And YES, I enjoy being an annoying asshole

you all deserve it

When I get my Israeli citizenship I'm going to jew the goyim real good then flee to Israel. Remember goys extraditing an Israeli citizen is antisemitic.

For whatever it's worth:

I'm flipping channels right now, and on CNN Headline News, they're running a PRO MARIJUANA STORY

which reminds me……

maybe some of the 'liberal' ideas
aren't all that bad after all…………

Precisely why Don Lemon and CNN must be stopped now. They are inciting racial hatred and division, and are already culpable for numerous riots and violent demonstrations. Civil war is upon us, and CNN is fully responsible for their obvious fomentation of separation between all groups of humans.

I agree with you, sir………..

I really do……………….

however, I feel EXACTLY the same way about Trump….

In fact, his ENTIRE CAMPAIGN was designed to feed on racial hatred and division, to fuel it, to kick it into high gear.

It's fair to say that I don't even recognize the planet anymore

I've never seen SO MUCH HATRED AND DIVISION in my life

on both sides

There's so many more of (((them))) though!
What can just one person like me actually do?

Attached: Don Lemon NPC.jpg (1200x800, 90.8K)

which is why I'm not on either side

nor am I in the middle

I'm not on the field
I'm not in the bleachers

I'm not going to even acknowledge the stadium

Well, maybe you cpuld do more than literally nothing, you stupid faggot..


beginning with a shock

the end can be a riddle

the best of life and love are

you misspelled 'nothinr'

Maybe we should force them if they will not exercise this right.

Attached: de9879881fb8308f9530a968f89f0118.jpg (320x480, 56.38K)

[Hook x6]
Beginning with a shock
The end can be a riddle
It’s the best time for love, live in the middle

[Verse 1]
I'm the man it black get-up, get up
No let up, let go bruv
Forget me not sweatin' this lot
In Reeboks and G-Shocks
Roll it up, it rolls on good man
This circus is circus life from the clowns and the tigers
Them all caged out of sight
You guessed it good, yes yes
It is sweat, a new deck's top
That gets props as a blessing
And the rest can fuck off

[Verse 2]
From the medium, tedium, tweedle-dum
It could be quite fun to relive in detail when this week is not done
But when we're feeling the beginnings of the week being done
We release some more money from the deal in the evening
Please don't be low, we don't know
Any people who don't know how to
Smoke a Joe or bestow
On a bro givin toke


I applaud this idea.

Attached: PicsArt_10-07-07.52.07.jpg (1000x764, 174.97K)

Just do it faggot OP
Do something important
Get a life

Don't go mailing any bombs to CNN either

shut up u commie homo.

Day of rope coming for homeless smartasses lok u

[Verse 3]
Head in this get up, this dress up
Christen get blessin'
Sweet sounds of Cavalry's carol sing
Gravity lands them in here
Give it back to me flat out
Please strike a melody felon
Just never wear red and green
Never wear death or fear

[Hook x6]
Beginning with a shock
The end can be a riddle
It’s the best time for love, live in the middle

I defeated you before
you were even born

Roll it up, it rolls on good man
This circus is circus life from the clowns and the tigers
Them all caged out of sight
You guessed it good, yes yes
It is sweat, a new deck's top
That gets props as a blessing
And the rest can fuck off

I thought the fag Trump supporting stripping bomber was caught?

Is the OP posting from Prison?

Fuck off, FBI.
No one here is advocating violence.
That would be CNN and other MSM outlets.
We just want to see a change in the dialogue. I know those on the left do not want to listen to logic, so they effectively shut out any contrary narrative to their own violently racist ideologies, but this will no longer work. White men will stand up now. We have to, else we will be destroyed.

Attached: Nigger.mp4 (406x720, 8.53M)

H O W 2 C H A N G E T H E

d o n t l i s t e n t o i t

you're God Damn Right I saved it !!!

Attached: 146b3447b58c8a068fc1ccd96e286a5098683ff7d57f66ba77a28bee2d58f82a.webm (460x460, 1.15M)

It's almost like you don't realize how loud these porchmonkeys screech!
Weird, considering how close you live to Atlanta.. I bet you can hear a sheboon hollering right this very instant from the comfort of your living room, right through the walls. You know I'm right. There is no escape from rheir lunacy anymore and you know it.

Attached: thanks_government.webm (202x360, 2.23M)

Precisely why the white race should be preserved.

Honestly?… I hate niggers with a motherfucking PASSION… I fucking HATE them… But as far as I'm concerned, everybody's a nigger.

The white race isn't going anywhere, especially not in our lifetime or our childrens' lifetimes

It would be contraindicated to waste our lives worrying about any possible changes that might occur after that, because you can't control the uncontrollable

I can still hate niggers and fuck white women!
I agree though.. Most humans are niggers nowadays, no matter their skin tone. They all look gray to me.

Attached: 27b.png (882x1025, 245.87K)

Misspell an OP on 8/n/. Do something today!

do you have evidence that hes wrong, entitled snowflake?

prove it. show me something they lied about this past week.
protip: you can't.

every time I hear about a human dying
I always say 'one down, 7.6 billion to go'

thinking about my upcoming
'disconnect' from technology

I have to have a phone so I'll be able
to receive a call that I'm not looking
forward to receiving, but when that
happens, I'm cutting all electronic
communications and associations

Attached: IMG_20181101_135754.jpg (4608x3456, 2.34M)


Attached: ar_IV.jpg (640x304, 77.88K)

I'm not doing anything for those people until they let me do sex with large farm animals, like horses and cattle

Yes. See
Pretty fucking clear.
He is wrong.

See .
I could show you more but you are not worth my time.

Jeesh, uneducated white males are so sensitive and mad about being stereotyped as domestic terrorists it appears.

Attached: 547d3b0ea88a8_-_handful-of-pills-lg-new-lg.jpg (480x360, 15.31K)

Attached: Dqd_4mPXgAANP2W.jpg (1094x1076, 191.65K)

Whose ballpark? OP or CNN? Whose rules? OP or CNN? Who has control? OP or CNN?
Thanks for the hardy chuckle.

Do (You) need a safe space?

Nah. We don't take meds. Unlike you.

I Am In Control.
Lel af

I called 'em too, OP.