Trick or treat children given ecstasy pills

Police are investigating a claim youngsters were given ecstasy tablets while trick or treating.

Amy Dixon said her children, aged two and five, came home with an envelope containing about 10 suspicious pills after collecting sweets in Shiremoor, North Tyneside, on Wednesday.

In a Facebook video, Ms Dixon said she was "mortified" by the incident.

Northumbria Police said they were conducting inquiries "to establish if the tablets are harmful".

In the social media post, Ms Dixon said: "I've just had my kids trick or treating and they've just come home and opened all of their little mix-ups to find a little package.
'Absolutely shaking'

"Please, please, please all parents make sure that you check your kids' mix-ups, because my children, who are only two and five, have come home to find a packet full of what looks like to be ecstasy tablets.

"I'm absolutely mortified to think that someone has given my children these, so I urge you, please check all of their mix-ups."

She continued to say she was about to take the 10 little pink tablets with an S on them into the police station and that she was shaking at the find.

"This is disgusting, this could have killed my little girls."

Northumbria Police said: "We are investigating a report from a parent that unknown pink tablets were placed in her daughter's trick or treat bucket in Shiremoor last night.

"Inquiries to establish if the tablets are harmful are ongoing but any reports of this nature are extremely concerning and will be taken seriously by police."

Its not real ecstacy.
Nobody would waste it like that.

Inb4 you havent been able to buy real ecstacy since all the labs got shut down in the 90s

This happened to just one soccer mom?

Exactly why I'm saying that this is fake.

so she has no clue what they are, the police still haven't determined them to be harmful and the report is "2 year old gets 10 ecstasy tablets for trick or treat"

I fucking hate modern day journalists and unironically hope they get shoah'd by g-d

Im guesing its some tranny trying to slip kids estrogen pills.

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Not surprised.
>letting your kids out trick or treating in England
Not surprised, fucking idiots.


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I'd never give ecstacy to a 2 year old girl

not unless she was staying over for the night, so she'd have a chance to get horny

I think user wants the FBI to come to his house and do things to him.

Incorrect. The apostrophe in "shoah'd" denotes that the "e" has been omitted as in a contraction. "Shoahed" is the full spelling, thus no apostrophe.



you shoah'ed'a known better

You're a good egg, user.

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Phenethylamines of any assay are cheaper, purer, and about as accessible now as they've ever been.

Thinking the CIA/FBI/DEA are not involved in trafficking drugs to fund private wars they are involved with.

Government spreading fear and paranoia in England as usual.
Almost the entire population is completely unaware that they live in a test-bed for all the darkest insanity that the future has to offer
The Englishman as with the German, is a biologically excellent specimen, but has been so hammered down by the juden that he can no longer think for himself. He simply isn't allowed to, and is terrified of being found out if he dares to attempt to do so.

Pretty sure the FBI, CIA, DEA didn't crack down on drugs in FUCKING ENGLAND.
Because it is ENGLAND and not the United FUCKING STATES. Brainless fucking cunts.

you gotta loicence for that candy, m8?

Who wants to bet that it's just weirdly-shaped sweets or some other harmless shit?

female hysterics in full effect. the 19th amendment was a mistake.


Are you fucking retarded?