The Physical Features Of Autism And How To Seek Proper Diagnosis

Scientists have found that Autistic people may share certain facial features that often aren’t seen in other people
Doctors believe that these features, called dysmorphologies, could be used to diagnose even milder cases of autism. There is still much speculation around this form of diagnosis as more common facial abnormalities such as an underbite is considered for some as a sign of autism.
Much of this information came from a 2011 study in which 224 children with autism are compared to 224 control children. It was discovered that there were 48 facial features that were more common in the autistic children than in the controls.While we don’t have the time to go over all 48 of these features here, we can discuss the most common and prominent features that doctors and parents may be likely to see in a child on the autism spectrum. Identifying these features is clearly not a perfect method of diagnosing an autistic child since there can be any number of reasons why children may look the way they do, but it could provide a diagnostic tool in the future after some additional research..

A Broad Upper Face

One of the most common features among children with autism according to the study was a broad upper face. This includes wide-set eyes and a broad forehead. The middle region of the face may also be shorter, giving the appearance of a smaller nose and cheeks. Children with autism also tend to have wider mouths and philtrums, which is the groove below the nose and above the upper lip.

Along with a wider or more prominent forehead, an autistic child might have tufts of hair that seem to grow in an odd direction. The result is that the child will have a perpetually messy head of hair. Again, this isn’t an obvious marker of someone who is autistic since kids often have messy hair, but one or two tufts of hair that always seem to be sticking up is common among autistic children.

Children who have more severe cases of autism also seem to have more prominent facial features than those with milder cases. They may have faces that seem more asymmetrical than those of other children, and they may have what can best be described as expressionless faces most of the time. Some others may seem to always have open-mouthed expressions as well.

Is Underbite a Sign of Autism?

Some studies have suggested that a prominent underbite might also be a sign of autism in children. An underbite is a projection of the lower jaw beyond the upper teeth, and it has been known to be common among those with major depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and physical ailments such as sinus disorders. As of now, an underbite isn’t as common among children with autism as a broad upper face or wild tufts of hair, so it is probably not an accurate indicator of autism.

These facial dysmorphologies are carried into adulthood.(see photo)

Note the wide set eyes and The middle region of the face is shorter giving the appearance of smaller cheeks.
Aduts with autism carry over from childhood the wider philtrums, which is the groove below the nose and above the upper lip.
In this face,the wider philtrum is quite pronounced.

Again, carried over from the child, the autistic adult has tufts of hair that seem to grow in an odd direction. The result as shown in the photo is a perpetually messy head of hair.

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The tragedy of untreated autism is amply illustrated by the photo of this poor beleaguered adult.

It's too late for adults like him, but the children can live somewhat normal lives if treated young


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