Brit/pol/ #2240: Treason Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 28th March

70 Per Cent Rise in 'Right Wing' Referrals to Govt Anti-Extremism Programme in South-West England

Sightings of goldfinches and long-tailed tits in British gardens soar thanks to rise in bird feeders and last year's warm summer

Russia's Pravda: 'We Are in a State of Real and Full-Scale Cold War' over Salisbury Poisoning

Muslim and Jewish families fight coronor over 'first-come, first-served' burials

London schoolboy, 8, takes knife to class and holds it to student's throat before writing apology letter

Jihadi who plotted attack on 30 targets has TWO council flats — one for his ‘independent’ wife and one for himself

'I've never felt so much guilt in all my life': Firefighters who were BANNED from helping Manchester bombing victims by bungling bosses ask for forgiveness

World War 3: Turkey's Erdogan calls for 'ARMY of Islam' to ATTACK Israel on all sides

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Ecuador embassy statement

The government of ecuador suspends the communications of Julian Assange

The govenrment of ecuador suspended the systems that permit Julian Assange to communicate with the exterior from the ecuatorian embassy in london, in which the citizen has remainedin a situation of international protection for seven years due to the risk to his life and integrity.

The measure was adopted in the face of the breach on the part of Assange of the written agreement that he assumed with the government at the end of 2017, by which he was obliged to not send messages that were intending interference in relation to other states.

The government of Ecuador warnts that the behaviour of Assange, with his messages through social media, puts in risk the good relations that the country maintains with the UK, with the rest of the states of the EU and other nations. Given all this, in order to prevent potential harm, the embassy in London interrupted this 27th of March the communicatiosn to the exterior which Assange has access to.

The Executive keeps open in addition the adoption of new measures in face of the non-compliance with the agreement on Assange's part.

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top comfy tbh

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Any niggers?

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Why was 696712 deleted?

when did this happen?

None credited in the cast

When eceleb bloodsports got big after the Kraut and Tea debacle. The 'sceptics' thread comprises almost all of the traffic.

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david icke is very civic smh

when swarthy warski figured there was money in hosting autist arguments

he also hates jesus

Which version are you watching?

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cant all be perfect smh



old films are top tier
ever seen The Third Man?

ah makes sense. also I see Kraut chan had/is having some problems



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11 Brexit promises the government quietly dropped

bacon and eggs for tea

*takes a sip*
cheers lad
but whats this
ahhh lad you've poisoned me
*ESSEX_LAD was killed by putin_1z_no_1*

rest day tbh lads

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wehey more like brekky mate

more remoaner screeching to try and invalidate the result

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Online. Just DDOS them.

real bullies do it face to face

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say that to me online, not real life, faggot


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I cant tell if that's satire tbh

really wishing that American would pull its self together and have a second civil war already. is that too much to ask?

It's not wrong though.


It's either an unironic boomer memi, or an ironic boomer memi.

Easter sheep race held for 30 years scrapped after threats from animal rights group

Vegan Society attacks British culture and claim another victory. Halal slaughter is still ok though.

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look at the sizes


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But it'll be the men who do the uprising lad the women can be fat as they want since ragheads will fuck anything with a pulse

it isn't though lad

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Reckon they'll go for it? I do

they'll both be rather fat also fat women pump out unhealthy babies


Your point doesn't make any sense lad.


Pope seems fine with it, why do you pretend to know more about spiritual matters than a guy who is closer to god then you.


Baste Goblin.

With a large majority yes

miss him tbh

But they aren't Catholics anymore, lad.


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Someone sent me this, been laughing at it for about half an hour and she can't figure out why I find it so funny

the shitskin zerg horde will find a way, it always does

I don't get the taigs, I really don't.

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*Wrestles with Steiner*

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Nah lad he's fine with it, he might give the abortion issue a bit of lip service but if he did care he'd try to make a change and be there right now.


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based zionist steve bannon was right tbh, the priests support immigration to raise church attendance

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got any more filthy thot stories?

Maybe if women tried harder, and didn't produce shit like this.
Then again, the galleries are full of that kind of shit anyway.
Do women have a lower shit output too?

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Not atm, my mind is a bit fuzzy.
Tired tbh.

Are Nige link pls?


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Lad we all know you RP as David Icke

since when does the pope visit countries to influence votes/elections?

he is anti-abortion if you have ever bothered to research it

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hahaha holy shit this is bad
what a massive fuckup

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Fucking hell my mate was right, he bet me that he did it because they bullied the fuck out of him.

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Thanks for proving my point kike
Lip service

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Some news network is going to make the mistake of trying to bury this at some point in the future

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They are already trying to.

The state of Catholics

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I wonder why Nige.

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Do they even have any female artists who they think should be included?

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Kek, lad try harder.

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fabian socialism wasn't particularly jewish tbqhwy

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I don't know tbh

I imagine any slag involved with the 'activist' campaign thinks they all deserve to be in the Met museum