Is it wrong to want a wife at 18 years of age?

Is it wrong to want a wife at 18 years of age?

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It is better to already have a wife at 18 years of age.

My father had 2 kids and his own bussiness at 21
Mother was 16 btw

Not wrong. Just determine whether you are capable of supporting a wife at 18 years of age.

no that's when your eggs are energetic enough to produce viable children.
it's wrong to be a wife after the age of 25.
most likely if you are not married by 18 you fell for the statist meme to get a career and put off having a family until you finished whoring out.

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What if you're not promiscuous but also hardly capable of supporting yourself with the current housing market?

if you dont have a full time job and a place to live and money to eat

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then the collective inaction of all so-called christians against state tyranny is degenerate enough for God to not intervene in satan's attempt to destroy our families.
God has removed his hedge of protection from our families and our posterity because of our idolatry.
Your prayers come before God and He doesn't answer them because for some reason, it's not according to God's will for you to produce children when it is biologically expedient.
Maybe it's cognitive dissonance? Hmmm.
Hope that answers your question.

I hate this meme. How did this bullshit become so widespread?

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Increased competition for work and property that came with globalisation. Add to the the mix an increasing complexity and instability and you have a situation where literal children have to assess the economic situation now and for the future whilst also not having the luxury to rely on staying with one employer or even one city.

Dont let childless keyboard warriors and boomers twist your mind into thinking that having children in your early twenties is a responsible thing to do. You can destroy a marriage and a kids life by having kids before you are ready, and whilst a person will never be 100% prepared this is no excuse to throw these kinds of cautions to the wind.

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It's completely normal to want to start a family at 18.
Heck lots of problems emerged when we abolished teenage marriages (people starting families at 16).
One of those is that while puberty is turning every male into a hormone-driven lust machine they now can't have a family so;
- Porn and fapping to compensate sexual frustrations
- No real course or direction in life which can lead to puberty existential crisis and depression
- Keeping kids kids for longer, resulting in weak-ass nibbas

FPBP tbh.

Wait, how old is he now?
Can't imagine that still happening pre-WWII.


Do you think that was causal though?

I guess the majority of people prior to 20th century must have all been weak ass nibbas then

Definitely not.

Less so much supporting, as any can live without and survive fine. It's more about whether you can contain and control your wife's rebellion in this age of feminism and shill warfare against the teachings of God.

You mean women's right to work and free trade. The two most deadly things to a family and nation.

Yeah free trade is what I was getting at there with globalisation. Without free trade societies arent effectively forced to have women work unless they win the geographic lottery.

Better question: Is it wrong to want a tomboy wife? For some reason I cannot feel attraction to a girl with long hair that dresses all proper and stuff, but I really doubt that there's a hoodie-wearing short-haired qt grill out there that actually gives a rat's ass about anything Biblical. Much less one that would give a rat's ass about me lmao.

49. Also mother was an orphan and father from a working class family. The most important thing to raise a family is for the members to love each other, not career or stacks of money. Mother's deep belief and devotion to Christ helped a lot on that.

Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed. As the saying goes.

…no? That's totally normal. Or at least it was not too long ago.

The concept of "adolescence" is extremely recent, historically speaking.

And its only getting worse

Honestly I do not know, but everything that happened not even 100 years back when several societal changes were pushed (marrying later on, women working, de facto mandatory studying, etc.) contributed to the sorry state our society is in now.

Not really.
If we go back to Roman times, marrying at 14 for women and 16 for men was common (at least for the middle to high classes).
Go back 200 years and being married later than 20 was still uncommon.
This also meant that men were drafted around the age of 15 and sometimes even younger.
The Bar Mitzvah Jews have is not just a coming-of-age rite, it's also a public statement that from now on you're responsible for your own sins.

Where are you from?
I take either deep South-Europe, Eastern Europe or the Middle East.
Can't imagine such a marriage happening in West-Europe.

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Why do you think these changes happened at this point in history and no other?

Ah I think I misunderstood you there I thought you were talking about kids as in cohabitating/living with parents.

You're as bad as the trap-lovers. They're gay because it's the dick that arouses them (because that's literally the only reason to prefer traps to women). You're gay because it's the otherwise male attributes that arouse you.

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Well, everything can be boiled down to da jooz, but that's just the main group of interest here at work.
Why it all worked is another question.

For one, after the two World Wars there was a very nice environment for societal changes not seen in centuries; two immense wars of unprecedented and unseen scale recently ended, they brought lots of destruction which made room for growth, the then dominant conservative and authoritative political ideologies (Fascism, nazism, any form of absolutism) lost the war thus were the automatic bad guys, lots of scientific advancements due to coincidental in-war discoveries, but most of all a very VERY promising future of a long-lasting peace.
Long lasting peace means no need for men to draft nor defend their home country.
Nobody was going to fire a nuke, and everybody knew that.
Besides we still have an army but it's not needed as direly as say…Germans crossing your borders for a überraschungsanschluss.
Now, you got no need for an instant army, and former absolutist ideologies lost the war, so you can push societal reforms now.
The climate was there unlike any in history.

You crazy mate? I'm of the opinion that when a man isn't married he has no real reason to leave their parental house and it has been that way for a looonggg time.

Feminism; demonic Jewry incl. usury and capitalistic pursuit of self-interests and business that want to drive wages down though an influx of workers who shouldn't be working in the first place; communism, Cultural Marxism, and egalitarianism; hatred of marriage, monogamous sexual love, and children, and God's Law and Order; believing demonic doctrines such as celibacy and virginity > marriage and child rearing through misinterpretations of 1 Cor.7 and the Sadducees' question to Christ concerning the resurrection, Levirate marriage, and interpretation of the Torah (I'm so going there though every church and not just Catholicism is infected by this), etc. Pick your hellish venom.

You've so gone far away from the target that I'm phtysically hurting right now.

u wot m8?

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Wanted a wife and kids since 15, met my wife at 17, married her in my heart that day honestly, got married officially at 21, got two kids, planning more, life's good. Don't worry about finances, or troubles of the world, just find a righteous woman you can love and who loves you, and go for it. All other things fall into place after.

Those are cartoons user.

Obviously there are real girls who are tomboys too, without being fullblown bulldykes or 'trans men'.

just find a righteous woman … who loves you
Yup thats the part im not able to follow. Great advice though

Don't presume to tell me why I like tomboys. Traps are different. Like you say, the only reason to like traps over girls is the dick, but with tomboys it's multiple things.
The only problem is that I have yet to find one that isn't a hardcore atheist or feminist.

why post that image when shes not even dressed modestly