Trump quiet as the UN warns of climate change Catastrovfefe

Faced with a major UN report that warns of floods, drought, extreme heat and increased poverty should the world not take radical action to address climate change, Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet.

The US president was visiting Florida, a state particularly vulnerable to sea level rise and currently in the path of Hurricane Michael, when the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report warned on Monday that “unprecedented” changes were needed to stave off dire impacts if the world warms 1.5C beyond the pre-industrial period.

Trump, who has previously called climate change a “hoax” and questioned whether global warming was occurring because it snowed last winter, told reporters only that he was aware of the report: “It was given to me. And I want to look at who drew it … Because I can give you reports that are fabulous, and I can give you reports that aren’t so good. But I will be looking at it, absolutely.”

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Climate change is a hoax ur fucking retarded if you think differently. Fuck the in and fuck yourself.

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REtardism is contagious

They are actually complaining that he isn't giving retards enough attention.


On really cold days like today I wish global warming wasnt a hoax to make billionaires even richer.
But sadly it is.

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Climate change is happening, but it's a natural result of geological processes. While improving efficiency in a way that doesn't harm the ecosystem is laudable, the idea that we could stop climate change by cleaning up everything is absurd. Our goals should be to weather the changes, not clean everything in vain hopes that'll stop it from happening.

if climate change is a hoax, and trump doesn't believe in it, why is his golf course spending money preparing it for the rising sea levels?

Trump doesn't believe that it's due to human factors. It's still happening though, hence the preparations.

The UN is Chicken Little LOL

Fish in a barrel.
Sheep to the slaughter.
Mogami gawa.

yeah, for the last 40 years people have been saying we'll be fucked in 10-15 years, and strangely nothing has happened..

This is Trump's fault somehow.

amerifats, just a country of fucking man-children

Except we aren't polluting any more than any of the other countries that were in the Paris accord, yet why are we the ones to blame?

Daily reminder, at this moment Holland is killing its natural fish population to place windmills on the sea (I know because I'm Dutch, I watch the news).

If you only knew, how much of the climate science is fake……

And why are we treating china the same way as a third world country by provinding them with money

Any evidence for that??

Hey Zheng, whatcha doin over there?


they haven't been on the planet
long enough to have noticed that
we no longer have spring and fall


If only YOU knew exactly how much you don't know

you have misplaced concerns

nobody does from smoking pot

Heroin Addicts Solve Their Own Problem
(and your life isn't effected by either one)

go play another
video game and

if somebody doesn't believe it's due to human factors then by definition they are hokey tin foil hat conspiracy nuts on par with flat earhthers, because the evidence for this is as solid as the evidence that the earth is round.

sorry by "nothing" you mean the hottest years on record increasing as the latest years go by, record flooding, hurricanes, wildfires around the world, and wild swings in local weather norms. die offs of insects and marine life, especially plankton, all due to the rapidly overall heating of the oceans. the north has been losing ice steadily over the past couple decades.


you moron