Trump to Caravan Marauders:Thrown Rocks can kill,shoot to kill,Vote Gop to stop

Trump was asked by a reporter how the National Guard will respond at the border and if there is a possibility of "firing" on the caravan. The president said the throwing of stones and rocks will be treated as a firearm.

"I hope not…much," Trump said. "It's the military. I hope not there won't be that…much."

"Anybody throwing stones, rocks, like they did to the Mexican military where they badly hurt police and soldiers of Mexico, we will consider that a firearm," Trump said. "Because there is not much difference when you get hit in the face with a rock as with a bullet, which as you know, it was very violent a few days ago. Very, very violent. It was a break in of a country. They broke into Mexico."
"Just like the Mexicans broke into us".

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Memes aside, Trump's not necessarily wrong; thrown stones can kill or seriously injure people.
There's a reason stoning people to death used to be a primitive execution method.

liberals want you to starve to death and be beaten to a pulp with rocks, and they are furious that you won't lay down and die.

just surviving is an insult to liberals.

never bring a Goliath to a stone fight

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never bring a gun to a stone fight

Sticks and stones can
break my bones

But bullets will kill you

shoot the ones who throw rocks.
then shoot the ones who don't.

Broken bones can also kill you actually, therefore sticks and stones can kill you. They are lethal force and the appropriate response to lethal force is lethal force.






The Pentagon has announced that the initial cost of sending 15,000 troops to the border will be 9 BILLION DOLLARS

and that's just the INITIAL cost

(that's how much it would cost to build the wall)


except for, you know, Texas

but who cares about those guys

Eat shit. California is sinking thanks to illegals. This new crop of morons are only going to make it worse.

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The False Jew has infiltrated there is no opposition in Government

Most people in texas have been waiting for someone to fuck up and invade america. waiting, lubricating guns and loading 100 round pistol magazines, hoping for an attack on american soil…
Most texans (read: legal citizens) consider this an attack on american soil. Cant wait. XD

Any evidence for that to back it up, because I smell bullshit

The main reason Trump is here is immigration, moron

That's bullshit / 15.000 = 600.000 per troop. Stop talking Bullshit

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Maybe they shouldn't be trying to invade another country if they don't want to be stopped with force.


I broke my finger last year and am a ghost now, so user is right

Fuck u commie
I watch Fox news and I'm ready

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OK Johnny

Here's a balloon.


By the way, it was THE PENTAGON who quoted the $9 BILLION…..

and that's just their INITIAL budget

you know how they do things… The cost will tripple

Show evidence, where is te word.

Just typing something is not evidence

Show evidence of 9 billion it sounds untrue / 15.000= 900.000
So highly unlikely

Costs of wall are not 9 billion

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The Pentagon has announced that the initial cost of sending 15,000 troops to the border will be 9 BILLION DOLLARS

and that's just the INITIAL cost

(that's how much it would cost to build the wall)

get with the program

Hitchen's Razor. Here's your (you)

Hitchin' a Ride on Deez Nuts……

Speaking of razors, Haliburton was charging the taxpayers $5,000 per washcloth

The Dept of Defense spends $10,000 on a bolt

I'm quite sure they'd charge taxpayers around $17,000 per razor, and $12,000 per can of shaving cream

Hitchen told me to tell you to prove me wrong

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I'm stoopid and I love you Daddy

Nigerian shoots rock throwing Shiites;If it's good enuff for Trump,it's good enuff for them