Software Company ‘Fines’ Pirates After Monitoring Their Computers
Individuals and companies using 'cracked' copies of graphics software are receiving worrying emails demanding large cash settlements. Information reviewed by TorrentFreak reveals that UK-based company Foundry is demanding thousands of dollars in compensation after unlicensed software 'phoned home' with details of users' alleged offending.
Every year, millions of software packages are downloaded from the Internet. In many cases, people pay for the privilege but in others, users aim to skip expensive licensing fees.

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Deserved what they got tbh.

Software piraters usually give a warning in the installation nfo to block the program if it phones home

I used to have photoshop and Sony vegas and they tried to connect.

I never used then, so I uninstalled,

I have a cracked windows 8 and That fucker tries to walk home

fuck yourself


not like any of you have jobs
skills or talent

but if you did, perhaps you'd enjoy it if
thousands of people 'justified it' and
rationalized their theft of your services


A true artist should want their work appreciated by as many people as possible
Why should we try to restrict people from experiencing art in the Information Age?

the only reason you tell yourself that
it's okay for YOU to be a fucking piece
of shit common thief is because it's
digital, and you consider yourself to be
'entitled' because you view yourself as
being techno-superior……………………

you're not

you're just a thief

I'm well aware of your
theory, my good sir…..

rationalize much?

fun fact:

trust me, I'm a TRUE artist


and as such, creating art is my
equivalent of 'standing behind a
counter' or 'sitting at an office desk'

it's how I've earned my living

I couldn't give any less of a fuck if
anyone 'enjoys' my work or not

in fact, as you already know
a true artist doesn't desire for people
to 'enjoy' his or her work…..

Whether they ENJOY it or HATE it
as long as they're not in the middle

Nah. Prove it.
Post pics we can copy, you egotistical piece of trash.

and although this particular
story is about a 'graphics'
and VFX editing suite

it's actually about

which isn't 'art'

It's like stealing thousands of cars from General Motors, and then trying to rationalize it by telling the CEO that 'true artists what is many people to enjoy their artwork as possible', and for every stolen car, there are going to be hundreds of people who ride in the stolen car and decide to go buy one for themselves.

The funniest part is that I rarely take pictures of my artwork that I do professionally. Very very rarely. It's usually other people who take pictures of it, not me. I also very rarely sign that work because I'm a commercial artist, and the people who designed Coca-Cola advertisements don't sign their name to it


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if you want something bad enough
P U R C H A S E I T ! !

this thread reminded me that I needed to call a new client back and confirm that I am going to be painting an oversized interior mural for his restaurant.


it had escaped my mind

actually it's not even a 'new' client

it's a Pastor from a local church who commissioned me to paint a mural in his church's 'performance arena' area where they had bands play Christian music for young people

He now owns a restaurant with his business partner

The other day I was leaving an NA Meeting and 'Pastor Chris' saw me and yelled "Johnny! You're exactly who we've been trying to find!"

coincidentally, they had been discussing me when I just so happened to walk out of the meeting and they were driving by.

Holy shit you are autistic.

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(and yes, he knows that I'm atheist)

……says the talentless latent homosexuality who thinks ANIME is quality art…..

( you can't draw or paint jack shit )

I execute photorealistic murals
and any other style or medium
you could think of, animefaggot

If it weren't for Piracy, they would make us pay per play….

ANIME : the absolute polar opposite
of creativity


you misspelled 'mommy'

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Nice shill

You are wrong, Johnny.
I could go back and find my arguments from last time, but I think that deep down you already know you are wrong. Artists cannot exist without appreciaters. Those who appreciate your art own it as much as you do, maybe more. Why do you want to separate yourself so much, not only from your creations, but from those who appreciate them? Who the fuck do you think you are? A special snowflake? If you want to be appreciated, and you want your art to be appreciated, stop acting like a spoiled little brat. You sound like those dumb cunts who think they were raped because a man looked at their tits. I will 'steal' a look at your tits anytime I damn well please, you dumb cunt. You were the one displaying them.

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Pay per play.
Rented hardware.
Shared cars.

The Tech companies would love it if you owned NOTHING.

kids these days

Look no one cares about your over inflated ego, go to reddit or tumblr. Anywhere but here.

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little do you realize
that you just inflated it
even more……… and
instead of going back
to Reddit and Tumblr
I think I'll stay right here
and remind you that:



NPCs not using alternative libre software and make donations when they can.


"I'm such a douchebag, I started
saying NPC like the unoriginal,
trendfollowing bitch that I am"

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do you EVER do anything that's not unoriginal ?

All the twat faggots itt who are still using that shitty format for their posts.

No wonder Zig Forums is a small shit board no one takes seriously, you're worse than Zig Forums


Drink you cum now.

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I'm so ORIGINAL…….

It's totally coincidental that i have suddenly started mimicking the stupid 'NPC' mantra

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says the homo in Zig Forums again

If i am homosex then U



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Weirdly, you are actually in the same thread as the 'original creator' of the NPC 'meme'. Feel free to copy and embellish as much as you will..

Thank you for pointing me out, I should really sign the npc memes so people know who I am in the future when I make great memes.

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Also copyright them..


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LMMFAO @ the troops 'installing 20 miles of barbedwire' photographs

HAHAHAHAHA fucking pathetic

speaking of gay and unoriginal

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There's nothing wrong with stealing software

t. Software Engineer

why do we have to get this tweaked out loser chimping out non stop in every thread ?

hahahaha !!

I've got an awesome idea !!

how about you go find someplace else to do your boring little 'sissyboy imageboard' bullshit ?……….

how funny is that ? The tweaked out loser self-identified with a post that wasn't even addressed to him.

see, because your time here has come and gone…. that ship sailed a long time ago. your imageboard wants and needs mean nothing to anybody. you're a has-been who never even was.

trolls still replying to trolls
the very state of

the sooner you realize that you're not welcome here anymore, the sooner you'll find someplace else to go, and set up shop there, and continue pretending that you're making imaginary friends.

thank god this clearly well adjusted man/bot is here to set us all straight, thank you sir

the very state of……..

that reminded me of my new
upcoming series of threads
in which I'm going to show
outlines of each of the 50 states

and describe what the shape resembles


for example, South Carolina kinda resembles superman's stupid symbol on his chest…..

it's NEWS…….


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More details as they become available

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Thank you for the inspirational reminder, and be sure to stay tuned for my groundbreaking coverage of the state of the shape of states of the state of things


skills or talent

Don't worry.

Nobody gonna steal from a hack talentless skilless bum loke u

ironic, especially considering the fact that I coined the word LOKE™ in 1974

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trust me: you'll get accustomed to my upcoming expose after the first 50 states or so……

your use of drugs and mentall illness to achive dominance over this forum is novel, and impressive

Nevada resembles the blade on a guillotine !!

More details as they become available

lol @ misspelling 'achieve'

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petty and disgusting at the same time, you've really outdone yourself

I'm thoroughly upset right now

I just found out that Fox News has stolen my idea, and they are now preparing a 50-part series about what the outline of each state resembles

God dammit

I don't understand why people go out of their way to act like niggers about software when there are perfectly viable open source FREE alternatives for them to use, do they even have the human comprehension necessary to grasp this?

post dick pic pls

that'r a vert importanr questior

Jew slices off homeless man's hand after he steals one ounce of lunch meat

The act of shoplifting refers to theft of chattel goods.
Software is not a chattel good, it is "intellectual property", much like a good joke or a clever chat-up line, it cannot be "stolen" by downloading. Only the media can be "stolen", e.g a CD, USB stick, DVD, Cassette, Vinyl disc etc.
If you're going to use legal analogies then have a clue about your subject.

Which at this point is nothing. Nothing has actually happened and if anything Foundry just admitted to breaking the fucking law.

Johnny Cuntlicker sucks a lot of dicks.

He paints walls for resturants

and he made an album cover for a hillbilly band once.

So he's a fucking "Arteeeeest"

Say, Andy, did you know that Brittany Spears is a music "Arteeeest"?

We're all on to your game, loser.

I shit on your "art"

and it looks better

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Almost every game does that too. I have them sandboxed with blocked internet permissions, so i just get a warning. The worst ones open a webpage and your browser is usually allowed in your firewall. I recommend Sandboxie and always block internet access first.

what is wrong with this idiotic kike.
why hasn't it killed itself yet
fucking cretinous unoriginal self-obsessed BORING AS FUCK FREAK
find a fucking hobby you cretin, glue bits of paper together and show your handler, it is fucking tiresome seeing your faggotry on every thread.
it is like a fucking shit-in-pants retard is dribbling across the screen. for fuck's sake, grow up, fucking sign up for meals on wheels so you have someone to talk to, so fucking pathetic.

Kek, newfriend!
Stop feeding the trolls..

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Its called a VPN. Use one!!

Learn Proper OPSEC: >>>/prepare/22 |

This coming from someone who's not creative himself
By any stretch of the imagination