Niglet Girls Engaged for Marriage at Birth - Feminists and SJWs Completely Silent

In Kenya's south-eastern Tana River region, baby girls in the Oromo community are engaged on the day they are born.

Parents of the children say the tradition ensures the girl's future is secure, and that it builds strong relationships between families and communities.

"She can't say no to her dad's wish, it's his decision, as he knows what's best for her."

Video Journalist: Yadeta Berhanu

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1. arranged marriages between parents of both bride and groom, bride and groom do not meet until wedding day.
2. all sex outside marriage = adultery = crime punished by fine from cheater's parents to parents of cheater's arranged partner.
3. age of consent = non-existent b/c not-required, wedding on day when both partners have reached fertility, bride and groom usually about 2 years apart in age.
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