Brit/pol/ #2241: Brahmastra Edition

Sightings of goldfinches and long-tailed tits in British gardens soar thanks to rise in bird feeders and last year's warm summer

Russia's Pravda: 'We Are in a State of Real and Full-Scale Cold War' over Salisbury Poisoning

Muslim and Jewish families fight coronor over 'first-come, first-served' burials

Jihadi who plotted attack on 30 targets has TWO council flats — one for his ‘independent’ wife and one for himself

'I've never felt so much guilt in all my life': Firefighters who were BANNED from helping Manchester bombing victims by bungling bosses ask for forgiveness

World War 3: Turkey's Erdogan calls for 'ARMY of Islam' to ATTACK Israel on all sides

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First for 22st

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Good lad.

2nd for don't provoke me.

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Holy shit, this really does sound like WW3

wtf are they doing out there?

why would you want arabic script enabled on an anglo board?

Thanks lad

Shukraan ya fata I wish Arabic worked here too lad smh it's messed up copypastas of mine before


Let's do this

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wew lad lurk moar

Shhh, not now, Helmer is here

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Melancholy anthem tbh

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Let's all try and get along.

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I'm trying, I'm trying

Just tell me what to post

The eternal anglo smh

That's pretty impressive tbh, I have heard elephants actually resisted muskets pretty well and that their real downfall were more mobile artillery but these were all at close range and with more modern muskets than they usually faced back when they were used more commonly on the battlefield.

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Just need Dorsy and Steiny for a full house tbh

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Anime girls

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I might get a bird feeder

smh I am only referring to the gay wrestling memi


No, I don't think that'll work

Non-gay things, okay thankyou.

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Elephants must have been fucking awesome weapons of warfare tbh
Horses are intimidating enough. Imagine seeing a line of elephants charge at you with trumpets and cannons…

Smh ban this poofery

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Elephants just make that trumpeting noise lad, they don't actually carry brass instruments around.

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tbh. Their intelligence and ferocity is scary too. Obviously they were more calm if everything went fine but the seeming bloodthirst you see in elephants on a rampage is scary. They way they will repeatedly bend over and try to impale victims on their tusks. wew

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Lad, but they must have used trumpets on the battlefield. For communication/intimidation. Like at Jericho.

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Definitely gay

actually watched some of that show but it got so repetitive smh

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yeah I got bored of it too

rick and morty is better tbh

I just thought you might like the ancient psychic tandem war elephant

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he looks 20 years older than her

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Kek, thanks for the thought, lad. I'm just sad I can't find any depictions of a cannon mounted on an elephant. I guess they just weren't practical smh. Agreed, Rick and Morty is more entertaining when they do stories, but the messages are usually total crap.

But his title is "prince" smh. Oh wait, I meant sibling** not son

I know what you mean. "It's cool to be nihilist" is very shit message.

But then sometimes Rick shows that it all does mean something really, but you can never quite be sure. I still hold out hope that there will be some meaning and purpose to it all.

Found this (possibly fake) image of a culverin Howdah. By the time you could put a cannon on an elephant they were too vulnerable to opposing artillery

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This explains so much

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Still better than watching anime tbf

Yeah, he is supposed to be the one proving Rick wrong but then that is subverted so much by making Rick right smh

Thanks, lad. The cannon would already be on the back of the elephant bth. I imagined using them as their own kind of light artillery.

(from the site that pic links to)


It's the Western equivalent of anime lad…


I actually watched that gay jew boy gem cartoon too. It's fine tbh, you get to see what propaganda kids are attacked with

Wtf lad, no idea what you're talking about. Why watch this shit?

bit weird tbh

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Tommy Robinson has been perma-banned from

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get some fresh reaction images Devil's-Advocate-lad you're worse than SA

They're jealous of our healthy male relationship, lad. I guess they have never seen anything like it.

Steven Universe. I don't know. I guess I can just appreciate the look of it and some of the more moral stories despite of how ugly and immoral most of it is.

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*is comfy on an elephant*

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I've seen clips from this, and the poz is so fucking obvious in it it ought to be banned

The message seems to be, the more of a cis male you are, the less special you are, yet the more of a gender freak the more super powers you have

Tommy Robinson on his twitter perma-ban

Come on lads step it up

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that's pretty much it, yeah. The art is so gross at times. Pic related

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what got you all into elephants all of a sudden?

big animals and ancient warfare is interesting to me. Reminder that this lad could easily tilt cars.

It's like they took themes from Dragon Ball Z or Naruto and filtered them through Drag Queen Story Time as a way to warp kids minds, especially those of young boys

Fucking twisted tbh

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Yeah pretty much. It's creepily sexual too for a kids show.

It's Adventure Time with added intersectionality theory, fat positivity and queer affirmativism

It's intersectionality Time

pure evil

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I can remember when cartoons were redpilled and based

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Kek yeah you're pretty good at pointing this stuff out. Adventure time probably had some of this, but I don't think it had much, it's probably one of the better recent cartoons for children. Just fun.

Never watched that. Looks cool.

I actually think that Adventure Time was quite reactionary in its way. It was a boy and his dog having adventures, with no apology for being who they are. Fin was always aspiring to be a stronger and better hero, and his dog was always stoical, loyal, good natured and humorous. They went around getting into fights and winning most of the time, there was none of the "broken and lost" archetypes found in a lot of other current year male centred shows, they just had fun

There were other positive male role models in the show too, other heroic figures, as well as positive female role models too, who were nurturing and empathetic. I strongly suspect a show like Steven Universe was made in response to it, by Kikes and SJWs, to take that show's energy and pozz it. They made a similar show that looked almost the same, and carried AT's energy and enthusiasm, but injected all these subversive sexualised themes into it

Norg cartoons are weird


Don't think we have many cartoons, but this lad made a doll film and some doll stories

I just checked, and yes, the creator of Steven Universe is a kike!

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Did you already know that?

Based Roaming Millennial tbh

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Yeah, Rebecca Sugar. It's just obvious.

You know shit's fucked when life has become a parody.


You lads know that's Tila Tequila and I was making a joke right?

The insane porn star?

Btw, I was right about her stealing ideas from Adventure Time too

She worked on that as an animator, but was not the creator of it. The creator is a fucking white male called Pembleton Ward (no relation to are pembs). So I really think they stole from Adventure Time and pozzed the fuck out of it

Her wikipedia page says she was raised with "Jewish Sensibilities". No shit. Fucking kike

My Jewdar is on good form

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How are we supposed to tell hapas apart?

Imagine being actually genetically predisposed to the worst kinds of degeneracy. How the fuck did Jews even last this long.


By bending the goyim to their will. They can't survive any other way. They are quite literally parasites

you've got the gif lad?

RM is prettier

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yes but i'm a memi horder sorry.

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I am glad Asians disgusts me, but it just makes me confused why people hold them on such a pedestal.


that's just sad, lad

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honestly I don't have it and simply needed you to get it for me.

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After watching Apocolypse Now, it confirms that they are sub human ant people tbh

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I feel like your standards are way to high.


Finnish model.


Didnt she sleep with jack cuckby?

after that the value of rare ginnies dropped dramatically anyway. There was a market collapse

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