1,600 international scientists,sign letter opposing Trump’s plan to narrow gender definition

including 9 Nobel laureates

More than 1,600 scientists signed a letter denouncing President Trump administration’s plan to narrow the definition of gender to be strictly biological, according to Buzzfeed.

The letter was written in response to a memo reportedly drafted by the Department of Health and Human Services, according to the New York Times.

The memo states that any disputes about a person’s sex would be clarified using genetic testing, which scientists who signed the letter called unscientific and unethical.

“This proposal is fundamentally inconsistent not only with science, but also with ethical practices, human rights, and basic dignity,” the scientists wrote.

Among the signatories are eight Nobel laureates.

The letter emphasizes that both biological sex and gender are on a spectrum and are not clear cut.

“Our best available evidence shows that affirmation of gender identity is paramount to the survival, health, and livelihood of transgender and intersex people,” the letter states.

More than 50 companies signed onto a statement released Wednesday supporting transgender equality.

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Even Dr. Phil thinks this is stupid. You can't legislate something out of existence, you can only make it illegal.

How would this matter to him? Didn't like 2000 (((psychologists))) sign a document saying he was mentally ill?

Gender doesn't exist.
Also Dr. Phil is a fucking joke.

Yea, and even 9 Nobel laureates think it's stupid

Dr. Phil = at least 9 Nobel laureates so that's 18 Nobel laureates that think it's stupid

You can't legislate something out of existence, you can only make it illegal.
You can legislate someone into an oppressed class though.

Protected classes are functionally useless now though, unless you can get someone to admit they have discriminated against you.

Lez see, 1600 scientists(9 nobel and 1 dr phil)

vs some bigot off a website

The bigot is right

gender dont exist!!!!

This site is the best for ethical dilemas

So it's about protecting feelings, not whether or not gender is real. Got it.

Gender as defined by progressives originates from the research of a man who drove his test subjects to suicide. I cannot consider his findings valid

Everything they do is based around feelings not facts. I'm waiting for one to return from the dead because he "just didn't feel like it was his time"

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Gender as a separate term from biological sex is a term coined by John Money, a pedophile who tried to raise a young boy after a failed circumcision as a girl, made that boy simulate sexual acts with his twin brother, made them engage in genital inspections and photographed those acts.
The kid ended up rejecting the label of girl when he grew up, by the way. Both of those boys killed themselves in their adult lives.

I know liberals are all for pedo rights but you're celebrating the suicides of two innocent men who were abused as kids every time you use or support this terminology.

Here's a webm explaining that gender is actually a real concept. Don't let these Nazis dissuade you from preaching the truth.>>697482

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Best timeline.

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Here's the thing, bigot

David Reimer was born a male with a
that thought it was a male

So Dr Mengele Money's assigning him to be a female was doomed to fail

But there are males born who have a female mind

So eat shit and get stomach cancer bigot hommo

Nice appeal to authority there. Do you need someone in charge to tell you when to piss too?

Its like theyre (((organized))) to do it so quickly.

lol over the entire world they could only get 1600 (((scientists))) to back this 6 gorrillian genders faggoty

It was an appeal to logic you brainless twit Trumpeteer

I'm not trying to appeal to your ilk either

Or change your view

I'd have better luck with this guy

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hahaha! Jordan Peterson in a nut shell.

Dailt reminder
The majority of scientists agree that gender is bullshit





Daily reminder that psychology is niet a real science.

Daily reminder

Dubs of truth.

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Guys you're forgetting the important point here. The TV guy told him that gender is a thing and you hurt his poor, defenceless, little fee fees when you point out that it isn't.

That is fucking hilarious

Even a cursory discussion with anyone who has tranistioned will show that they have very real personality changes, thought pattern changes and behavior changes. There is no "male brain in female body/female brain male body" its a fucking travesty we play into this shit and carve them up like sides of meat to look like a carneval sideshow freak.

The exact same number that "opposed scientist who said that science is based on merit rather than sex" a week or two ago. What a coincidence. The exact same collection of scientists you say?
How many scientists are there in the world, and why are they so unscientific as to contradict biology. Social scientists? Science is a social construct social "scientists".
I see.

Yep, have a look.
It happens that precisely 1,600 scientists found the time to sign both, very quickly.
16,000, a very similar number of scientists, signed a "dire warning to humanity" about the state of the planet not long ago.
When will there be 160,000 scientists agreeing.
Kabbalistic magic numbers.

Scientists often have the world to gain from fudging a few numbers.

The brainlet doesn't even know what an appeal to authority is.

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Bullshit. Trannies try to look like girls and act like girls but they most definitely don't think like girls. If they did, they'd be constantly on the make for rich guys with nice cars instead of latant homosexual betas.

Fucking libtards man.

I bet all these 'scientists' are from Sweden

Remember they called gallileo a bigot because he said the earth revolved around the sun. Which triggered their safe spaces.

Jesus Christ. I didn't want to believe this, but it's legit, all of it.

Dr. Phil is not that different from Jerry Springer. He exploits people's problems for money through entertainment. The only difference is his show is a little cleaner with a better studio and a more polite audience.

Two genders, two scoops, two terms.

Reminder that the word gender was coined by pedophile John Money, who further mutilated a boy’s genitals and tried to raise him as a woman, taking picture as he had the boy and his brother simulate sex positions
Both boys ultimately killed themselves

Should be a song title

Whenever I hear how the earth is irreversibly fucked and we're all going to die, I remind myself these are the caliber of scientists we're dealing with.

Sex and race are genetic.
Which means it's objective(macrocosmic).
It is not up for subjective(microcosmic) decision.
Identity is an emotional state.
You can have identities but they will not change objective reality.

But all of this theatre is just part of the artificial culture war so that NPCs can have their daily dose of social media drama.

people really think there can be unity when their side is so batshit insane and will listen to whatever they were told from a guy in a labcoat.

they even openly admit it.

remember the nigger scientist head of that group repeating "we will go with the scientific consensus" while fucking ted cruz was asking if they would change their conclusion if shown hypothetical undeniable proof to contrary?
facts dont matter to these brainwashed npcs.
they will believe whatever they are told, and they know this. their faith in believing the system is stronger than facts.

Where can we get this list of 1600 scientists to discredit?

I think their next job should be at McDonald's.

OK Dudess

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The butthurt will not end until his second term is over.


Lez examine that article

Gender isn't some social construct, study says

That Article Opinion links to here:


Sex differences in children's toy preferences: A systematic review, meta‐regression, and meta‐analysis

From an early age,

children choose to play with toys typed to their own gender. In order to identify variables that predict toy preference, we conducted a meta‐analysis of observational studies of the free selection of toys by boys and girls aged between 1 and 8 years


51%? It doesn't say

Let's say 90%

That leaves 10% of boys who lik dollies

Learn how to read a scientific article before using it as evidence to support your viewpoint you bigoted twits.

Oh, I forgot, you all come from a background of reading "scientific papers" that say the holocaust is fake.

That's just like…your opinion, Dudess

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this is why the world is going crazy

1,600 scientists rebuke Cern physicist over gender bias

Alessandro Strumia hits back at petition sparked by claim physics was built by men

Same SJW Scientists

I tried to read tht article

But the words were too big, so I just took from it what I already knew

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I would say there are 3 genders. Male, female and mentally ill.
Cry all your tears about it being otherwise, at the end of the day you are not going to let your daughter into a mixed bathroom with pic related who has makeup on and a cut off dick.
>but muh (((Nobel))) scientist said X
Yeah the same people that have income and tuition reliant on public opinion about them. If they don't tow the line their asses are getting dropped. What an unbiased source.

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Bet it's all social (((sciences))) and even then they were reluctant to put their name on it.

Okay. Like, whom?
And, why should we care?
Then, how many of them *agree* with Trump?
Report that as well.

I suppose you bastards are taking names and making a list, there are 1600 traitors who agree on children torture, mutilation and brainwash who just revealed their power level.

We're well aware of your problem, Neptune.

how can you narrow from two?

You know jack shit. Money wasn't a pedophile, he was a deluded psychopath.

Yeah, like Money didn't took pictures (for science!) of the kids while simulatong sex.
He was both a pedo and a psycho.

he was a typical modern liberal

'Pedophile' was coined to be a derogatory term, but that does not change the meaning of the root words. "Lover of children". The shit Money did was not something one does to somebody one loves, therefore, I refuse to call name him pedophile when there are much more accurate and suitable terms for him. Psychopath. Megalomaniac. Predator.

Or that.

If gender is a social construct, why exactly are scientists weighing in? What does their opinion matter here if it's a social construct?

All of you dumbasses are missing the point. The Gobermint just wants 100% of DNA samples from the sheep. IF the Gobermint stayed within it's legal bounds then this shit would not be an issue. Gobermint should treat every citizen equally and never be allowed this kind of knowledge.

Are there males born who have a starfluid, cosmicgender, gendervauge(sic), crystagender, ectogender, genderpunk, space alien and aquarigender mind? I'd love to see a non-circular definition of any of those!
Or better yet, show me an empirical method of demonstrating that any two original genders do not steal are not in fact the same thing. I cannot experience the feeling of someone else's gender identity, and they cannot experience the feeling of each other's gender identities. All they do is make an arbitrary name for what is essentially just being an individual with personality traits beyond gender and call it a gender, because it gives them free oppression points.

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