Tweenie roast:21 yr old Texas man tried to buy a 13 yr old girl to eat on the dark web

A Texas man has been arrested for allegedly writing a post on the dark web seeking to commit necrophilia and cannibalism on a young girl.

Alexander Nathan Barter, 21, was booked in Shelby County, according to an affidavit which was obtained on Monday.

Barter allegedly made his intentions known to an undercover officer who was investigating him online, KTRE-TV reports.

The post written by Barter invites anyone willing to let him eat a young girl and then have sex with the corpse, according to authorities.

The post was discovered by an undercover agent working for the Texas Department of Public Safety

The agent reportedly responded to the post by offering up his young daughter.

‘Nice! I’m in East Texas. How old is your daughter? Can we kill her?’ Barter is alleged to have written.

Barter then provided graphic details of things he would like to do to the girl before and after she dies.

Barter and the undercover agent exchanged a series of emails in which they planned to meet along with the officer’s ‘daughter’.he plan was to go on a ‘father and daughter’ hiking trip.

Instead of going on the hike, the daughter would instead be driven to a hotel, where she was to be assaulted, killed, and then cannibalized, according to the plan.

Barter allegedly told the undercover agent to buy a burner phone and new clothes to wear after the murder.

He even told the agent to concoct an alibi by claiming that his daughter ran away from home again.

On October 15, Barter allegedly wrote: ‘I’m not going to change my mind about this. I really want to do this.’

Investigators said they were able to trace the dark web posting to Barter by subpoenaing subscriber information and IP logs.

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Which dark web site did he post on?
I'm thinking about catfishing some cops.

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DPRK news: As famine grows out of control in United States, cannibalism becomes normalized. Starved Americans in Texas are willing to buy anything that could be eaten, even corpses.

Reminder that if you look like scum you probably are.

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What exactly did this guy do wrong?

Guess his Barter was only leveled at 30

may i recommend a salad.

Eat the torso first, leave the legs as a sex toy

That's really sick

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One eats the legs 1st you sicko

Why be on the "Dark Web" and then just give your personal information to some subscription service?

…And they won't let me have sex with horses and cows.
Really I just want to have sex with farm animals but everybody prefers I role model myself after this guy, who thinks animals are children for eaten.

what is the proof he really wanted to do it?

more mundane local news

it means eat the girl and then fuck your poop

The best content is on paid subsctiption services.
The Dark Web protects the service, not the subscriber

thought crime
they are coming for (((you)))
ought to stop picking on retards like that
I vonder who he voted for??

The brain protects that
And this guy was fruit on the ground

Yea, good defense.
He was just larping
I wanna build an atomic bomb and blow up the world

Will I go to jail for this?