Neanderthals were superior humans but were butchered by out of Africa invaders

Neanderthals may not have sported the barrel-chested bodies and hunched posture we see in museums and textbooks, according to a new study.
The first 3D virtual reconstruction of a Neanderthal ribcage has revealed that they had straighter spines and a greater lung capacity than modern humans.

Neanderthal ribs connected to the spine more inwardly, which forces the chest cavity out and causes the spine to tilt back. The result is a spinal column that lacks the lumbar curve of modern humans.
"I am really curious about how the straightness of the Neandertal lower back, combined with the shape of the ribcage, impacts forces in the lower spine and pelvis," Kramer said. "Modern humans and the other hominins that preserve this region have a lumbar curve but not Neandertals. Why? As a structural engineer and functional morphologist, these questions of shapes connected to behaviors fascinate me."
The researchers called this difference "striking." This skeletal structure not only provided Neanderthals with more stability, but allowed for a larger diaphragm and more lung capacity.

But it opens up new questions as to why Neanderthals had such a different skeletal structure. Perhaps they needed a larger lung capacity to survive climate change, support their large body masses and support a rugged hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

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Neanderthal brains were larger
"Neanderthal brains contained significantly larger visual cortices. This is corroborated by recent endocast work, which found that Neanderthal occipital lobes are relatively larger than those of AMHs [anatomically modern humans]. In addition, previous suggestions that large Neanderthal brains were associated with their high lean body mass imply that Neanderthal also invested more neural tissue in somatic areas involved in body maintenance and control compared with those of contemporary AMHs.

The most significant difference the study found between humans and neanderthals was how they developed social groups. Neanderthals simply didn't grow socially the way humans did, which indicates that different parts of their brains developed–those more focused on individual survival. And then the big finish–tying this theory for smaller brains into why our human ancestors survived while neanderthals went extinct:

"Whereas AMHs appear to have concentrated neural investment in social adaptations to solve ecological problems, Neanderthals seem to have adopted an alternative strategy that involved enhanced vision coupled with retention of the physical robusticity of H. heidelbergensis, but not superior social cognition. For instance, only in Neanderthals, not AMHs, does body mass, and hence brain volume, increase over time. While the physical response to high latitude conditions adopted by Neanderthals may have been very effective at first, the social response developed by AMHs seems to have eventually won out in the face of the climatic instability that characterized high-latitude Eurasia at this time."

It's interesting to picture neanderthals actually becoming physically stronger and mentally more capable of controlling their bodies and vision as they evolved, but eventually going extinct without humans' evolved social abilities.

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Also, while Neanderthals brains were larger, so was their body size as a whole, so their brain to body size ratio was actually the same as modern humans meaning they were not more intelligent, in fact if anything they were less efficient because they needed more protein to survive. Its likely they all died out during the Ice Age when food became less plentiful

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Okay, so by proclaiming "Neanderthals were superior humans but were butchered by out of Africa invaders" you must be assuming four things:

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