WRATH OF GOD! Commiefornia Might Break Apart With Chunks Of Land Drifting Into The Sea

A series of large earthquakes has rattled California over the last 24 hours, and scientists are telling us that the shaking was the result of “movement along the San Andreas Fault system”.

In recent months there has been an alarming amount of seismic activity all along “the Ring of Fire”, and there have been times when the number of global earthquakes has been way above normal. Could it be possible that all of this unusual seismic activity is leading up to something? As you will see below, experts are telling us that we are overdue for the “Big One” to hit California. And when it does eventually strike, it could be far worse than most people would dare to imagine.

Most of the 39 significant earthquakes that have struck California within the last 24 hours have happened along the San Andreas Fault. The following comes from CBS News…

A swarm of earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault, the largest measuring a 4.1 magnitude, rumbled through the Hollister area and the Salinas Valley Friday morning. CBS San Francisco, citing officials, reports the quakes rattled nerves but caused no major damage.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the 4.1 quake hit at 5:58 a.m. PDT 12 miles southwest of the small community of Tres Pinos. It was followed by quakes measuring 3.6, 3.2 and 3.0.

Officials are saying that this shaking was caused by “movement along the San Andreas Fault system”, and the initial magnitude 4.1 quake was quickly followed by a series of more than 20 aftershocks…

After a magnitude 4.1 earthquake struck 12 miles from Hollister at 5:58 a.m., more than 20 aftershocks rattled the area in the following hours. The smaller quakes registered as high as 3.6 magnitude and were felt as far away as Monterey and Santa Cruz.

When you live in an area that sits along a major earthquake fault, it can be easy to forget the potential danger if nothing happens for an extended period of time.

But the danger is always there, and for many California residents the rattling that we witnessed on Friday was a clear reminder of that fact.

Thankfully, these earthquakes did not cause substantial damage, but local residents were definitely shaken up…

One in Hollister said: “Was asleep, felt like someone was shaking the bed.”

Another resident in Monterey Bay expressed concern that recent quakes could indicate a major earthquake – commonly known as the ‘Big One’ – could be on the way.


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even 'the big 'one' (as morons call it) wouldn't 'break California into pieces', and it's impossible for land to go 'floating off into the sea'….

you're a reactionary, prone to over-exaggeration, histrionic and foolish


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Until the whole thing falls into the ocean it's not enough.

If God wanted to break up California and cast it into the sea, it would happen! He made this universe and he can defy all laws of nature or change things as he pleases. We are in the 3rd dimension, He resides in the 13th dimension whereas angels and demons reside all places between.

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If you want to get technical all land is floating on a sea of heavier molten molten rock at all times. It's this fact that defines plate tectonics which is the basis for our modern understanding of geology and geography both. I know you know that's not what they meant. But you also damn well know they didn't mean it would literally float off into the sea either. So, perhaps, consider saying less stupid shit in the future in an effort to be the first comment.

This is one of the most sensational, dramatic clickbait headlines I have seen here so far. kek.


Zig Forums truly is the trash heap of "news"

Honestly doubting God for selfish and self-justified reasons is worse than believing in him. We'll see who has the last laugh when the cesspit of a city San Francisco is smitten by God's wrath in the coming days, but I'd rather you come to your senses and realize the futility in opposing not only God, but silencing the voice of your soul.

No, but it is meant to make it seem like that is the case, so idiots such as yourself will read it.
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California *will* be swept into the ocean.

Yes, obviously it wouldn't float, but if you think landmasses don't move, you'd better bone up on your continental drift. The Biggun could definitely begin the process.

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Islands are buoyant chunks of land, that float off into the ocean, just like California is about to do any minute now

it is indeed obvious

so why did he type 'drifting into the sea '?

(also: it's not called The Pacific Sea)

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you fucking fantasy-world aficionados of nothing don't even realize that the New Madrid fault line is where 'The Big One' is going to happen, not the San Andreas fault line.

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Could commiefornia crack apart and have water flooding threw the middle? Not exactly sure if anything would 'drift to sea' but I could see something similar happening.


Why would your god destroy a place that regularly offers blood sacrifices to his glory?

It is said in scripture that when sins are committed, not only the guilty are blackened, but the land itself. The people of that land must try and punish the perpetrator. A land that persists in evil beckons holy wrath.

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Did not spoiler..
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