FORBES: "Two Charts Show Trump's Job Gains Are Just A Continuation From Obama's Presidency"

The unemployment rate shows pretty much the same progression from President Obama to President Trump . The unemployment rate started to climb the last two years of President Bush’s second term and substantially in Obama’s first year as the Great Recession that he had inherited was having a huge impact.

Bush’s last four years in office:

December 2005: 4.9%
December 2006: 4.4%, decreased 0.5%
December 2007: 5.0%, increased 0.6%
December 2008: 7.3%, increased 2.3%

Obama’s time in office

December 2009: 9.9%, increased 2.6%(teeth of the recession)
December 2010: 9.3%, decreased 0.6%
December 2011: 8.5%, decreased 0.8%
December 2012: 7.9%, decreased 0.6%
December 2013: 6.7%, decreased 1.2%
December 2014: 5.6%, decreased 1.1%
December 2015: 5.0%, decreased 0.6%
December 2016: 4.7%, decreased 0.3%'

Trump’s through September:

December 2017: 4.1%, decreased 0.6%
September 2018: 3.7%, decreased 0.4%

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Yeah goyim will definitely believe this *rubs hands

If two years into Trumps term it's still Obama's economy, then isn't two years into Obama's term still Bush's economy? Wouldn't that mean Obama's was just a continuation of Bush's policy?


Orange man brown

That would depend on whether or not Trump has implemented sufficient changes to economic policies to differentiate it from Obama's tenure, which I believe he has.

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By this logic everything that happened in Obama's presidency was George Washington's doing.

orange man bad

I agree fellow virtuous user.

The problemen is, Obama bailed out alle the companies and Banks, Trump gave Them a taxcut. Do the next crisis nerds tot be blamed on Both Trump An Obama

"Trump's recent statements about the economy are false or exaggerated — here are 4 charts that prove it"

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This is the only chart that matters. Every other chart seems to just be cherrypicking from some salty Dems for political cred and quite frankly its disgusting because they care more about political cred than issues like this. and instead of properly bringing attention to working wages they muddle it up with a bunch of asshurt that their favorite candidate is isn't in office.

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Orange man bad!
We need more minorities!
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How long before folk really get tired of this shit?

I have news for you. Most of us are already very tired of it and don't give it much thought other than blowing these nuts off as the lunatics they are. I live in the real world, not just on Zig Forums so I know.

The problem is that the chart is not really true

Look Obama spend billions for bailout, trump spend millions in taxcuts.

The current economy is Trumps economy because without the taxcuts it would have been way worse.

A sugar high needs to be fed

OP is full of shit.


Ok Zig Forums, I'm going to explain the US economy to you.
Back in 2008, Obama spended billions of dollars on bailouts but did not solve and problems the economic system has.

Since these bailouts, the economy is on a sugar high form money, Trumps taxcuts have extended this high.

It's not Trump, it is not Obama, but our future generations that are making this economy, because they are going to pay for the 1 trillion US dept.

the American system is broken, and Ron Paul knew it

I think we owe a huge thanks to William Henry Harrison for his economic policies.

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The feds want to implement VATs on top of standard sales tax to pay off the debt. It will probably work, estimates say it will boost revenue by 2 trillion annually, but at the expense of producers mainly


who the fuck cares

Nations need dictators likr XI that stay in power for 20 yrs, then they can say they made some real changes

So are you from California or New York? That's the only way I can see you not getting a reduction on the taxes you pay that you'd be that upset.

Look at the diflict, becaus we Will pay interest over that

This Will be great for jobs (IT won't)

Look at the second pic. The acticle is nog Completely unbiased. You can are the graph flatten near the end of Obama's policy

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