Brit/pol/ #2242: 29th March 2019 Edition

A year from today, at 11pm on Friday, March 29, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union

Brexit News for Thursday 29th March

Exonerated ex-soldiers to stand trial over the death of Joe McCann

The threat to Britain from Islamist terrorism could increase in the coming years

Home Office loses track of around 600,000 foreign visitors

Pupils as young as four are practising 'lockdown drills' to prepare for terror attacks

Russia accuses UK of violating international law over Skripal case

‘UK makes light sabers, Russia makes Novichok,’ Johnson brags – but what about Saudi weapons sales?

"Future United Ireland will be built on diversity and equality" - will have to accommodate unionist and British identity

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Would you marry a Polish woman?

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took some time tbh

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No tbh and I am part Polish

This is wonderful lad


This is great, lad, someone tweet it to the lass


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Nation of immigrants, bigot

Fuck off NO, you desperate cunt

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good oc though

Doing the job Brits are too lazy to do tbh

Why do you allow this guy:

Who is a certain pedo, and everyone knows it, to post here?

A scandie yes, a pole probably not.
>implying I have any standards at all

Have you ever worked a whole week?

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lads, the vatican is literally saying the pope doesnt think that

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The state of papists

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oh look, the schizo is here




I once hard a desperate normie asking a Pole if he could introduce him to a beautiful Polish lass
The Pole was silent for a few seconds then raised his head , looked him in the eye and said
"All the beautiful girls never leave Poland"

Meet the Man Who Has 29 Children With 24 Different Women! | Good Morning Britain

All White?


I was born here lad. I'm British.

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Why would a Jew care?

He's right. We mostly get prole Poles here tbh

Why are you calling me a Jew?

I hate you

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The bloke who has 29 kids is a Jew you stupid Jew

Reading stuff from these types of petty leftist authoritarians make me want to scream but the wall between my place and the neighbours is literally about an inch thick. Tfw no sound proof room for muh music and the occasional angry mental breakdown.

Sounds like a god bok tbh

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nice stomp pic lad

they need to get rid of that beaner faggot and get a real pope

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Oh fuck, I didn't know it was a Jew.

I am a baptized papist but I am more of an esoteric christian but I go to church with mummy sometimes (more often than not) and the church needs inquisition and mass purges of communists and spics. I know you lads have a different conception of catholics but in the USA the only chrisitans who aren't totally potato are catholics and presbytarians IMO

what was your communion name lad?

americans have been too obsessed with non-denominationalist ideas and when you see a beaner satanic subdimensionalist running the church I can see why they got out of the whole organized church thing

There the only ones who want to spread contamination

Yeah yank prots are an embarrassment

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you are right, we need to rescind the vatican II and all its modernity-cucking.
truly, we haven't had a decent pope since and the ones that came after him were just as corrupt as the new vatican ones anyway

Bet it was Bastardo
Good old Mexican American name that

Vatican I

lad, anglicans are no better imo


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Vatican II

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Must be done tbh

it wont cut out the cancer but its a start

plus - gregorian choirs are well comfy

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Shit memi

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Love it when the local church plays them on the sound system during wuiet prayer, peak comfy.

used to like this guy but his videos have that cancerous jewtube editing style now and I no longer care for him

Why are the Chucko Bros the only kids show presenters not to be pedos now a-days.

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uninstall youtube from your devices, add it to your hosts file (to block it) tbqf

Because they are good lads.

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…lad, why?

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No Bregrets: Brits are still evenly split on whether the nation was right to vote to leave the EU. 45% of people think it was wrong, while 42% think it was right
Only 13% of Brits think Brexit should be abandoned (including 27% of Remain voters). Instead, there is a plurality of support (43%) for the government continuing with Brexit on its current negotiating terms
People are more likely to think Brexit will have a negative impact on Britain than a positive one. Opinion hasn't changed much in this area since 2016 except regarding the NHS, where the public are now pessimistic about the likely impact

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Kill her

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Lad you need to stop banning me

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the past was so bigotted smh

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doesn't matter anyway
now you can schizo all you want in peace


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imagine raising a flag to people lopping it off

ooooooooohh that suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

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Haha, who would believe in a crazy anti-semitic canard like the claim that Jewish Hollywood directors sexually exploit gentile women?

kek its actually just a subdimensionalist esoteric memi showing emasculation of western men

""""""Sexually exploit""""""*.
Let's be honest, lad - women are just as corrupt as yids, and will fuck their way to success without any shame.

well yeah

They have their own flag?

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The Home Office has lost track of more than 600,000 foreigners who should have left the UK, a report says

That seemed like an inappropriate question tbh. He should have asked Piers if his wife and mother of three left him because he's a NWO stooge.



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did that lad from /cow/ ever finish his animation?
i know you lurk lad, you're a gimp tbh

Don't think so smh guess he was too ambitious

He was always a mosley lover.

Though the lad does have a point brew, stop being a commie faggot.

could've fooled me with all his torieeeees shilling


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the cunt nicked my analogy n'all

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The absolute state of the scottish """right wing"""

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God the timing is awful

What happened, I can't open twitter?

Anything's better than before tbh

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I'm suddenly ok with police cuts tbh