Your dishonesty doesnt work on me

your dishonesty doesnt work on me.

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Sell all your possessions and take up your cross.

good point though

The odd thing is that you see catholics calling people and churches implicitly satanist, yet that's not considered against rule 2.

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no, im here posting about it, retard.

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Find your new home here >>>/christ/

im in a good mood, actually. i appreciate your concern.

Go back to reddit.

go back to ihs.
and remmeber the stone from which you are hewn.

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Well, that's it boys. Shut down the board, delete everything, and let it go to claims. Someone's mad about a ban and there's no way Zig Forums can possibly recover.

They’re not real churches though.

who? roman catholics?

imagine being this frustrated over a temp ban.


really? people replied to this without saging?!


imagine being this frustrated at people not saging my thread.

No, the places in which car salesmen preach.

People in good moods don't spam angrily.

imagine being so mad that you have to project your own anger on to others to help yourself deal with your own anger.

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if youre not mad yourself and attempting to get me to not post not saging with plausible deniability, why are you so concerned about not saging?
peak womp, breh.

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gates of hell arent going to prevail.