I'm "gay" and currently applying to the seminary, ask me anything

I know that there's a lot of misconceptions about men with same-sex attractions (SSA) being in the priesthood, so I'm willing to clear those up.

The odds are looking in my favour, according to the priest in charge of the process. If everything goes according to plan, I will move into a major seminary after the next semester.

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Checks out

checks out

There are two explanations for this post. 1) You are literally the same anime gay who always post here 2) Multiple people are pretending to be the anime gay who always post here. Either way, ==winnie the pooh OFF.==

We're on a Japanese website.


1) No
2) No
Why? I'm trying to be helpful.


That guy and his toupee are really cringe, honestly. He didn't make a single good point except putting forth strawman ideas about homosexuality.

checks out

Unironically think you should be executed, if true. Not out of hatred but necessity for the sake of societal health and protection. Suffering from same-sex attraction is one thing, becoming a shepherd of a flock while quite clearly having not overcome, even embracing your destructive lust is another.

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stop the memes lmao

I have overcome my lust. I don't act on it and I never will.

haha no

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Ok, being serious now. I am assuming Catholic seminary? What made you want to be a priest as a gay man? Is there a gay peer pressure to go to seminary?

If you were going to be helpful, you would not enter seminary. You seem to be unrepentant in your preference, just in the few posts you've made here, leading me to believe you'll commit grave sin after having been made an official. If you were repentant you wouldn't have even announced this, you would have been too ashamed to say so. Instead, you display it an an obvious point of pride, hoping to be validated or at least rub it in the faces of those who disapprove for your own entertainment.

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Well, I can't get married, so I thought that I should do something good with my life. I've even felt the call to the priesthood as a kid, but I never thought about it seriously until recently.

The discernment process will continue in the seminary, though. I might make it or not, it's up to God. If I unironically meet any practicing homos there, I will report them. I don't think that every seminarian/priest with SSA should be hated because quite a few of them have their desires under control. It's the same thing as heterosexual priests that have to control their lustful desires for women.

I'm also very traditional, so if I do become a priest, I'll probably be one of those radtrads.

For a lot of men there aren't a lot of options if you can't get married. Obviously not everyone has the calling to the priesthood by God, but some do. Every Catholic man should discern the priesthood, actually.

I'm not proud of it, that's why I'm only admitting it on an anonymous Japanese anime website. I might not get into the seminary or I might get in, but end up discerning out. Who knows. I am repentant, but I also want to point out to the people here that not all men with SSA in the seminary/priesthood are deviants. There has been a lot of implications of this recently.

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Stay the winnie the pooh out of the priesthood you dick-sucking bastard. You are the reason the Catholic church is so completely winnie the poohed up. I'll bet you can't wait to sidle up to some poor unsuspecting altar boy and grab his jibs.


Have you come out to anyone, family or friends?

This. We can only hope that he's just trolling because if not then he'll be another ticking time bomb - just waiting to explode into degeneracy and take innocent souls with him.

OP if you describe yourself as homosexual it means you shouldn't be a priest. End of story.

today op was literally a fag. godamnit op, dont become a priest, what are you doing

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Please be trolling… If not, here's what the Pope has to say about you:
>In these cases, “if you have even the slightest doubt it's better not to let them enter,” Francis said, according to Vatican Insider, because these acts or deep-seated tendencies can lead to scandals and can compromise the life of the seminary, as well as the man himself and his future priesthood.

You are not called to the priesthood, give it up before you put your soul in danger.

I'm sure St Peter would be proud at what became of his Church

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I'd like to ask you to not touch the children