Brit/pol/ #2243: Good Friday Edition

Easter weekend weather forecast: cold and rain on the way for most

Prince Charles delivers plea to end religious persecution in first Easter message

Easter: Irish pubs lift Good Friday alcohol ban

Leave voter bursts out laughing after Evan Davis outlines Brexit doomsday

Thousands of violent crime suspects released without conditions

'It's not his party' - Lord Levy in furious rant on Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of Labour

Farage: May’s handling probably set back Brexit opportunities by 5 years

Blair Backs May, Says She Should Stay on After Brexit Defeated

Students ‘Stomped On’, Beaten with Hammer in Third ‘Asian’ Gang Attack in Oldham This Month

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First for Christ.

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Another video on Christ's existence

*3d prints Jesus*

Thanks, lad. Did you see the bunny put it there?

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sex bums and willies

are Christians the real Muslims?

yes lad


Imagine my shock.

Yes lad, they went around destroying all pvgvn creations, that's why none exist today.

oh wait

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Oi cuz giz us a dolla for anoda goon bag ey unna?

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>last person to try and seriously restore paganism made an alliance with jews and tried to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem which was miraculously destroyed

Funny how pagans never mention him

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Noticing cohencidences is antisemitic

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It hurts their LARPing.

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You'd think that the Passion of Christ was anti-Semitic but it's all there in the bible, and it makes logical sense. The best thing for them to do would be to just not call attention to it.

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beef jerky looks promising this time
just a couple more hours methinks

Speaking of Jews, this gold a lad found yesterday. Top keeeeeek

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Looks like the Bible has an answer


Reminder that if we lived in a hunter gatherer society we wouldn't have autism

*looks for cute retarded girls on his channel because I am intimidated by smart girls**

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lad stop
i think if men fantasise about having a lass with some kind of disability its because we see ourselves as lowly and unable to get a higher quality woman


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I think about that sometimes. It comes from insecurities and laziness, I guess, but at the same time I wouldn't have a good time with a high IQ lass.

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he genuinely deserves to get battered and banned but I still love him

Lad most people haven't woken up yet. I-it's still the night shift, yeah?

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Trimble: “Rubbish” that Brexit will undermine Good Friday Agreement

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I don't get it. Is it because normies put ((("""comedians"""))) like these on a pedestal?

Shame because she would actually be quite pretty if she wasn't a fucking retard

FUCKING HELL! They just keep going back. Paki bashing will be on this rise after this surely? Oh no wait, they are "Asian"

tbh, bit of a pronounced profile, but who cares.

Jesus Christ they really wanted that lad dead. They kept coming back to kick his limp body.

That channel just creeps me out
that guy is a freak, you can tell he gets off by showcasing peoples disabilities

Think about it a little more lad

Yeah, keek. That smile. Those eyes.

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could tell he wanted to stomp that autist's head in when he didn't answer his question tbh. Good thing the cameras were there

k-kike on a stick?

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smh i hope there is a beautiful lass at the pub tonight

Those who weigh under 15st may not open this image.

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That image had no right to make me laff fuck you

how high are your standards, lad?

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not too high anymore tbh
doesn't matter tbh, I just want there to be one halfway decent lass to talk to for once

Be my pickup artist teacher, lad

I'm a kissless virgin lad


Sod off back to your board tbh

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im 14.5st but i looked anyway

smh, lad. Good luck.

I don't get these doodles tbh. Are they supposed to make what is being talked about clearer? THey just confuse me.

*parries you*

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Visual aids are useful, even if it's not entirely related. Why else would there be all those YT channels where they just blog with a video game playing in the background.

Looking at new cars today. Are Golf GTIs as good as they used to be, or are they overrated gas guzzlers with mpg equivalent to a Sherman tank?

That sounds nice. Just impregnate her and then we can do other stuff.

That's true, I guess it keeps you there and focused.

I miss him lads.

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*gets spooked*

just give him cool eyepatches tbh

Didn't he just recently DESTROY the moonface EPIC STYLE?

he should host an image board

tbh i dont get why people with a messed up eye dont get eyepatches

keek. It's really sad though imagining all these women who will end up childless.

it's because they want to subject us all to their freaky eyes.

*paints on fried eggs*




Lasses out

I met a nice beautiful 30 year old lass once
A shame

I'm just a manlet

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Communism when tbh

Holy fucking shit it's like they want everyone to realise that it's a false flag.

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better check it's locked just to be safe

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Do we know what nerve agent it is?

I already posted about this in another thread, this shows how much bullshit it is. BBC News even reported on the fact they had guards on the door before they supposedly discovered it had the highest concentration

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Smh fat cunt

On the treadmill rn tbh


oh right it's been on the news

My mummy recently got one even though I advised against it. I just recall running on one for many months and steadily improving, but as soon as I ran outside it wasn't comparable at all as you don't get the hills, uneven ground and turns smh


fitbois out, fatbois in TBH

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Four Syrians held for Molotov attack on mosque
>Four Syrians have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of attempted murder and arson for their alleged roles in a Molotov cocktail attack on a mosque frequented by Turkish Muslims, police said on Thursday.

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fatbois can't get in, they don't fit through the door


gay for mexican cock get

Judge rules California coffee shops must display cancer warnings

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my mummy was 30 when she had me tbh

F Roger Devlin

mine was 33 smh

Why am I not surprised

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tbh I'm fine with this

Just powerwalkin at steady 6 kmph wuth belly belt on. Running fucjs ur ankles

mine was 17
I'm beginning to understand the why the board has such a low IQ tbf

I have the highest IQ on Zig Forums

Can i be ur stepdad lad?

My mum was 34.

How many has your mum had?

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