Rashida Tlaib And Ilhan Omar Are The First Muslim Women Elected To Congress

Even with the outcome expected, there was a sense of history-making when it became official Tuesday night: A Muslim woman was elected to Congress for the first time.

Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib, 42, won her election after running unopposed by a Republican. And 36-year-old Ilhan Omar of Minnesota won her race later in the evening. The Midwestern Democrats previously served as state lawmakers.

In addition to the “first,” she is expected to share with Tlaib, Omar will also be the first headscarf-wearing member of Congress, as well as the first Somali American US legislator, and the first woman of color to represent Minnesota in Congress.

Their election would be a milestone in any year but is especially symbolic as a rebuke to President Donald Trump’s fearmongering about Islam and immigrants. Omar and Tlaib are among 100 or more Muslims who ran for office in 2018, an unprecedented surge in political engagement for a community targeted by policies intended to keep them on the sidelines.

Somali supporters, some in tears, danced and sang when the race was called. Cheers erupted when Omar took the stage, her first words to the crowd the Islamic greeting, asalamu alaikum. Omar said she didn’t run to be “a first,” but because she couldn’t stand on the sidelines as “fear and hate” permeate politics.

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Awesome, mere seconds after winning she immediately violates the separation of Church and State. Won't be very hard to impeach her

Oh and she is wearing a headscarf. A religious symbol, we outta make her take it off

Welcome to the problems plaguing Canada, where our Indian and Muslim federal parliament is too busy importing jihadis and exporting jobs to India to even care about Canadians.

muh blue wave!

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Does this mean I gotta take my yarmulke off, Buddy?

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Take our swords?

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Remove kebab

Ilhan Omar is a known antisemite. That ought to cheer the Zig Forumstards.

Wow who would have thought

The US, that has been mocking Europeans, is now receiving its bounty.
5 million muslims in your country, and they will disproportionally be put into positions of power.
The whip hand over the white man.

are they muslims or (((fellow muslims)))?

all right, hopefully they hate jews

i wish america would have another 9/11 tbh
i didnt realize at the time, but they chose the most jewish buildings possible to fly into.
i'm convinced when muslims say they hate america and the west, they really mean (((america))) and (((the west))). we never fought wars in the middle east until our greatest ally came along and needed defending. (minus some minor pirate bullshit)

Hah, US is fucked. It doesn't even matter who wins this election anymore, it's all pozzed to the core.

is this true? can she be on committees next to Feinstein?

the enemy of my enemy is just that, no more, but naturally this is funny

Well, this is what the MGTOWs and White Sharia advocates wanted: muslims in our government

Let me guess, she was elected into a position of power and privilege, something she could never had done in a Muslim ruled country, but she's going to play the "I'm oppressed and a victim and this is a racist country" card, am I right?

the oppression olypics gold medal competition wil be under way soon.


There really is no difference. Once you understand that, things will be a lot more clear.