Time To Use A VPN! AT&T Begins Cutting Off Customers' Services Over Online Piracy

Learn Proper OPSEC: >>>/prepare/22 | https:// archive.fo/isnXt
https:// web.archive.org/web/20180921124309/https:// 8ch.net/prepare/res/22.html

AT&T will alert a little more than a dozen customers within the next week or so that their service will be terminated due to copyright infringement, according to sources familiar with its plans.

Why it matters: It's the first time AT&T has discontinued customer service over piracy allegations since having shaped its own piracy policies last year, which is significant given it just became one of America's major media companies.

Between the lines: AT&T owns a content network after its purchase of Time Warner earlier this year, an entity now called WarnerMedia. Content networks are typically responsible for issuing these types of allegations to internet service providers (ISPs) for them to address with their customers.

A source said it's unclear whether WarnerMedia was involved directly in issuing piracy allegations in these instances, although it's possible.

This should raise alarm bells for ALL internet users, its time to take privacy into your own hands and store backups of everything.


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You should always be using a VPN these days.

Well we were warned. Ignore at your own peril.

Well this ought to piss everyone off. It sure would have 10 years ago.

Fuck. If this were posted on the chans 15 years ago you'd have anons going batshit crazy over it. Are people this desensitized to bad news?



That would be a good idea if you can do that.

user, the people behind I2P specifically encourage people to torrent over it!

not using i2p over tor over vpn while connected to public wifi from your libreboot thinkpad bought with cash off of craigslist and running tails os from an sd card

whats a thinkpad?

ibm/lenovo laptops. some of the older ones can be flashed with libreboot. you can bypass the intel managemebt engine on these as well. look for thinkpad t420.
if youre really scared of being v& for shitposting here then buy one. if you are selling cp, im pretty sure law enforcement doesnt hack peoples computers, they just trick you into telling your email address or something

/killcen/ uses his VPN to download home nigger porn


homo as in fag as in gay

Fuck off commie.

who do you think owns the vpns, and is making money off you every month.


Most private VPNs can be trusted, but you have to do some research which ones can and cannot be. And no, not all of them are owned by Jews. Use your real IP at your own risk.

You still made that post bare ip!
inb4 how do I know?

Kilcen giving cp distribution tips..

Oh, WE KNOW HOW YOU KNOW. I wouldn't touch this board without proper OPSEC.

Bullshit, I'm killcen.

And here are your cp distribution tips:

Keep mistaking me for someone else, thats how more than just I can see your full of bullshit.

Thinks (((we))) do not know where (You) are. (((We))) even know when LARPers pretend to be the great and mighty powerful Kilcen.

Prove it. Name who I am.

Bullshit. I am.

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We've been through this before. You always blink. I'm here to call your bluff. Who is killcen?

Ask Neptune how that worked out for him..
(You) probably don't want that kind of attention. I wouldn't ask for it if I were you, unless you want a free test of your 'OPSEC'..

The only time they tried datamining my stupid alias was the time all they could find was the town of Killeen, Texas.

I've ALWAYS used encrypted VPNs and hopped my IPs routinely, and spoofed all my metadata while on this board. And I have NEVER used mainstream social media services before. Good luck.

Neptune posts his real name, has his own Youtube channel, likely has a Gmail account and does other revealing stuff and ADMITS he doesn't use OPSEC like I do.

Thats the very big difference from me and Neptune.

Thinks that just because (((we))) don't plaster your dox all over the shitholes of da interwebz that we do not know who you are? Provide a temporary email address and I will send you plenty of info to the contrary.. Curious?

As a matter of fact, I'm so tin foil paranoid, you could hack my system right now and you would not find any revealing information stored on my harddrive to identify me. Thats the thing, I prevail in privacy.

I'll get back to you on that, promise.

Yeah. True. But remember how you got driven out of here last time.
Neptune was never able to be driven out.
Damn VPNs!!!

Ego much?

Just a conclusion thats all.

GOT ONE. Prove me wrong:

[email protected]

Its set up now. I'll check it within the next couple hours. Prove me wrong.

for the record :

just because I dox myself
i n c e s s a n t l y
that doesn't mean that I'm
an attention whore

I prefer the term :


I'm still trying to wrap my head around this thread

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Its OK, its the ONLY time I'm using that account promise. Just want to see if I'm calling your bluff.

Don't try too hard.
You may blow a gasket.

Oops !! TYPO….

I meant 'wrap my HAT around it'

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good job outing yourself newfag

there's a first time for everything

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This is how the Communists take over….




Kilcen, if you think using a VPN
can defeat anything, you're sadly

with all due respect, sir

It has become readily apparent that you are greatly underestimated the capability of the minds who work for the NSA

Ooooopsie !!


dude, get with the program

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I don't use that, I just needed a photo for the OP so I grabbed what I could find in a search result. ;) I use a private VPN.

If the govt wants to get the info I'm sure they'd be able too. In fact I would not doubt some feds lurk on here trying to steal my info right now.

Here is an archived link where to find the most trustworthy private VPN services (encryption / no-log policies):


thanks for the advice, but
I'm well hung with my vpn


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That would not surprise me one bit. I know about Binney btw. I've heard from a lot of the different whistleblowers over the years. My recommendation is to do the best you can to spoof and obfuscate your online data as much as possible. If they want your info, at least give them some hassle and waste their time finding it. Thats my opinion.

I respect your opinion

my opinion is: obfuscation and spoofing don't have any efficacy whatsoever, and since ALL data is collected en masse and autonomously, it's not a hassle or a waste of time for them at all.

my analogy :
that's like thinking that if you paint a pebble the same color as the road, the street sweeper will become confused, and it will waste it's time searching for your pebble.

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All hail the great machine.
The machine is all.
The machine is one.
No one may challenge the great machine.

(can someone please unplug this machine?)

But you miss the obvious factor: all those pebbles sweeped up are one HUGE fucking load of pebbles. Even though they "sweep it up" they still have to dig through a TONNAGE to find your pebble. And if they don't know what to look for (what real color, what real size, etc.) then that can still be a difficult fucking job!

That's like thinking if you painted your beach house, camouflaging it to look like a giant box of macaroni, the hurricane would have to 'hassle and waste it's time' trying to find your house.

that's not how hurricanes function

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Hurricanes destroy things whereas the NSA wants to *save things* and then studies them or stores them for later use. Thats A LOT different. So put it this way, its like placing a needle in a hay stack and painting that needle light yellow to blend in with all the hay.

no sir, allow me to explain

the NSA's multitude (it's not just one) of surveillance programs are about COLLECTING ALL THE PEBBLES TOGETHER, then storing them in very well organized folders

they carefully log WHERE each pebble was swept up, WHEN, and which pebbles it was associated with.

that way, whenever they need to, they can go back, retrieve the pebble, and engage in RETROACTIVE INVESTIGATION.

that's the way 99% of their operation functions…

The other 1% (the real-time surveillance) is what they refer to as IRONCLAD status

That's how it became more than obvious that the whole Cezar Sayoc thing was a deep state bullshit campaign. No stickers on his van a few months ago. As in, none. Also, lifelong regustered Democrat. Also, followed many harcore leftists, including Obama, on Twitter. Did not follow Trump. Hmmm…

the hurricane analogy wasn't so much meant to focus on the 'destruction' versus the 'storage & management'

my point was: the hurricane isn't
searching for

it just sweeps everything up into
it's enormous overwhelming

not sure where you got
your (mis)information

but it's wrong

Prove it.

Weirdly, he is correct.

I just recently saw a video of his van a few months ago and it had the stickers on it…..

And by the way, those aren't 'stickers'

Those are large one piece vinyl decals, which he paid to have printed at a sign shop, printed with a Roland digital inkjet printer onto Gerber™ ScotchCal vinyl, just like any FedEx Kinko's or any other sign shop will print out for you.

The vinyl was printed from original digital files he had supplied, montaged on a computer at a Florida Library, and he also had the exact same Graphics printed onto a t-shirt which he wore to the Trump rallies….

People talk about the van being mysteriously 'repainted' all of the sudden, but there's nothing mysterious about him having his van repainted….

After all, he was living in his van, and it's the only thing he owned… After being kicked out of his mother's house, he might as well have done some spring cleaning and is disgusting fucking van, oops, I mean condominium….

Apparently, you haven't seen the body cam video where the police were called out to his van to investigate a report of a suspicious man sleeping in a parking lot

The first thing the officers did was notice the bizarre vinyl decals all over his van, and when they woke him up in his driver seat, they sarcastically asked him, "so it looks like you're a trump fan, huh?"

There is no false flag or grand conspiracy behind this nutcase…..



Of course, you're going to grasp for straws and INSIST that these cops are paid actors

CIA/FBI Niggers: Ok Mr. Nologs VPNs, we want you to start logging all these users and not notify them that you are doing it. If you don't we'll fuck your VPN business in the ass without lube.

Piracy has to move to the dark nets. It's too risky to engage in piracy in the clear net. VPNs are a false sense of security–it's for fools. Don't listen to VPN shills. You goys know not to trust the jews right?





That video has nothing to do with this thread at all. By the way, those pipe bombs were fake, whether or not the bomber knew that or not I have no clue and neither do you. Could have been set up by the FBI as a sting operation to do what he did, who the fuck knows?

inb4 nuh uh,


are succubii welcum in dis bread?

If you want to take the risk using your own IP go right ahead. I'm not risking that shit, ever. So far as I know my private VPN provider has a clean record, however not all of them do. So its up to you to do your research and what kinds of options you choose.

Did this user send anything to me yet? I'm going to check by the end of the day, maybe sooner. If your for real and know who the fuck I am, prove it by sending that info to me: [email protected]

If (You) ever learn the difference between your and you're, maybe I will..
Ask Neptune.. It could take awhile, but it will be worth it..

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within 30 minutes of being arrested,
Sayoc told the FBI that the 'bombs
weren't wired to explode' and that
he 'didn't want to injure anyone'.

However, the devices DID contain an
explosive gunpowder….

they simply weren't WIRED completely

the detonator wiring wasn't connected

doesn't matter

it's domestic terrorism


Look, either you have the info or your bluffing. If you have it, you can prove that to me by sending it to the email. Its hard to believe you or take you seriously if you won't do that.

I know this is going to blow your mind


I know this is going to blow your mind


See, here's what PISSES ME OFF

I used to call you KILLCEN

then I saw someone call you

so, I started calling you KILCEN

but now you're typing KILLCEN



Yes Cicada 3301 can do this!

Are there some good books? Suggest me!

DEBUNKING THE 'those stickers sure look new' conspiracy theory :

"those stickers on his van sure look new'"

E X A C T L Y ! ! ! ! . . . .


were you expecting sepia lithographs?

If you're serious about proving your OPSEC, big boy, then just make unironic threats against the President's life ITT or an admission to possession of CP, or a threat to blow up a federal building, or a promise to shoot up a public place with location and time, etc.
Put your money where your mouth is, player.

I just checked that email and nothing is in there yet. Did I call your bluff or are you going to prove you are not lying?

Looks like I just called yours, poser.

Use a seed box.


OK, so the answer is NO. You have nothing on me, you just claim you do, and claim you know who I am, and claim your into doxing and hacking, but are not. Sorry, thats my conclusion now until you prove otherwise.

I'm not that user. I was simply challenging you to put your OPSEC to the test if you really think no one can find you. If you do any of the suggestions here I can personally guarantee that you will be located and arrested. Are you game to play?

I thought about it but its a bit too high a risk. If I ever did that I'd take extraordinary precautions beyond what I do now. Perhaps sometime I should, just to check out what happens (I'd have myself a fail-safe encase I ever got caught just to prove I was only joking around though).

I just used a modified BIOS Rootkit to extract THIS image of Johnny Neptune off your softdrive…….

B U S T E D !

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hmmm… i dunno……

neppy looks pretty fucking young in that pic

actual video visitation stills from my big bad EXTORTION CAPER

old skool gangsta doing hard time

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