The divine names Elohim and Jehovah

Is Elohim the Father and Jehovah the Son, or are those both names for the full trinity, or are those names both names for the Father, or is Elohim the trinity and Jehovah is the Father?
I've heard all this different stuff regarding those two names, and I want to know the answers. Why does God even have multiple names in the Old Testament? Why don't those names come up in the New Testament?
By Jehovah I mean the Tetregram, Yahweh, YHWH, etc. That name is transliterated a ton of different ways. Personally, I've always preferred Jehovah. I just want to confirm that I'm not some weirdo crypto-Mormon or Jehovah's Witness

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No, both Elohima and Jehovah are names of all Three Persons and Divine Essence as a whole.

Don't forget El Shaddai

John 8:58 ESV: 'Jesus said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.'

Exodus 3:14a ESV: 'God [Elohim] said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM."'

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The Father is YHYH
The Son is YHYH
And the Holy Spirit is YHYH

Mormon detected.


"Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain"

Great Kings have many titles.

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*ʾil- is just a generic Semitic term for a god, so derivatives of these from *ʾilāh- refer to God.
YHWH is the translated as Lord probably according to Judaic tradition to avoid pronouncing the sacred name.
Old English gospels used "Drighten" (dryghtyn, drihten, dryhten) for Lord. Lord apparently comes from an Old English compound for "loaf" and "guard/warden".ʾil-

This you are also dealing with different groups who gave God different names. Most religions end up admitting there is an Supreme God of sorts who put things into motion. A great example of this is when Paul went to Greece and used the fact the Greeks recognized there was such a God they just didn't have a name or knowledge of him but they still built a temple and gave offerings to this nameless God.

My thread is not Mormonism, use of the name "Jehovah" is not restricted to the Mormons. Joseph Smith was a false prophet and his witnesses to the book of Mormon all left his church. Mormons are polytheists, I'm a trinitarian (monotheist by definition). I just want to know what these names mean.

Elohim is not a name, it's a word or title. You could translate it as god, although it is a unitive plural word like family indicating plurality within it, hence Elohim saying 'we' in Genesis. The tetragrammaton is actually the name of God. It is unlikely that it was pronounced Jehovah, although there is not much consensus on how it was pronouced, other than that it had a Y sound rather than a J sound. Yahweh is the most popular variation. I don't know if it's acceptable to use YHWH to refer to the son or not. In scripture it's generally used to refer to the father.

There's also Shekhinah which means divine presence and is a feminine aspect of God

Shekhinah is not in the bible at all

No you get that Kabbalistic trash out of here

J is just a modification of I and before Y (i graeca) was put to much use. Probably every name that starts with J in bible translations was spelled with an I in Greek and Latin and vocalized with a Y sound in Hebrew.

I like “HaShem” and “Adonai” tbh.

HaShem means 'the name', isn't it just the title Jews use because of their false ineffable name doctrine? Which doesn't even allow them to say God out loud nevermind Yahweh. And leads them to write God as G_d.

That's retarded. God became human and took on a name, which is Jesus. In his fully-human status, there's no reason to be afraid to pronounce his name. Sure, we should be respectful of the names Jesus and Yahweh to be sure, and not to take it in vain, but we do not need to hold onto the literalistic pharisaic belief that you will blow up into a cloud of fire for saying the Holy Name.

Adonai means Lord which is used by Christians and the NT where as Theos was used for God.
Greek OT manuscripts appear to have rendered it varyingly including with ΠΙΠΙ (PIPI) and ΙΑΩ (IAO). It should also be considered that by that time the Greeks rendered Jesus' name that itself may be a testament to the observance of the pronunciatory restriction.

Read the book that god himself revealed to Muhammad to try and lead Christians back on the right path

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