VATICAN BUSTED! Remains Of Dead Bodies From Satanic Child Sacrifices Found, Being Investigated

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More bones were found on the grounds of the Vatican embassy in Italy, adding grisly new evidence to the growing mystery over who was buried on Holy See territory and why.

As police returned to the compound Tuesday, coroner Giovanni Arcudi said preliminary examinations of bones found last week indicated they belonged to a woman likely in her 30s, “not an adolescent.”

The finding is significant since speculation has focused on whether the bones were Emanuela Orlandi’s. She was the daughter of a Vatican employee who disappeared in 1983 at age 15.

Despite the age of the bones, the Orlandi family lawyer, Laura Sgro, told the ANSA news agency her clients are waiting for DNA results. Some have hypothesized Emanuela wasn’t killed immediately, but instead held for years against her will.
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This is really interesting because it confirms all the "conspiracies" and cover-ups around the secrecy of the Vatican.

Interesting FACT (I need to find this report sometime), one of the first things the new nationalist Italian govt did was raid the Vatican in Rome and seized tons of material. Could this be a part of the investigation after that massive raid? I think so!

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This is real news, in fact it comes from the AP! Thats as mainstream as you can get! So stop your blatant denial about corruption.

Don't support the big churches, they are corrupted to the core. Instead choose family prayer sessions and get your kids into a family-run Bible school (where parents are present of-course).

That or use something like youtube-dl to download bible studies and independent sermons from preachers on Youtube and rip them to DVD and spend your time learning that way. Until the Vatican is cleaned up and the pedos are all prosecuted no one should be giving a dime to those corrupt churches.


and they belonged to a woman likely in her 30s

They found "a" skeleton of a woman

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When I see this, I think 2 things

"She was the daughter of a Vatican employee who disappeared in 1983 at age 15."

"Some have hypothesized Emanuela wasn’t killed immediately, but instead held for years against her will."

Wonder what they were doing to her? Likely satanic bloodletting rituals and molesting her!

They aren't bones of Orlandi or Gregori but of a woman of 35 y.o.

Laura Sgro works for VIS

It really doesn't. All it confirms so far is that some bones were found
I'm not. I'm only saying this will confirm nothing to the normals. It might open up some avenues of investigation, but I'm pretty sure the Italian police are paid off with Vatican gold. I'll be very surprised if anything comes of this, although I'd love to see that place torn down brick by brick.

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She disappeared at the age of 15, kidnapped by the elites in the Vatican. Kept as a sex slave no doubt about it. Catholic church is FULL of pedos and sickos!!



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Vatican is a city! I would like one remember that the building was finished in 1535~ and was built over another Vatican, that got at least 4 levels. Someone say that there are 6/7. So we can’t know how many secret tunnels exist.

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